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What Are the Benefits of CBD Beverage Enhancers?

What Are the Benefits of CBD Beverage Enhancers?

CBD oils and tinctures are the mainstays of the industry, but new and exciting products are always cropping up. Not everybody enjoys or can use sublingual oils, which is why the diversity of CBD products is excellent. One of the largest drawbacks of CBD oils is the taste. Anyone who has tried a tincture will know that they are an acquired taste. The flavor is earthy and bitter, which comes from the raw hemp used to make them. Some users can get past the unpleasant taste, but others can’t bear it. Edibles are an excellent solution to this, with CBD beverages becoming increasingly popular. It seems like a simple solution to add CBD oil to foods and drinks to make your own edibles at home. However, oils are not water-soluble, and this can cause problems. The solution: CBD beverage enhancers. This guide covers more details on this exciting product.

Why Can’t You Add CBD Oil to Your Drink?

CBD beverage enhancers are a necessary product because, unfortunately, you can’t add any old CBD oil to a drink. Although it’s tempting to add a few drops of CBD oil to a coffee, tea, or even a glass of water, you will find your drink spoiled. Oil is hydrophobic, and so is CBD, which means that it won’t mix with water. As a result, there will be an oily film on top of the beverage, leading to a bitter hemp taste and odd texture in just part of the drink. It’s possible to make CBD beverages by combining tinctures with fatty substances like milk. For example, you can make well-blended CBD smoothies, milky CBD lattes, etc. For water-based drinks, there is still a problem. The solution is to use a water-soluble form of CBD. There are a couple of ways to make cannabinoids water-soluble, and one of them is using nanotechnology.

Nano-CBD: The Future of Water-Soluble Cannabinoid Technology

Nanotechnology, at its most basic level, involves making things super small. Where CBD is concerned, manufacturers break down the cannabinoid molecules to make them really tiny. Then, they surround them with microscopic balls of fat. The result is a liposome. Liposomes have a hydrophobic (fatty) tail that binds to the CBD and a hydrophilic head that can assimilate with water. This renders the CBD water-soluble. You might sometimes see water-soluble products referred to as CBD liposomes or liposomal tinctures. In some cases, brands directly sell things like CBD water or energy drinks. There is a whole other product in the form of CBD beverage enhancers, which combine water-soluble nano-CBD with delicious, sugary flavors.

The Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD Beverage Enhancers

Beverage enhancers have numerous benefits, some of which go beyond the advantages of regular CBD products. CBD is, of course, a personalized experience that differs for each individual. While flavorless capsules are better for some, beverage enhancers could be the perfect product for others. Here are some reasons to try CBD beverage enhancers.

1. They’re Tasty

While unflavored CBD tinctures can provide a peculiar taste, beverage enhancers are undoubtedly delicious. Even those who use flavored CBD drops might find the texture to be strange. Beverage enhancers, however, have a syrupy consistency and dissolve seamlessly into your drink.

Then come in numerous flavors, often taking fruity forms like berry. As a result, users can genuinely enjoy their CBD, making it less of a chore to take your daily supplements.

2. They’re Easy to Take

With CBD, consistency is key. It can be challenging to fit tinctures into your routine as you have to measure out the amount you need. Even with edibles, it can be annoying sticking to a routine if you don’t feel like snacking on gummies that day.

Beverage enhancers are different because you add them to water. Staying hydrated is something we all do, making it more straightforward than ever to stick to a consistent CBD intake.

3. They Increase Bioavailability

Nano-CBD is potentially very bioavailable. Bioavailability refers to how much of a substance your body actually uses after breaking it down. Unfortunately, the bioavailability of CBD is generally relatively low, with that of CBD oil being about 30%. Nano-CBD could change this, however, because the tiny molecules are more readily absorbed.

One study from the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids tested it on rats. In rodents, the bioavailability of tinctures is about 73%, but the researchers found that nano-CBD had a bioavailability of 94%.

Remember that the human body is up to 60% water, which is why hydrophilic liposomes might be the answer to the bioavailability problem.

4. They Might Help You Up Your Water Intake

Most people don’t drink anywhere near enough water. Staying hydrated is essential, but it’s common to opt for coffee, energy drinks, and soda rather than water. Water, however, is essential.

If you find water boring and unappealing, CBD beverage enhancers might change your mind. Adding a sweet treat to water, and a reward in the form of cannabidiol, might encourage you to finish off your water every day.

5. They Are Discrete

CBD is now federally permitted and allowed in most states. However, public opinion varies. Regardless of mainstream opinion, some users are not comfortable using CBD drops in public or carrying around products with cannabinoids advertised on the side.

Beverage enhancers are ideal. Simply add a few drops of the syrup to your water bottle in the morning and carry your regular bottle on the go. Nobody will suspect a thing. Beverage enhancers are an amazing, subtle way to take cannabidiol.

PureKana CBD Beverage Enhancers

If you want to get your hands on high-quality beverage enhancers and try them for yourself, look no further than PureKana. On our site, we sell three flavors, each designed for different effects. Just like our other products, the beverage enhancers contain, US-grown hemp that is tested for quality assurance. They are full-spectrum, but always contain less than 0.3% THC.

Here are our offerings:

  • Citrus (Energy): This energizing option features a lemon flavor with added taurine, providing a much-needed energy boost whenever you need it. Contains 120mg CBD.
  • Lemon Lime (Immunity): For a general supplement, the Lemon Lime option is perfect. It offers 230mg of CBD alongside vitamins and potassium.
  • Mixed Berry (Sleep): Alongside a delicious berry flavor, this option contains Valerian root and 120mg of CBD. If you’re struggling for a good night’s rest, try this option.

All of our beverage enhancers are $35, which is great value. Don’t hesitate to grab one and feel the benefits of tasty CBD beverage enhancers today.

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