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THC-O Dual Vape Pen - 1800mg (2x 900mg)

Super Sour Diesel
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  • 2 pens with 900mg of THC-O apiece
  • Northern Lights and Super Sour Diesel flavors
  • Double-ended vape pen suitable for daytime and nighttime use
  • Detailed third-party lab reports
  • Free shipping
  • Extracted from hemp grown in the United States

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Product Code: THCO-DUAL-SSD-NL
Size / Volume

2 grams

Total THC


Amount of THC

~93% (per lab analysis)

Product Facts

Free U.S. shipping


Buy Our Innovative 1800mg THC-O Dual Vape Pen

At PureKana, we’re always dreaming up new concepts to reward our loyal customers and attract new ones! Our latest effort is our 2x900mg THC-O vape pen, which gives you twice the variety, twice the flavor, and twice the convenience.

Whether you need help to get going in the morning or unwind in the evening, this THC-O dual vape pen for sale can accommodate you. The cannabinoid itself has made a big splash in the industry, and we’ve worked hard to produce the best THC-O available on the market. We ensure that each pen has at least 93% THC-O acetate, and you can check out our third-party lab reports for confirmation.

Dual Flavor THC-O Disposable Vape: The Power of Two

Experienced THC-O users know that the effects they feel can vary depending on whether the product is sativa, indica, or a hybrid. It is possible to try a sativa in the morning to get started the right way or an indica to provide a welcoming, relaxing feeling in the evening. However, you need two separate products to achieve these different goals.

Not anymore! Our THC-O vape pen lets you switch between two completely different products effortlessly. With Super Sour Diesel (sativa) and Northern Lights (indica) available, things get twice as nice when it comes to flavor. There’s 900mg of THC-O in each option, which means you benefit from 1,800mg of the cannabinoid.

Get Your 1800mg THC-O Dual Vape Pen from PureKana Online Today

If the prospect of getting two legendary flavors and two entirely different effects in one device sounds appealing, why wait? Once you order your 1,800mg THC-O dual vape pen from our site, we’ll endeavor to deliver it to your door as soon as possible. With free shipping to our customers in the United States, you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges.

Remember, we only use American-grown hemp in all our products and provide certificates of analysis with all our products. Apart from the impressive THC-O content of our dual pen, check out the other compounds; they all combine to produce a great-tasting product that we’re confident you’ll love.

Hemp Derived Distillate, Botanical Terpenes.
Select between the daytime or nighttime end, place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale for 3 to 6 seconds.

THC-O Dual Vape Pen – 1800mg (2x 900mg)

Free shipping

2 pens and I didn`t pay for shipping. What can be better for this price?

16 Nov 2022 Reply
Not leaking

My previous vapes and cartridges used to leak sometimes. This one is working with no issues. Sativa and Indica are a perfect match.

18 Oct 2022 Reply

This is the first time I’ve tried this kind of product and I’m really enjoying the convenience it offers me especially at night time. The last thing I want when it’s time to relax is to be fiddling with two devices, so being able to switch from one end to another at the drop of a dime is awesome.

19 Sep 2022 Reply
This pen really is a twofer!

This pen really is a twofer! I use it regularly in both the morning and night and can’t understand why other companies don’t sell this kind of product.

14 Jun 2022 Reply
I love the effects of the THC-O itself

Apart from being handy, I love the effects of the THC-O itself. It relaxes me when I need it and gives me a shot of energy on those mornings where coffee ain’t doing the trick. Can’t beat the flavor of Super Sour Diesel and these guys have nailed it.

10 Jun 2022 Reply
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THC-O Dual Vape Pen - 1800mg (2x 900mg) Super Sour Diesel $69.99
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