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Mint CBD Oil 600mg

based on 92 reviews
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  • Made in the USA
  • Organic, Non-GMO
  • Full-spectrum blend of active cannabinoids
  • Free from pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and chemical fertilizers
  • Lab tested for CBD content
  • Less than 0.3% THC content
Garanted30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
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1OZ (30ml)/40 Servings Per Container
15mg of CBD / 1/2 of dropper


Hemp oil Extract, MCT oil, Natural Flavors, Terpenes.

Suggested Use

Take once or twice daily. Squeeze out 1/2 of the dropper, wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow.

600mg 30mL (1oz) Mint CBD Tincture from PureKana

When you decide to go online and look for a CBD tincture (600mg Mint flavor), it can be an overwhelming experience. There are hundreds of companies purporting to sell high-quality hemp products, but looks can often be deceiving. Behind the façade of professional packaging could lie hemp extract products that don’t get the job done. With so many options, it is easy to ask yourself: “Why should I choose PureKana?” The answer is equally simple from our perspective: We are one of the world’s leading cannabidiol sellers with a reputation for quality that precedes us. All of our products contain compounds that are non-GMO and contains no solvents, herbicides, pesticides, or other nasty chemicals. Moreover, we use organic hemp grown right here in the United States. You can even check out our lab reports, which back up our assertions. We have an array of products including capsules, gummies, topicals, Pure Picks, CBD for pets, and much more! However, our Mint CBD tincture is one of our most popular items as people really dig the fresh, invigorating taste.

CBD Tincture (600mg Mint): What Can it do for Me?

Our CBD oil (Mint) is available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg sizes. We are proud of our product because it is better than the average full-spectrum tincture. It contains natural peppermint extract from the M. piperita plant, which may aid in the management of typical daily stresses. Our mint CBD oil contains cannabinoids which come from hemp grown and harvested in the great state of Kentucky. After it gets harvested, we carefully process the plant. Next, it undergoes solvent-free CO2 extraction; often considered the ‘gold standard’ of cannabinoid extraction methods. Please note however that our full spectrum products do contain trace amounts of THC (always under the 0.3% threshold defined by industrial hemp). Our customers use our CBD tincture (600mg mint) for numerous reasons, including:

  • Support for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Helping to support a sense of calm.
  • Helping support healthy relaxation.
  • Supporting recovery from rigorous workouts or training.

Buy (600mg Mint) CBD Oil Online from the USA's Most Trusted Cannabidiol Source

The easiest way to buy CBD tincture is to go to the official PureKana website. We have CBD tinctures (600mg mint) in three different sizes and three separate flavors. We encourage users to check out our website regularly because we often have mint CBD oil for sale (along with other items). The only thing better than purchasing high-quality cannabidiol is doing so at a discount price! If you buy 600mg CBD tincture (Mint flavor) from PureKana and have any questions at all, or if you simply want to drop us a line, feel free to do so by going to our Contacts page and completing the online form. We pride ourselves on providing rapid responses and always try to get back to customers within 24 hours on weekdays.

Lab Report

Customer Reviews
based on 92 reviews
W. Jones
Great flavor, great price

This mint CBD oil has a great flavor, and the price is not too bad either. I have been using this brand for well over two years. And this is the bottle that I usually get. It's been a great find.

· 17 Jan 2021 11:33 · Reply

Janet Burns

Yay, I am so happy that I found a CBD oil that I like! It is been a process of trial and error to find the perfect bottle for me. But I think I finally landed on it with the cement one. The 600 mg is also the perfect strength for my liking.

· 04 Jan 2021 11:40 · Reply

Ralphie Jones
Oh my, it's good!

I wanted to get a flavor of CBD oil that I knew I would probably like. I went ahead and decided to grab the mint one. I was really happy because it tastes really good and it is definitely something I can stomach.

· 28 Dec 2020 17:05 · Reply

Sara T.

This is perfect, the strength of the CBD is moderate with just 600 mg. This is what I was hoping to find. I am glad that I've came across this brand because it is truly a superior quality oil you are getting.

· 21 Dec 2020 15:44 · Reply

Thank you PK

Thank you guys so much for developing the perfect cbd oil that is non-GMO and organic. It also has a splendid taste that I can tolerate so that is another reason that I like this stuff so much.

· 15 Dec 2020 06:38 · Reply

Trisha Parker
This is great

This bottle is great and it is just what I wanted. I love the flavor it is so refreshing. I usually buy vanilla but wanted to try something different and I'm glad that I tried the mint because it's really herbal and fresh tasting.

· 07 Dec 2020 18:16 · Reply

Caleb Young
The perfect CBD oil does exist

Because of how great the CBD oil is from here, I knew I had to try it. There are lots of reviews to back it up as well and it has a really good reputation. The mint flavor is amazing and also the 600 mg bottle it's just the right potency for me.

· 30 Nov 2020 14:22 · Reply

Laurie S.
I love mint

The CBD oil is so good, it's the perfect middle ground because it's 600 mg. It's right in the perfect spot in terms of milligram amount and flavor.

· 23 Nov 2020 08:42 · Reply

Great customer service

I ordered this product and it was at my doorstep within about three days. Super fast shipping and also customer service is great. I've called them numerous times to ask questions about the oil and they've been really helpful.

· 16 Nov 2020 08:33 · Reply

Jessica R.
So far it's amazing!!

So far the CBD oil has been great, it's really easy to take it because the mint flavor gives it a really nice flavor in your mouth. If you are just starting out with CBD oil, this is a great oil to start with because it's quite universally liked.

· 08 Nov 2020 07:51 · Reply

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