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5 Unusual Ways to Take CBD

5 Unusual Ways to Take CBD

In the early years of the CBD industry, the market was very stagnant with little in the way of innovation or product development. Of course, we have since come a long way from the standard CBD tinctures that once constituted the entire market; now, there are more unusual ways than ever to consume cannabinoids.
While some of these exciting products are veritable game-changers, others are little more than well-marketed cash grabs. Let’s explore some of the hottest CBD trends below to discover whether they’re actually worth spending money on, or whether they’re fleeting fads.

1. CBD Bath Products

We have all encountered the basic CBD topicals, such as salves and lotions. These are excellent for users who want to apply a little CBD to a specific area, but what if you want to immerse your entire body in cannabidiol?
Consumers can now get their hands on CBD bath bombs, CBD bath salts, and various other luxury items for nourishing the skin after a long, hot soak.
Bathing in CBD is the ultimate in topical application; it can affect the entire body, covering much more ground than a cream. Bath bombs are also loaded with aromatic oil extracts that fill the air with a pleasant scent, helping users to relax and unwind even further.

2. CBD Makeup

Another interesting type of CBD topical is makeup. In particular, CBD mascara has become a hot item. However, there are also infused concealers, foundations, and more. Whether these products work remains to be seen. The theory behind them is that CBD can moisturize the eyelashes and the skin by providing antioxidants. It’s unclear whether they’re on the same level as other CBD topicals, though. Perhaps this is a beauty fad that will be quick to fade away.

3. CBD Toothpicks

Imagine a regular toothpick but infused with delicious flavors and CBD. That’s what PureKana has created with our Pure Picks. It’s a unique product, to say the least!
The benefit of toothpicks over other products is that they act similarly to sublingual tinctures. As you chew, the CBD is released slowly into the mouth. CBD toothpicks have a relatively high bioavailability, and they last longer, too.
Another benefit is that that act of chewing can relieve anxiety for some users. So, if you are someone who feels anxious often and likes to chew, then CBD toothpicks could be an ideal option. Many brands include extra ingredients in their toothpicks, such as spilanthes extract, to promote oral health.
All in all, CBD-infused toothpicks are a product that looks set to stay. They’re simple, effective, and growing in popularity.

4. CBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories are certainly an exciting product. As is always the case with suppositories, users can administer them anally or vaginally.
According to the brands that sell them, they’re super useful because the CBD enters the bloodstream via the capillaries. They could be useful for those who have trouble swallowing capsules or taking oils, but it’s not clear whether they are more or less effective than other products.
When using suppositories, it’s essential to be conscious of hygiene. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and only buy from a reputable brand.

5. CBD Workout Wear

Some companies have even started launching CBD-infused activewear. The intention is that, as you move, the fabric rubs against your skin and breaks tiny capsules, releasing CBD. It’s an interesting idea, and it certainly has a following. However, it might not be the most reliably effective product.
Currently, science isn’t on this brand’s side, even though it’s a very exciting product. It’s one to try if you have the money to splash on sustainable activewear packed with loads of cannabinoids. That said, it’s by no means a necessity for any CBD user.

Looking to Mix up Your CBD Regime?

The CBD industry is progressing at a rapid pace, and there are new and exciting products emerging all the time. Once you have the basics down and you know what kind of CBD works for you, you can branch out and try some of the brand new products on the market.
Many emerging products, like activewear and makeup, are likely fads that won’t stick around. They don’t add much extra to your CBD regime, even though they’re pretty cool. Bath bombs, toothpicks, and suppositories are likely to stick around as they actually offer users something.
It’s very exciting to see what will come next in the CBD market. All there is to say is that you should be watching this space.

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