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CBD Honey Sticks 10mg

based on 33 reviews
  • CBD Honey Sticks: Original PureKana formula
  • 10mg CBD per straw
  • Convenient for on-the-go use
  • 100mg total CBD content (10 straws/tube)
  • Proudly made in the USA
Garanted30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
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0.14 oz (4 g)
10mg per stick
For edible consumption


Honey, CBD extract from hemp

Suggested Use

For edible consumption. 1-2 straws per day. May also be added to food or beverage.

What are CBD Honey Sticks?

It's pretty obvious that CBD Honey Sticks aren't as popular on the market as other types of CBD products. At Pure Kana, we feel it's time for this to change. CBD Honey Sticks offer the perfect combination of phytocannabinoid plant-based benefits; not only do you enjoy the wellness benefit of 10mg of quality CBD extract per straw, but you also receive the nutritional benefit (and delicious flavor) of real honey. For these reasons, many prefer to wrap up their post-lunch or post-dinner meal with a Pure Kana CBD Honey Stick. And of course, these honey and CBD-filled straws are absolutely wonderful when combined with your favorite cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

CBD Honey Sticks Provide a Robust 10mg CBD/Straw

As a matter of fact, most of us here at the Pure Kana team like to start off our day with a 10mg CBD Honey Straw added straight to a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. And, if you want to pump up your cup of joe with an original Pure Kana morning recipe, add a spoonful of raw sugar and two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream to really get your morning off to a good start. Another one of our favorite uses for CBD Honey Straws is adding them to granola-filled yogurt for a healthy, calorie-rich midday (or midnight) snack. In addition to the CBD helping to keep you balanced, energized, and focused for the rest of the afternoon, the addition of real honey to quality yogurt (preferably Greek Vanilla) makes for a truly heavenly snack. Give it a try today and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Why Buy CBD Honey Straws From PureKana?

When you buy CBD Honey Sticks from Pure Kana, you're investing in one of the most reliable and trusted CBD brands in America. That's the most obvious benefit. Each and every one of our products is made using the highest quality hemp extract, and is tested to rigorous quality standards. After all, we make it a point to always be our own harshest critic. Also, when you buy CBD honey straws you're making an investment into not only your day-to-day health, but also your internal balance and overall well-being. CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body in an effort to regulate various processes relating to our internal homeostasis. Try the original Pure Kana formulation today and experience what the world's finest hemp extract can do for you.

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Customer Reviews
based on 33 reviews
Tommie J. S.
So easy to get CBD through these

It is so easy to get CBD through these convenient little honey sticks. They have 10 mg of CBD in each stick so it's a nice small amount if you are looking for some thing on the lower end of CBD strengths.

· 25 Nov 2021 · Reply

Z. Smith

Nice way to get CBD. I don’t particularly like the taste of oil. These are the perfect solution!

· 01 Nov 2021 · Reply

I like the original

I've tried all three of the honey flavors but I like the original the best. The original is just the most natural tasting to me. I like to bring these with me to work when I don't have time to take my CBD in the morning

· 12 Oct 2021 · Reply

I like the original

I do enjoy the original honey sticks. I tried the raspberry and the chocolate mint, but this one just tastes better in my opinion. These are convenient to bring to work as well if you wanna take them there.

· 19 Sep 2021 · Reply

Emily D.
Easy to bring with you to work

I like to bring one of these with me and add it to my yogurt while at work. These are easy to use and carry around as well so you can just bring them about anywhere. So convenient and also discreet.

· 30 Aug 2021 · Reply

Jorge F.
Nice amount for afternoons

These honey sticks have 10 mg each of CBD, so this makes it perfect for a pick me up in the afternoon or the like. I like to take these to work and have one after lunch. Really helps me to finish out the day in one piece.

· 09 Aug 2021 · Reply

Effortless way to take CBD

This is an effortless way to take CBD. They are also delicious and you don't even know that it's CBD. If you ever need a treat to help get you through the day, bring these with you to work like I do!!

· 19 Jul 2021 · Reply

CBD with honey, this is a great combination

CBD with honey is a perfect idea, what could be better than combining CBD with a little treat? I tried these out and they were really great. I put them over my yogurt and my cereal

· 28 Jun 2021 · Reply

Al Winston
CBD honey

Although I can probably make my own CBD honey with my CBD oil and the big jar of honey that I have, these are nice to have on the go because they come in straws. I buy them for that purpose. Real easy and convenient. Delivery was as great as usual this time

· 31 May 2021 · Reply

Kelly Thompson
The original is best

I tried the other flavors along with the original and i like the original the best. It's just pure honey. It is also really nice that they come in a straw so you can bring them anywhere with you. Just be careful that you don't puncture it.

· 28 Apr 2021 · Reply

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