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CBD Oil in Wyoming

*WYOMING Shipping Note* Please note that PureKana does not currently ship to Wyoming. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Disclaimer: The following information is based entirely on our own independent research. While our team strives to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice.


  • Wyoming will soon allow widespread commercial hemp cultivation
  • Hemp-derived CBD products are available in some Wyoming areas
  • CBD products must be sourced from hemp extract
  • Consumers should look for brands that offer third-party lab reports
  • Do plenty of research in order to find the market’s best products

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Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming?

Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming?

In 2018, the federal government updated the U.S. Farm Bill to include a new version of the Hemp Farming Act. This Act allows farmers to cultivate hemp so long as the state they live in establishes a regulated cultivation plan that is approved by the USDA.

Fortunately for Wyoming residents, the state has “opted in” to the Hemp Farming Act; soon, commercial WY farmers will be able to plant, cultivate, and harvest hemp for the first time in generations.

What does this mean for the status of CBD oil in Wyoming?

Well, the state is actually quite friendly towards the use of CBD products, so long as they are derived from hemp. Residents in most WY towns will be able to find CBD products for sale, but we urge them to do plenty of research in order to find good, well-made products that are both effective and reputable.

Are There CBD Laws in Wyoming?

Are There CBD Laws in Wyoming?

CBD Oil in Wyoming

The deal with CBD in Wyoming is related directly to industrial hemp. HB0100 allows for the use of ‘hemp extract,’ though there are certain ongoing stipulations (we recommend reading the official Bill on the state’s .gov website for the most accurate possible interpretation of the legal language).

In a nutshell, CBD oil in Wyoming is quite easily found in a number of different stores. However, the quality of these products can fluctuate to an extensive degree. While we here at PureKana do not currently ship to Wyoming addresses, feel free to have a look at our product range below to see what goes into making a quality, authentic CBD product.

Different Types of CBD Products


CBD edibles come in a variety of different forms. If you’re looking for something of a high quality though, make sure you know two things: the overall ingredients of the edible, and the verified CBD content. Some edibles products on the market offer little in the way of plant-based health benefits. In fact, many are packed with things like unrefined sugar and complex carbohydrates. A quality product should be made from pure, natural ingredients, and also include a lab report that verifies CBD content and the absence of potentially harmful compounds like fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals.


The growth of the CBD topicals market has been immense in recent years. With a CBD cream, users can rub cannabinoids directly into the dermal membrane. The ointment is absorbed through your body’s largest organ (the skin), which is beneficial if you are looking to target a specific area such as your knees, shoulders, or lower back.


A quality CBD vape pen should be affordable and functional, and it should taste delicious. At PureKana, we offer Blue Raz, pineapple, Mint, and Blood Orange flavors (though we do not ship to Wyoming). Some who elect to vape CBD claim that it works quicker than other methods, and also that it has more potent effects.


If you have tried CBD in the past, chances are, you picked CBD oral drops as your first option. At PureKana, we ensure that our oil tinctures come from CBD-rich hemp plants. We also use a clean extraction method to make sure there are no unwanted chemicals, toxins, or heavy metals leftover in the end product. If you’re looking for CBD oil in Wyoming in a retail store, be sure to ask if there is a verified lab report that comes with the oil. The report will outline the exact CBD content, which you’ll then want to compare to the milligram amount that’s listed on the label.

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Industrial Hemp in Wyoming

Industrial Hemp in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) oversees the state's hemp cultivation program. As per the Farm Bill, the USDA had to approve the plans of any state before people can begin growing hemp. The UDSA recently responded and announced that it had accepted Wyoming’s hemp growing proposal. As in other states, farmers will have to apply to grow hemp. There will be an application fee and a license fee, but the WDA has not yet disclosed how much this will be. All Wyoming-grown hemp will be tested at least annually. The WDA has assigned a laboratory (the WDA Analytical Services Laboratory) to carry out the tests, which cultivators will have to pay a fee for. If plants test over 0.3% THC, they may be destroyed. All in all, this is excellent news for the CBD industry, as well as for Wyoming residents who will hopefully now find it easier to purchase high-quality, local CBD.



If you want to purchase CBD in Wyoming, then you have a couple of choices. Now that CBD is widely accepted in the state, many stores are selling it. Certain localities will probably see CBD stores opening up in the future, allowing residents to buy CBD from their local store. Some online sellers may ship CBD oil to Wyoming, though you’ll have to do plenty of research in order to verify this and to determine whether the company is reliable or not.


If you do decide to order online, there are several things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure you don’t get scammed by a dealer selling low-grade CBD oil. Check out the lab reports offered up by a brand before ordering. These reports should tell you the cannabinoid content, confirming that the oil is legitimate. Furthermore, they should tell you the THC content as well.

Only order Farm Bill-compliant CBD. Make sure the THC content is below 0.3%, and that the product was derived from hemp.


There are lots of great brands out there, but few compare to the quality that we offer here at PureKana. Our top of the range products are Farm Bill-compliant and produced from hemp grown right here in the USA. We have a vast range to choose from, too, with everything from CBD tinctures to CBD toothpicks. We unfortunately do not currently ship to Wyoming, though we hope this will change soon.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Wyoming

Every state is different when it comes to CBD. Some embrace the cannabinoid, allowing users to consume CBD in tincture, edible, and topical forms. Others allow CBD in select circumstances but err on the side of caution by prohibiting the use of CBD edibles, for example.

Compared to some other states, Wyoming’s position on CBD is actually quite friendly. Wyoming residents can quite freely purchase CBD, as long as it is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC. When the state’s hemp program is at full speed, we suspect that more CBD stores will open throughout the state. This, of course, will be important in terms of WY residents being able to access quality, locally made CBD products.

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