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The Best CBD Capsules (And 6 Types of People That Can Benefit From Them)

The Best CBD Capsules (And 6 Types of People That Can Benefit From Them)

CBD capsules have become an extremely popular item in recent times. While CBD oils have a bitter taste and can be fiddly to handle, pills are incredibly convenient and tasteless. The best CBD supplement capsules also come in various strengths, ensuring that everyone can benefit from them no matter their needs.

While some users may prefer other consumption methods, specific categories of people may benefit more from capsules. The list below features six groups who may, in particular, use high-CBD capsules to their advantage.

#1 – Best CBD Oil Capsules for Busy Users

One of the main draws of CBD pills is their tasteless and convenient nature. Users can carry a bottle of capsules with them on the go, ensuring that they have access to CBD whenever they want to take it.

This can be especially useful for those who like ‘microdosing’, or using minimal amounts of CBD throughout the day. For these individuals, low-dose capsules are the best option. With CBD softgels, it’s possible even to cut them in half to halve the dosage printed on the label.

This type of use is best for users seeking a general-purpose CBD product rather than aiming for a specific effect.

#2 – Best CBD Capsules for Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, many users prefer to use products including oils or vapes, which are faster-acting than capsules. However, sometimes, capsules are just a better fit.

The lack of fiddling with an oil dropper or vape pen can make the process of taking capsules a calmer experience. That said, it’s vital to account for the time required for the tablets to take effect. Since capsules must first go through the digestive system before they take effect, it can be 30-90 minutes before the user notices a difference.

The best CBD capsules for anxiety depend very much on the user, as varying strengths may work better for different people. For those anxious about their health and what they put into their body, it’s vital to find a reputable brand that they know is high quality. Find a brand (like us here at PureKana!) that offers reputable lab reports and pure, organic ingredients.

Furthermore, a CBD isolate could be the best option since users know they are getting CBD and nothing more.

#3 – Best CBD Capsules for Pain

Once again, those suffering chronic pain may not opt for CBD capsules as their first choice. Instead, topical creams with other ingredients such as arnica may be a more prominent option.

However, arnica-infused creams come with the side effect of itching, which, for some users, is not worth the pain relief.

Convenient capsules can be effective when used in small amounts throughout the day. As mentioned above, capsules are a popular consumption method for this kind of supplement regime, as they can easily be carried on the go for regular use.

The best CBD capsules for pain are, therefore, lower-strength options. However, depending on the severity of the pain, more potent capsules may be necessary. Some users may also want to opt for CBD softgels over pills if swallowing is painful since the former option is much easier to swallow.

#4 – Best CBD Capsules for Migraines

Some users have turned to CBD products for migraine relief. While scientific data is lacking on the connection between CBD and reduced migraines, there are many anecdotes on online forums and some studies on cannabinoids in general.

Considering the lack of data, it’s impossible to pin down the best CBD capsules for migraines. However, a mid-range option of about 25mg per capsule could be a good place to start.

#5 – Best CBD Capsules for Arthritis

According to, CBD is not a substitute for arthritis-modifying treatments, but there are positive anecdotal reports and some animal studies.

Similar to other forms of chronic pain, those with arthritis who are trying CBD capsules may wish to choose a lower strength that users can take multiple times throughout the day. However, it can also be beneficial to take one higher strength capsule about an hour before going to sleep.

The best CBD capsules for arthritis are, therefore, options like our 40mg pills. During the day, users may wish to use our capsules in conjunction with a topical CBD extract, which can target the endocannabinoid system much faster.

#6 – Best CBD Capsules for Relaxation

The best CBD capsules for relaxation tend to be low-mid-range options with roughly 25mg of CBD in each pill. Users aiming for a more relaxed, balanced lifestyle can simply take one capsule per day at any time they wish. Many users choose to take one pill in the morning along with any other vitamin supplements they use.

Some products on the market contain added ingredients like melatonin, which is optimal for those taking CBD at night while unwinding. However, a standard CBD capsule can suffice in most situations.

The important thing is finding a high-quality capsule that you can trust from a reputable brand.

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Supplement Capsules

CBD is a very personal experience, so the best CBD capsules can vary drastically from person to person. From choosing a type of capsule (either the classic pill or an easy-to-swallow soft gel) to selecting a strength, it can take some research to find the best option for you.

However, if you have tried CBD oil and found that this consumption method was not for you, capsules are an excellent item to try. They are flavorless, convenient, and they come in multiple strengths. Some even have added ingredients.

Begin with a high-quality brand that you trust, and you will likely find success with CBD capsules. Browse the full range of CBD capsules here at PureKana to view some of the best quality soft gels on the market.

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