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Raspberry CBD Honey Sticks 10mg

based on 5 reviews
  • Delicious CBD honey sticks in raspberry flavor
  • 10mg of CBD per stick
  • 10 straws in every pack (total 100mg CBD)
  • Derived from USA-grown hemp
  • Designed for ultra-convenient daily CBD intake
Garanted30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
0.14 oz (4 g)
10mg per stick
For edible consumption


Honey, CBD extract from hemp, Raspberry flavor

Suggested Use

For edible consumption. 1-2 straws per day. May also be added to food or beverage.

What are Raspberry CBD Honey Sticks?

They are a brand new method of consuming cannabidiol! We are delighted to introduce CBD honey sticks with flavor raspberry to the marketplace. There is no question that the tried and trusted methods of consuming CBD will remain popular; after all, a huge proportion of people enjoy the taste of hemp in unflavored CBD oil. However, for folks that prefer a little flavor benefit in their daily intake, Raspberry Honey Sticks offer a truly extraordinary experience. Simply put, CBD honey sticks with raspberry offer something different to those seeking a change from standard CBD oil. Instead of waiting up to 90 seconds with CBD oil beneath your tongue, honey sticks allow you to use the cannabinoid on the go. Take a pack with you and enjoy the gorgeous raspberry-flavored sticks at your own personal convenience.

Raspberry CBD Honey Sticks Offer 10mg/CBD Per Straw

There is a growing trend toward the process of consuming small milligram amounts of CBD at a time throughout the day, rather than one larger amount once or twice a day. For instance, if you want to consume 20mg of CBD in a day, you have the option of spreading that amount out by consuming 5mg four times throughout the day. Though you can try this process with oil, it is often tricky and inconvenient. And with capsules, you will find it is next to impossible. However, consuming "micro" amounts of CBD multiple times a day is easy with our new CBD honey straws with raspberry. Although each straw contains 10mg of CBD, you don’t have to eat one all at once (even though you’ll want to). Instead, you can have half or even a quarter of a straw at a time. The former option means 5mg of CBD at a time, while the latter means 2.5mg. The design of a CBD honey straw means you can also quickly measure how much ‘half’ of a straw actually is! (Note: we do not recommend consuming more than two honey straws per day).

Buy CBD Honey Straws w/ Raspberry from PureKana

At PureKana, ‘high-quality’ is par for the course. We are proud to be one of the industry’s most popular and most trusted brands. We have spent a LONG time on this product to ensure folks have the best hemp experience possible, and are proud to say that customers can now buy CBD honey straws with raspberry in the confidence that they're getting a product that lives up to all Pure Kana quality standards. We followed our usual rigorous Quality Assurance process to ensure that this innovative USA-made offering lives up to the Pure Kana standard. When you buy a CBD honey stick with raspberry, you'll also discover how versatile of a product it is. As well as using it as a snack, you can add it to your morning cereal or even your morning cup of tea or coffee. Give this unique product a try; we believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Customer Reviews
based on 5 reviews
Galina B.

I tried this, and the first thing I thought was wow. It was just so good. The honey flavored with the raspberry - and it has CBD too which makes it even better.

· 12 Jul 2020 20:45 · Reply

David Lennon
Raspberry honey

As if CBD with honey wasn't good enough, they also added a raspberry flavor. The result is awesome and delicious. I take these every once in a while to switch up my routine so I don't get bored.

· 04 Jul 2020 17:46 · Reply

Sandy Parker
I love em

These taste great, I LOVE raspberries anyway, so this is a must-have for me.

· 06 Jun 2020 17:59 · Reply

Need these more than ever!

I gotta say that I like them, but I’m sure the sugar content makes it ideal for night use.

· 01 Jun 2020 19:54 · Reply

M. Hill

The only complaint I have is that there is only 10mg of CBD in each one. I could eat these all day.

· 26 May 2020 19:30 · Reply

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