500 MG CBD

Offering up a total 500mg CBD content, every bottle of vegan PureKana gummies contains 20 individual bears at a potent 25mg cannabidiol content apiece. Naturally tasty, inherently discreet, and ultra easy to dose and consume, this is easily our most convenient option available in terms of accessibility and ease-of-use. 100% THC-free and expertly crafted right here in the USA.


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500mg CBD Products | Genuine USA-Made Quality

Trying to find the right 500mg CBD dosage can feel almost impossible in today’s modern market. Every website you look at seems to have an unending amount of options, from varying strengths of oils and tinctures to different ways to consume the 500 mg CBD product itself. Really, it's enough to make your head spin.
Thankfully, PureKana offers a CBD 500 mg formula in our gummies that is sure to be desirable for any first time user. In fact, these little treats are designed to not only be as high quality as possible, but they are also the perfect serving size for those looking to dip their toes into the world of hemp extract. So, what kinds of things can we learn about the PureKana CBD 500mg range? Let's check it out.
Things to know about our mid-range formula
One thing that many people skip almost entirely is understanding how the product you plan to put into your body gets made. Hemp extract isn't just about what actual ingredients go into your product, but also the actual production process - if you don’t understand this general concept, how are you supposed to understand anything about CBD or what you can expect to happen after you take one of our products?
To begin with, PureKana uses only the highest quality hemp plants; ones that have been bred to be rich in phytocannabinoids while also having as low a THC content as possible. This is hemp that has been grown for commercial purposes (i.e. industrial hemp), rather than marijuana plants (which ensures there is no THC within it whatsoever).
Once selected, the hemp plants undergo a method of extraction known as CO2 extraction. This is done by heating and pressurizing Carbon Dioxide until it reaches a chemical state known as supercritical, which is when it has properties of both a liquid and a gas. Once in this state, it is extremely capable and picking up compounds from within plant walls, allowing it to distill the cannabinoids out of the plants.
From there, the crude extract is suspended within inert food oils, most commonly MCT oil from coconuts. However, the mixture still needs to undergo further purification processes before it can be allowed to be sold as an "end product." One of these processes is that of winterization.
By freezing, defrosting and freezing this mixture again, PureKana can separate the CBD and any other cannabinoids and terpenes that we want in the final solution, with all the other compounds being filtered out (especially any excess THC that's left within the solution).
Once that’s done, you are left with the world class PureKana formula. But once you have gone and bought this finished product, what is the best way to take it and enjoy its (hopefully) positive effects on daily wellness? Let's find out.

CBD 500mg – What’s The Best Way To Take It?

Oddly enough, when it comes to 500 mg CBD, many people find themselves at a bit of a loss as to how to actually consume it. Even though they are presented with a full bottle of treats, they still look at it with confusion, unsure as to how to get the most of what's inside.
Obviously, the most common way to consume this particular potency range is to eat them one by one -- after all, we're talking about gummies! Of course, you can also use a pair of scissors to cut the gummies into smaller pieces, thereby decreasing their potency and prolonging how long they'll last.
However, this does come with a drawback – it can be really tough to know exactly how much of the active compound you're actually consuming. To improve (and/or entirely avoid) this little complication, most people just choose to either consume a whole gummy or a half of one. This not only eliminates the question of how much CBD you're getting, but it also makes it easy to get the compound into your system as it enters the gut gradually and absorbs into the inner wall.
If this option doesn’t seem like the right one for you, you can also incorporate our edibles into recipes - and even make your own products from them. Simply add as many treats as you intend in order to make individual portions. This allows you to make various products that will provide a solid (and known) dose of CBD - every single time.
Of course, we still want to know what actually happens when you consume the candies with food or drink. In other words, what kind of effects are going to hit you when you consume the world class PureKana formula?

500 mg CBD Effects – What Can You Expect To Feel?

Perhaps because of its inevitable comparison to marijuana, many people expect to feel the 500 mg CBD effects almost instantly upon first consuming a sample. However, most of the time there is actually a bit of a delay in effects, as edibles will provide a gradual (not instantaneous) sensation of calm, relaxation, and general happiness.
Thus, when considering our 500mg CBD product range, think about the gummies more in terms of their ability to help manage things like day-to-day stress, as well as just generally keeping you calm. Most folks find they need to take CBD over a long period of time, enjoying its effects and letting it generally improve their everyday life and well-being. This is not far from the truth.
With that in mind, don’t expect anything profoundly radical - nor anything sudden or dangerous - to happen all at once. Rather, you will find that you probably will need to consume your product for a little while (two weeks or more) before you begin to feel anything at all.
That said, with PureKana products you can always expect not only enjoyable and helpful effects, but a surprisingly delightful taste and an appealing aesthetic that will leave you appreciating the holistic process of consuming pure, organic cannabidiol edibles.

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