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Is CBD Addictive? Exploring the Truth

Is CBD Addictive? Exploring the Truth

On a federal level, CBD is a controlled substance, which in theory means it should have some addictive properties. However, studies point to the contrary.

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) 2017 report, CBD is non-habit forming and risks no abuse potential. Essentially, this means it cannot lead to an addiction.

CBD has some fantastic potential for a variety of uses, which is why it has become so popular as a generalized health supplement. Its non-addictive nature is partly what makes it so appealing to hundreds of users around the world.

Of course, forming a habit is essential if you want effective results from CBD, and that’s why products like gummies exist. It becomes easy to look forward to taking CBD each day, even though the compound itself isn’t addictive.

That said, there is some potential to use CBD for other addictions.

CBD for Addiction

Recently, CBD has gained much attention for its potential to treat drug or alcohol abuse. Whether it’s an addiction to nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamines, or another addictive substance, many people report positive results when using CBD for addiction.



What makes CBD’s addiction-fighting potential more promising is that we now know CBD is non-addictive. If you are wondering about the science behind this, it may be because CBD doesn’t alter our state of mind. Since there is no risk of becoming addicted to CBD, it’s certainly worth experimenting with the cannabinoid to see if it may help you fight other addictions. 

Research focuses on how the therapeutic effects of CBD may help prevent relapse in drug use. It is believed that by reducing stress related to drug cues and helping to clear the mind, CBD may target “risk states” of drug use relapse. 

CBD Addiction Recovery

Up to now, it remains unclear whether CBD can be used for addiction and what the avenues of consumption might be.

It’s pretty common for smokers with a nicotine addiction to take up CBD vaping. After all, it replaces one habit with a similar one, regardless of the compounds within.


Many smokers have switched to vapes in recent years due to concerns regarding the safety of cigarette smoking. If you already vape, it’s incredibly easy to switch to a CBD vaporizer that gives you delicious e-liquid without the nicotine.

Other consumption methods may also benefit those with addiction. There are a vast number of ways to take CBD, from gummies to tinctures. Try a few to see what works for you and take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.


CBD addiction, fortunately, does not seem to be a problem among users. Even if you use a high dose, addiction is extremely unlikely. This is because CBD a not a mind-altering compound.

Conversely, some preliminary research implies that CBD could help those suffering addiction to other substances. In particular, vaping CBD can offer a nice steppingstone away from nicotine-infused e-liquids.

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