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CBD Oil in Florida

Disclaimer: The following information is based entirely on our own independent research. While our team strives to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice.

A Roadmap to CBD in Florida

  • Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products are widely available in the Sunshine State
  • Most CBD products in the state come from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Customers have both online and in-store options
  • The quality of CBD for sale in Florida can be extremely hit or miss
  • Industrial hemp is taking off in FL, with commercial growers now able to apply for a hemp cultivation license

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Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

Since the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the CBD industry has seen exponential growth across the U.S. The Hemp Farming Act legalized industrial hemp, thereby deeming hemp-derived products, like CBD oil, legal on a federal level.

However, every state has the right to implement its own laws regarding the legality of hemp and its derivatives. This means that laws are different from a state level to a federal level and can differ significantly from one state to another.

According to Florida law, CBD is legal as long as it is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC. The Sunshine State passed this law, SB1020, in July 2019, aligning the state’s views on hemp with federal law. SB1020 specifically made hemp extracts legal and removed hemp-derived cannabinoids from the controlled substances list.

Continue reading below for the most comprehensive guide to CBD oil in Florida.

Are There CBD Laws In Florida?

Are There CBD Laws In Florida?


Ever since SB1020 was signed into law, getting your hands on CBD in Florida has been easy and legal. Recently, the state has become more open to cannabis too. Residents with a medical marijuana card are allowed to buy CBD oil that contains significant amounts of THC (more than the 0.3% limit) if they suffer from one of the state’s qualifying conditions.

Florida’s legislation matches the federal definition of hemp, and there are very few restrictions on the types of CBD products that can be sold in the state. Hence, CBD oil in Florida is readily available, and residents can find an overwhelming number of products in hundreds of different stores, as well as online.

However, not all CBD is created equal, and finding high-quality products that deliver optimal results can be tricky. There are many inferior products on the market, which is why it’s important to do thorough research and know what to look for when shopping for CBD products.

Countless companies have sprung up virtually overnight, but few of them offer assurances in the form of up-to-date laboratory analysis reports. Furthermore, not all CBD companies follow the same guidelines and procedures for extracting and formulating their products. This is why the CBD items that Florida residents are finding on the shelves of places like grocery stores and gas stations are very much hit or miss.

For the market’s best USA-made CBD products, there is little compared to the quality that we offer here at PureKana. Over the last few years, we have established a level of trust and reliability among our loyal customers that few other brands can compare to. See below for a brief overview of our range of industry-leading CBD products.

Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

CBD Edibles
CBD Edibles

The best-seller in our edibles line is our vegan CBD gummies, offered in several delectable flavors. We also have a line of CBD beverage enhancers and honey sticks, each available in several different flavors. Edibles combine the reliability and effectiveness of the original PureKana CBD formulation with a rich, delicious, mouth-watering flavor profile.

CBD Topicals
CBD Topicals

Our topical range consists of an array of creams, ointments, gels, and balms designed to relieve aches and pains. They offer targeted relief and are favored by some of the fittest and highest-profile athletes and fighters in the U.S. We have several different types and strength formulations to cater to various personal and budget-based needs. Other CBD topicals on offer include lip balm and bath bombs.

CBD Vape
CBD Vape

Vaping isn’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy CBD vape products, there is no higher quality option on the market than PureKana. We offer high-milligram CBD formulations in several different flavors, each of which comes in a convenient, sealed vaping device that is as functional and durable as it is sleek and discreet.

CBD Oral Drops
CBD Oral Drops

CBD oral drops, also known as CBD tinctures or CBD oil, are undoubtedly the market’s gold standard for CBD products. It is the most widely-used and best-selling type of CBD item in the USA. Here at PureKana, our CBD oils are our flagship product and are available in several delicious flavors and strengths. They can be consumed orally by placing a few drops under the tongue, or the oil can be added to certain foods and beverages if you prefer.

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Industrial Hemp in Florida

Industrial Hemp in Florida

Most CBD products for sale in Florida are made from hemp because the law states that CBD must be hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC. The problem is that not all hemp is the same. Where hemp is grown plays a very important role. Hemp plants easily absorb everything in the soil in which they’re farmed and cultivated, including contaminants. Therefore, hemp crops grown in nutrient-rich soil will be of high quality and produce high-quality CBD. Similarly, those grown in soil contaminated with metals like lead and mercury will result in low-quality hemp that may be unsafe to consume. While some CBD companies import dried hemp from overseas (specifically places like India and China) to save costs, we here at PureKana remain dedicated to the exclusive use of pure, high-CBD hemp plants that are grown right here in the USA. The U.S. has much stricter regulations in place for cultivating hemp, which means that our hemp meets higher standards. Regarding the status of industrial hemp in Florida, as of April 2020, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) passed a program that allows hemp farmers to cultivate the crop. Since its inception, Florida’s hemp program has grown rapidly. By the start of 2021, the state already had over 22,000 licensed acres of hemp cultivation. It’s estimated that the majority of hemp grown in Florida (about 95%) is for the manufacturing of CBD oil. It’s worth noting that a state license is required for a person or business to grow and process hemp and hemp extracts. Additionally, CBD products must be tested by an independent lab, certifying that it contains less than 0.3% THC and is free of contaminants. Each of PureKana’s lab reports is available for all customers to view right here on our website.

People Are Asking: 'Can I Buy CBD Online in Florida?'


CBD products are widely available to purchase throughout Florida. They can be found in numerous convenience stores, health food shops, CBD shops, and even an increasing number of cafes and coffee shops. But buying CBD online is perhaps the most convenient way to find reliable products in Florida.

As discussed earlier, finding high-quality CBD products can be challenging. The CBD industry is largely unregulated, which has left a lot of freedom for untrustworthy brands to operate. With few regulations in place, many Florida stores continue to sell CBD items that offer no proof in terms of their contents and cannabinoid profiles.

At PureKana, we are 100% committed to quality and strive to provide the market with the highest quality and most effective CBD products. Our full range of products is cultivated, extracted, and manufactured right here in the USA. Plus, each item is accompanied by a third-party lab report, so you can check the CBD content, THC content, as well as what other cannabinoids are present. Our lab reports also verify that products are free of harmful substances like heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides.

PureKana’s CBD items are shipped throughout the USA. If you’re a resident of the Sunshine State and are searching for the best CBD oil in Florida, you can’t go wrong with PureKana. Your CBD item will be delivered right to your door, and shipping is free on all orders.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Florida

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, many states are starting to ease restrictions and allow the sale of hemp-derived CBD items. Florida is one such state, and since the passing of SB1020 in 2019, the Sunshine State’s CBD market has grown exponentially. The problem is no longer finding CBD oil in Florida; it’s finding high-quality CBD products that are reputable and effective.

While you may be able to purchase CBD online in Florida, and in-store, at super low prices, many of these products are subpar (at best) and have undergone zero form of laboratory analysis. Not only is there a possibility that they contain potentially harmful ingredients, but it’s also highly likely that they don’t contain the amount of CBD and other phytocannabinoids listed on the label.

When you buy CBD from PureKana, you know you’re dealing with a trustworthy and reliable brand backed by thousands of loyal and satisfied customers. Take a look at our reviews and see for yourself. We are committed to quality in a way that few other brands are, which is why we’re regularly rated as the number one CBD brand in the USA.

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