750 MG CBD

A favorite among those who dislike having to measure out serving sizes with the oil dropper cap, our softgel capsules contain a hearty dose of CBD -- 750 mg, to be exact. With 30 pills at 25mg apiece, you know you're getting the exact same amount of cannabidiol extract, every single time. Simply swallow with a drink of water and let the extract do the rest.


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CBD 750 mg | Experience USA-Made PureKana Quality

Easily one of the most popular products offered here at PureKana, our CBD 750 mg range is just the right serving for those looking to improve a range of personal wellness issues. Thanks to our professional manufacturing techniques which incorporate organic hemp from experienced growers, our 750 mg CBD products not only offer fantastic ease-of-use, but are also reliable and contain the phytocannabinoid content necessary to deliver efficient, reliable results. There are many people around the world using 750mg CBD for a variety of different purposes these days. Many of them are looking for new and efficient ways to get the compound into their bodies. One of the foremost concerns for many people when looking for their ideal product, however, is what kind of strength they want (and need). Some people prefer only small servings, especially if they are only just dipping their toes into the world of cannabidiol. Others, however, prefer going into the highest possible strengths, trying to help improve their various issues and wellness struggles by using CBD 750mg (or even higher milligram) products. For those that prefer something in the middle, our premium range of capsules may just be the perfect option. Not too much and not too little, these products are great for taking at any point during the day, or even multiple times a day. The softgel capsules might be simple, but they can provide an effective and enjoyable quantity of hemp extract that may be able to provide a wide range of wellness benefits.

750 mg CBD | America's #1 Hemp-Based Formula

One of the first questions that many prospective users ask is how our 750 mg CBD range actually gets made. For starters, only the highest quality hemp is grown using organic farming methods - and this takes place right here in the USA on beautiful, lush Kentucky farms. From there, only the most CBD-rich plants are selected, each of which contains less than 0.3% THC content. From there, the harvested plants are sent to an extraction facility, where a solventless technique known as supercritical C02 extraction is employed in order to "pull" the active phytocannabinoids from the raw plant material. The carbon dioxide is heated and pressurized until it reaches a supercritical state, which means that it is able to act as both a liquid and a gas. When it is in this state, it is able to seep through the cell walls of the hemp and take with it the cannabidiol, terpenes, and other natural compounds. A host of natural phytocannabinoids and terpenes are extracted by the supercritical CO2, and the majority of these compounds end up in the final product - sometimes affecting the end flavor. To help alleviate this, any and all unwanted components are removed from the crude extract. The importance of sifting away any unwanted plant material that does not belong in the final product cannot go understated, as it helps ensure that only the highest quality arrangement of "PureKana-approved" phytocannabinoids are present. This finely tuned manufacturing process is one of the things that makes our CBD 750 mg options some of the best in the world. You can not only enjoy the perfect serving size, but you can also rest assured that each and every PureKana capsule you buy is made from the highest quality ingredients possible.

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