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HHC Dual Vape Pen - 1800mg (2x 900mg)

Super Sour Diesel
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  • Double-sided vape pen for two functions in one device
  • Combines daytime (Super Sour Diesel) + nighttime (Northern Lights) use
  • A "high" likelihood for a euphoric, elevated experience
  • Robust terpene flavor profiles, silky smooth inhales
  • Fast & free shipping on all orders

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Product Code: HHC-DUAL-SSD-NL
Size / Volume

2 grams

Total HHC


Amount of HHC

~85% (per lab analysis)

Product Facts

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Buy 1800mg HHC Dual Vape Pen

Experience the hemp revolution with PureKana’s innovative 2x 900mg HHC Vape Pen. Featuring a double-sided mouthpiece, simply choose which formula you want (day or nighttime), press the mouthpiece to your lips, and inhale. Our PureKana HHC Dual Vape Pen for sale includes a robust flavor profile inspired by two classic and iconic cannabis strains. For uplifting daytime effects that sharpen the mind and enhance focus, choose the sativa end with our Super Sour Diesel terpene mix. For relaxing nighttime use, inhale from the other end and experience the iconic indica effects of our terpene-inspired Northern Lights formula. Two completely different ranges of effects, two classic cannabis flavor profiles, one simple and easy to use device. That’s the PureKana revolution.

Dual Flavor HHC Disposable Vape for Daytime + Nighttime Use

Super Sour Diesel and Northern Lights are two of the most iconic cannabis strains of all time. Harnessing the effects of sativa and indica, respectively, each of these provides an entirely unique experience based on differing terpene profiles. At PureKana, this is our way of paying tribute to the timeless cannabis strains we love best.

For daytime use and uplifting, energetic effects, choose the super sour diesel end. When it’s time for bed, choose Northern Lights and experience the absolute best of hemp-derived calm and relaxation. Always USA-made, always laboratory tested, each and every PureKana HHC vape pen is designed for safety, enjoyment, and an accessible means to an elevated state of mind.

PureKana 1800mg HHC Dual Vape Pen: Two Formulas, One Device

As is the case with all PureKana products, our 1800mg HHC Dual Vape Pen features American-made craftsmanship and free shipping on every U.S. order. It is our mission to inspire progression in the hemp community, and it is our passion to develop and engineer safe hemp-derived products that help users improve their wellness, elevate their spirit, and inspire themselves to a heightened state of mind. Buy your PureKana HHC vape pen online today and experience the revolution that is reshaping and redefining the modern hemp experience.

Choose which end of the vape you want to inhale from (daytime or nighttime). Press the mouth piece firmly into your lips and inhale.

HHC Dual Vape Pen – 1800mg (2x 900mg)



13 Jan 2023 Reply

Darling, it`s fab.

03 Jan 2023 Reply

Super sore diesel is a wonderful option for the daytime.

29 Dec 2022 Reply
Two options

One pen with two options. That's great. I don`t need to carry a full bag of vapes.

12 Dec 2022 Reply
New vape

I love to get to the EOW with a new vape. Let`s see what this one has to offer.

09 Dec 2022 Reply
Love it.

S-tier thing.

30 Nov 2022 Reply
The best gift ever

I love that when you inhale it is not sharp it's mild. Thank God, I am more than 21.

13 Nov 2022 Reply
Excellent battery

I`ve been binge-watching all weekend and this pen worked all the time. Excellent battery

07 Nov 2022 Reply
Top-quality device.

I must confess, I dropped it down excellently and it didn`t break down. Now I`m sure it's a top-quality device.

06 Nov 2022 Reply
It`s great.

I don`t have to worry about the battery running out too soon. It`s great.

26 Oct 2022 Reply
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HHC Dual Vape Pen - 1800mg (2x 900mg) Super Sour Diesel $79.99
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