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How to Avoid Fake or Poor-Quality CBD Hemp Oils

How to Avoid Fake or Poor-Quality CBD Hemp Oils

Despite the promise of CBD hemp oil offering natural options for health and wellness support, there is still concern regarding the abundance of poor quality (or even fake) CBD products on the market. In this article, we point out several things you can do to identify low-grade products, and make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

What Exactly is in Hemp Oil Extract, Anyway?

The first issue, especially when it comes to hemp oil and CBD extract, is whether the product contains the amount of beneficial compounds that it claims it does.

Most hemp-derived CBD products on the market today are what’s known as “full-spectrum” products. Hemp contains hundreds of natural compounds aside from CBD; full-spectrum simply means that all of these compounds are included in the end product (not just the CBD).

However, it’s one thing for a brand to make claims on their product label relating to CBD percentage and/or hemp extract content (sometimes referred to as Total Phytocannabinoid Content). It’s another thing altogether to offer independent lab reports that verify this content — which is exactly what we do here at PureKana.

In fact, feel free to take a look at the lab sheets for any one of our products. You’ll see that they’re not only rich in the beneficial compounds of natural hemp extract, but also that they’re free from the presence of unwanted chemical compounds (such as those listed below).

Herbicides, Pesticides, and Other CBD Oil No-No’s

Hemp has its share of invertebrate predators — this much is true. If given half an opportunity, things like mites and aphids can (and will) devour entire crops in a matter of days. Some cultivators understandably turn to harsh pesticides to eliminate these issues. However, it’s no secret that pesticides can be harmful to humans — and we all know that they’re terrible for the environment.

At PureKana, we value environmental quality as much as we do product quality. We believe in doing things the natural way, which means only sourcing hemp that comes from pesticide-free farms. And like we mentioned above, we offer the third-party labsheets that verify our product range is clean, pure, and high quality.

Residual Solvents & Heavy Metal Toxins

Even in this day and age in the USA, not all agricultural facilities operate under the same quality standards. In fact, there are CBD manufacturers still today that do not include things like heavy metal toxin analysis with their products. Hemp is what’s known as a “bio-accumulator,” meaning it will soak up pretty much anything in the soil within a certain range of where it’s growing.

This is why it’s absolutely vital to test all CBD products to make sure they’re free from things like solvents, heavy metals, and other soil contaminants. Heavy metals are dangerous for humans to ingest, and like pesticides and herbicides, can pose immense environmental risk.

Choose fully transparent, expert-trusted CBD products like those that we offer here at PureKana, and know that you’re doing your body — and the environment — a whole lot of good.

Identifying Fake/Poor Quality CBD Oil (How to Get the Good Stuff)

Even if you don’t go with something in the award-winning PureKana product range, we still want you to know how to identify and separate the poor quality stuff from the not-so-quality stuff.

First (and most obvious) is to make sure the product you’re considering comes with an authentic lab report. You’ll want to make sure the report not only identifies total CBD and cannabinoid content, but also identifies and verifies the absence of things like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other toxins.

Additionally, look for a product that’s been made — and grown — in the USA. While some CBD products made in the U.S. leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality, domestically-manufactured products still boast some of the strictest regulations and highest quality standards overall. If a product doesn’t say where it was made, that probably means they don’t want you to know where it was made. And that should be a good indication to move on and find something else.

Lastly, it sounds kind of superficial to say it, but you really should try to spend as much as your budget will allow if you’re serious about incorporating CBD into your daily lifestyle.

CBD has a ton of wonderful, natural benefits — but if you’re not getting your hands on a good, authentic, well-made product, you’re never going to let your body experience these benefits. Quality CBD products aren’t cheap, unfortunately, but they’re well worth the cost in the long run — and you can trust us on that.

Avoid Hempseed Oil!

If you’re worried about wasting your money on fake CBD oil, another thing you’ll want to try to avoid is hempseed oil. You can easily find products in your local grocery store (and probably even your local mall or department store) labeled “hemp oil” or “hempseed oil.” While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these products, they rarely contain functional amounts of CBD. Therefore, if you’re looking to experience the benefits of authentic CBD, they’re not going to do you much good.

This is because most of these products are made from the seeds of the hemp plant — not its aerial parts. CBD is found in the highest quantities in the leaves and flowers of hemp, which is what all good CBD oils (like ours here at PureKana) are sourced from.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Hempseed oils are highly nutritious and beneficial in their own right; but they shouldn’t be confused or mistaken for an actual CBD oil.

Summary: How to Identify (And Avoid) Fake CBD Oil

Again, the most important thing you can do if you want to try to avoid wasting money on a fake CBD oil is to make sure the product you’re buying comes with an authentic lab report, sometimes known as a Certificate of Analysis. Lab reports will verify not only the precise amount of CBD, but also the absence of unwanted (and potentially dangerous) chemicals.

If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, there’s really no better option than the USA-made range here at PureKana. Have a look through our online store today — we offer dozens of different products in varying milligram formulas that are designed to meet a variety of personal wellness — and budget — needs.

CBD really does have the power to change your life – but only if you’re incorporating a professional, high-quality, expertly-crafted product into your lifestyle.

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