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Natural CBD Oil 1600mg

based on 19 reviews
  • Original PureKana formulation
  • Made in the USA
  • Lab-tested for cannabinoid content
  • Non-GMO
  • Sourced from USA hemp
  • Made from pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer-free plant material
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1oz (30mL)/40 servings per container
>50mg CBD per 1mL serving
Made in USA


Hemp Oil Extract, MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from coconuts).

Suggested Use

Take once or twice daily. Squeeze out 1/2 of the dropper, wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow.

Natural CBD Oil 1600mg

As one of our most popular and best-selling CBD oil tinctures, PureKana is now proud to offer our iconic Natural formulation in a mid-range 1600mg strength. Offering the best of both worlds in terms of effects, a single serving of the Natural CBD Oil 1600mg formula delivers over 50mg of hemp-derived CBD. And of course, consumption couldn't be easier. Simply use the convenient dropper cap, squeeze out a full serving (1mL or one full dropper), and apply under the tongue for maximized effect. For years, PureKana has been an industry leader in the American CBD market. We continue to make all of our products right here in the USA, and always want to listen to the needs of our customers and deliver products to them that are safe, user-friendly, and most importantly, effective for their personal needs.

The Authentic & Natural PureKana Formulation

We offer several different flavor options in our full spectrum CBD lineup, but our Natural tincture continues to be one of our best sellers. It boasts a 'hempy' yet not overly earth taste, and is an excellent option for both daily and "as-needed" use. And of course, just like all of our products, the PureKana Natural CBD Oil 1600mg formulation is made from the finest CBD-rich hemp that American soil has to offer. We remain dedicated to using quality USA-grown hemp, as we feel it truly is the best in terms of quality, freshness, and purity. If you want to see for yourself, just check out viewable lab reports, which you can find on every PureKana product page. These reports show the verified phytochemical content of each specific product, as well as the absence of unwanted chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

PureKana: The Standard in USA-made Quality

In the same way that we remain dedicated to sourcing our hemp from quality American farms, we also feel it's important to keep making PureKana CBD products right here on American soil. Your CBD oil is only as good as the quality of ingredients used to make it, and we are 100% confident that the purest, best quality ingredients are right here at home. Whether you're looking to implement a quality CBD oil into your daily routine or simply want to have something on-hand for an as-needed basis, don't settle for anything less when it comes to quality. Try our Natural CBD Oil 1600mg formulation today, and experience the difference that the industry's best CBD can bring into your life.

Why Choose Our 1600mg Natural CBD Oil?

As far as choosing the right CBD product, this is an individual and highly personalized decision that you and only you can make. After all, there’s no specific “right” amount of CBD to take for every person out there.


For reference, PureKana 1600mg Natural CBD Oil contains roughly 53mg of CBD in a single serving (1 full mL dropper), compared to our lowest-strength formulation which offers just 10mg in a single serving.


If you have any questions specifically about choosing the right CBD oil, or if you’re unsure whether the 1600mg Natural CBD oil is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help, and your wellness needs will always be our top priority.

Lab Report

Customer Reviews
based on 19 reviews
Quinn Sanford
Natural is best

The natural CBD oil is best. I do not like anything else added to my CBD oil besides pure CBD hemp oil. The 1600 mg bottle is the best because it's got the most cbd and it will deliver.

· 30 Nov 2021 · Reply

So glad to see this in 1600 mg

Usually CBD companies make concentrations of up to 1000 mg CBD per bottle, so I am happy to see this 1600 mg bottle that is even stronger. I am really happy overall with my purchase, the natural flavor is great. Love it.

· 02 Nov 2021 · Reply

Ron G.

Very well-made product, good results for me. I take a serving right before going to bed. Just wish they didn't cost so much

· 12 Oct 2021 · Reply

Jenna Daniels
Tastes fresh and crisp

I really like the fresh and natural taste of the CBD oil. It is a joy to take this and I always look forward to it. The 1600 mg bottle is the one that I found works best for me. I like the stronger bottles like this one.

· 20 Sep 2021 · Reply

This one is good

it does not have any flavorings and it is also really strong in terms of concentration amount. The 1600 bottle is just what I was looking for, you cannot find this strength in every cbd store

· 29 Aug 2021 · Reply

Shipping was super fast

The shipping was super fast and I was really relieved that it arrived so quickly. I was worried about it being in transit for too long and being exposed to different temperatures. But that was not the case and it arrived within a few days of placing my order.

· 10 Aug 2021 · Reply

Kris V.
Oh so happy

I am also happy with my purchase. The quality of the oil is great and I love the flavor. And also the shipping was really fast and it was at my door and just a matter of days after placing the order. Great overall company and products.

· 19 Jul 2021 · Reply

Pat R.
I like CBD

I like CBD and this one is my favorite. It is just the right amount that I was looking for. The flavor tastes really good to me. If I'm not in the mood to use the CBD oil sublingually I usually will just put it with my morning smoothie.

· 09 Jun 2021 · Reply

Charlotte G.
So good!!

This bottle is the best, it's everything I could want in a CBD oil. I love that it is laboratory tested as well and also made from non-GMO. It means a lot when companies take the time to tell you everything about their product and make you feel confident about your purchase.

· 18 May 2021 · Reply

Tre Watson
Really good CBD oil

This is some really good CBD oil. I love that they offer a 1600 mg bottle, not many companies offer this high of a strength. I tried this out and I got the all natural flavor because I was curious to see how it tasted without any flavor. Love everything about this bottle.

· 26 Apr 2021 · Reply

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