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Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bomb


Experience the unparalleled detoxifying effects of carbon with these new Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bombs – a brilliant and unique option for pristine relaxation after a long, strenuous day.

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With these new CBD Bath Bombs from PureKana, you are getting a quality, expertly crafted product - not like the run-of-the-mill stuff that you'll find down at your local discount mega store for $3 apiece. Our Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bombs are formulated using CO2 extraction techniques and incorporate natural ingredients for unrivalled management of everyday stresses and activity-induced soreness and inflammation.

Using an Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bombs couldn't be easier: Fill the bathtub, climb in, drop a CBD Bath Bomb into the water, and enjoy. Feel your body and soul transition into total relaxation mode, and soak for as long as you please. Rejoice and repeat as necessary.

Features and Benefits of PureKana CBD Bath Bombs:

  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty-Free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No preservatives

When using an Activated Charcoal PureKana CBD Bath Bombs, remember to exercise caution when stepping in and out of the tub; they can be slippery. Also, if pregnant be sure to consult with a doctor before use. Immediately stop using if an allergic reaction occurs, and remember to keep away from children.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Activated Charcoal Oil, CBD

Customer Reviews
Based on 4 reviews
June 16, 2019
Well...this is one way to relax after a bad day! It works great and even some of my friends are using it now.
June 10, 2019
OH. MY. GOD. have not expereinced anything like this before. Even with a living room full of screaming children and a barking dog, I can drift into a trance like state of relaxation with these. Also, really seems like the charcoal has been doing wonders for my dry, sometimes scaling skin. Can't recommend enough and I wish i could use them every day of my life.
June 02, 2019
Really pleased. Not overly scented like some bath bombs I've tried, and the quality is noticeably different. Super relaxed and will definteily be tryinf some of the other options/aromas purekana has got available. Maybe cucumber next
May 28, 2019
Was a little skeptical about dropping over $50 on four bath bombs ($12 apiece), but there just really is no comparison between these and the stuff I've tried at other retail stores here in Florida. Absolutely wonderful, thank youuuuu