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CBD Coffee: Is it the Ultimate Wakeup Drink?

April 16, 2019 0 Comments

CBD Coffee: Is it the Ultimate Wakeup Drink?

If you have ever tried CBD oil, you’ll know just how “unique” the taste can be. Here at PureKana, we offer a flavored selection of CBD oils, including Vanilla and Mint. However, you might not prefer the texture of oil in your mouth. For this reason, some people prefer other methods of consuming CBD – capsules, for example, are tasteless.

For others still, taking CBD in a delicious and tasty way is more ideal. You can cook with CBD oil to mask the taste and take your daily dose in a simple, easy way. But the latest edible trend involves adding CBD into your coffee. In this post, we will be talking about how CBD could add some spice to your morning coffee.

What is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – you simply add your usual amount of CBD oil into your morning cup of coffee! Some companies sell ready-made CBD coffee, but allowing you to add your own oil provides a means of giving you the perfect serving. Furthermore, buying different flavors gives you an opportunity to experiment (more on that later!).

Considering that so many Americans drink a cup of Joe in the morning to wake them up, it makes sense to add CBD to it. This method provides a way to ingest your daily dose of CBD in a convenient manner. Plus, it’s super tasty!

Kickstarting Your Morning with CBD Coffee

Recently, athletes have started adding CBD to their pre-workout regimes. Why? Well, it turns out that CBD could help with exercise-induced inflammation.

Also, since CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, it may trigger the release of certain natural molecules. If you take CBD during the afternoon or evening, you may feel drowsy. This is because the body normally produces melanin at this time in order to make you feel sleepy so that you can get a good night’s rest.

Furthermore, CBD might be able to counteract the caffeine jitters you develop after drinking your morning latte. While caffeine can heighten your existing stress levels, CBD is often recommended in order to help keep you calm and balanced.

This means that while the caffeine may help you to feel awake and alert, the addition of the CBD may help make sure that you don’t overdo it. It’s the perfect solution!

How to Make CBD Coffee

Making CBD coffee is, surprisingly, quite an art form. You can’t just add CBD oil into your black coffee, since cannabinoids are known to be hydrophobic. In other words, they don’t mix well with water.

As a result, they need a fatty substance to bind with. If you don’t want to fork out for CBD liposomes (which are incredibly expensive), then you can simply add in milk to your coffee. Flat white drinkers have no need to worry!

Alternatively, buying CBD isolate powders is a way to help the CBD dissolve into the coffee a little bit more.

When making CBD coffee, just add the usual number of drops you would take in a day. If you find that the effects are different or don’t have as big an impact, then you can up your dose. Consuming CBD this way may lead to decreased bioavailability compared to taking it sublingually, meaning that the CBD will not always have as big an effect on your body.

Furthermore, remember that the coffee will take longer to take effect. The CBD takes longer to be broken down in your system when it is consumed, so you will have to wait up to an hour for the CBD benefits to take place.

There are plenty of different recipes for CBD coffee. CBD latte recipes are available online in a number of vegan and caffeine-free options, including exciting flavors for everyone to try out. If you fancy experimenting, our Vanilla CBD Oil goes great in a milky latte!

Final Thoughts on CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is a huge trend, and for good reason. Artisan coffee shops are now serving CBD to their customers, and it is only pushing CBD further into the mainstream.

Irrespective to why you are using CBD, drinking CBD coffee is a quick, simple, and delicious way to get a daily dose of cannabidiol. If you drink your coffee plain and simple or like to try out exciting blends, there is a CBD coffee recipe for everyone.

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