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THC-O Vape Pens - 900mg

Berry Gelato
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  • Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid
  • Choose from three classic cannabis flavors
  • Silky smooth inhale with natural citrus and floral terpenes
  • Laboratory verified ~87% THC-O content
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Made in the USA

Choose Flavor:
  • Berry Gelato
  • Super Sour Diesel
  • Watermelon Zkittles
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Product Code: THCO-VAPE
Size / Volume

1 gram

Total CBD


Amount of CBD

~87% (per lab analysis)

Product Facts

Free U.S. shipping


Buy 900mg THC-O Vape Pens

The world of hemp is ever expanding, and PureKana is always pushing the envelope to make sure customers get the best, safest, most effective products available. Every product we make is sourced from pure, American-grown hemp, and we laboratory test all of our THC-O disposable vapes for purity, potency, and safety.

Our 900mg THC-O vape pens for sale are expanding the hemp frontier, and offering users a new, innovative way to enjoy the relaxing goodness that hemp has to offer. We believe in the power of plants to bring peace, joy, and tranquility into people’s lives, and this is the philosophy that’s molded into the entire PureKana product range.

900mg THC-O Vape Pens: Three Classic Flavors

Even though we’re always pushing the boundaries of hemp inventiveness, we never fail to be inspired by the classics. Our 900mg THC-O vape pens come in three classic formulas (indica, sativa, and hybrid), and are designed to give users a robust, natural flavor profile and an authentic cannabis experience.

Our indica THC-O vape pen comes in the mouth-watering Watermelon Zkittles formula, which is a classic strain known for its tart, fruity flavor. Our sativa THC-O vape pen is inspired by the iconic terpene profile of Super Sour Diesel, while our hybrid THC-O vape pen is made using the natural aromatic profile of Berry Gelato.

Order PureKana 900mg THC-O Vape Pens Online

Whatever your inspirations are, PureKana 900mg THC-O Vape Pens are designed to help get you there. We’re inspired each and every day to help people reach new heights mentally, physically, and emotionally, and we do this by offering safe, effective, reliable hemp-derived products that are always lab tested and always American made. Order today and enjoy fast, free shipping on some of America’s favorite hemp products.

Hemp Derived Distillate, Botanical Terpenes.
Press the mouth piece to your lips, inhale.

THC-O Vape Pens – 900mg Berry Gelato BATCH#: 5033

THC-O Vape Pens – 900mg Berry Gelato BATCH#: AACW321

THC-O Vape Pens – 900mg Super Sour Diesel BATCH#: 5035

THC-O Vape Pens – 900mg Super Sour Diesel BATCH#: AACW319

THC-O Vape Pens – 900mg Berry Gelato BATCH#: 5034

THC-O Vape Pens – 900mg Berry Gelato BATCH#: AACW320

luxurious vape pen

Purekana THC-0 vape pen looks luxurious

27 Sep 2022 Reply
Love Thc-o

I absolutely love Thc-o because of these vape pens and it helps me get to sleep at night

21 Sep 2022 Reply
So good

These definitely make me feel it, and I love it!!! The berry gelato flavor is so good.

14 Jun 2022 Reply
I like it

The sative one is my go to when I wake up in the morning.

12 Jun 2022 Reply
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