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Tired of Going Online And Placing a New Order Every Time You Need to Refresh Your Purekana CBD Supply?

With our new automatic delivery program, customers can select their favorite PureKana products and have them automatically delivered right to their home monthly, once every two months, or once every two weeks. Quick, convenient, hassle-free, and more affordable (subscription members save 30% on MSRP prices) than placing a new order.
buy cbd oil
  • Have your favorite PureKana products auto-delivered once every two weeks, once a month, or once every two months
  • Receive 30% off all subscription orders
  • Free U.S. shipping on all orders

How The Purekana Autodeliver Program Works

1. Find Your Products
Find the product(s) you want automatically delivered, then select the "Subscribe and Save" button on the product page.
2. Choose Your Frequency
When you click the Subscribe and Save button, you'll be asked to choose your frequency of delivery: Options include once every 2 weeks, once a month, or once every 2 months.
3. Manage Your Account
PureKana's subscription service is 100% commitment-free. If you want to pause, cancel, or opt-out, simply log in to your PureKana My Account page and select the "Pause subscription" box.


Simple - find the PureKana product you want to have auto-delivered, go to the product page, and select the "Subscribe and Save" button. Next, select the frequency you want the product delivered. It's that easy.
Subscription orders will be processed starting on the date of your first auto-deliver order. For example, if you place your first subscription order on a Friday and select every two weeks, your next order will be placed 14 days later. Orders will continue to be automatically placed until the subscription service is paused or canceled.
Yes. All standard forms of payment are accepted for PureKana subscription orders.
Yes! You may select as many products as you like for convenient automatic home delivery.
Yes - all subscription orders receive 30% off of regular PureKana MSRP prices.

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