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How Mega Influencers Rate PureKana CBD Products

How Mega Influencers Rate PureKana CBD Products

Love them or loathe them, “influencers” are a big deal these days. One job of influencers is to review products and ‘influence’ fans and followers to buy them. The benefit of this kind of marketing is that influencers only work with brands they actually like and use. As a result, their followers get an authentic snapshot into the products they rely on on a day-to-day basis.

Here at PureKana, we’re well aware that influencers are the future of marketing and product promotion. Luckily, plenty of mega-influencers have shown some love for our products on their Instagram and social media feeds. Below we highlight some of our favorite influencers, and what they’ve had to say about why they choose PureKana.

*Note: The influencers listed below have mentioned PureKana products at some point during their careers; this does not mean we are currently sponsoring or supporting any of the below individuals.

Emily Tanner (@emilyytanner)

Followers: 669k

Blogger and model Emily Tanner is known for showing off her glamorous lifestyle on the ‘gram. She also runs an account for her dog Cooper, calling herself a “dog mama” in her bio. Emily works with numerous brands that she likes, flaunting products in stunning outfits as she goes. Recently, Emily said that our PureKana CBD oil is one product that she just can’t leave the house without (along with Cooper, of course).

Cody Garbrandt (@cody_nolove)

Followers: 2.4 million

UFC fighter and mixed martial artist Cody Garbrandt has an impressive following. He currently competes in the bantamweight division of the UFC for Team Alpha Male. Gardbrandt is from California, and wellness is an important part of his lifestyle.

Many of his Instagram posts feature various PureKana products, including our vegan gummies. Like many other UFC fighters, Cody is finding that CBD does the trick for rest and recovery days.

Jazmin Pineda (@___jazzyfit)

Followers: 215k

Jazmin Pineda, who goes by the handle jazzyfit, is a gorgeous gym gal with a killer Instagram feed. Her pics flaunt her perfect physique, stylish outfits, and show off the brands she can’t get enough of. To be honest, we’re honored to make her list!

She recently snapped a pic with our sleep aid tincture, writing the caption “@purekana has def changed my life for the better.” She also uses several of our other products, using PureKana to stay ahead of the game both in and out of the gym.

Jon Jones (@jonnybones)

Followers: 5.7 million

Another MMA fighter who’s loving CBD is Jon Jones, and he has been showing PureKana some love on his socials. We’re blessed to have impressed this MMA legend, who has a whopping 5 million followers on Instagram.

Jones says that his favorite product is the CBD Pure Picks. These toothpicks are perfect for fidgety people, and Jon himself says that he never leaves home without a tube of Pure Picks to keep him grounded. Another product that has featured on his feed is the CBD Muscle Relief cream, which we imagine comes in handy quite often.

Michael Vazquez (@michaelvazquez)

Followers: 1.6 million

Fitness trainer and elite athlete Michael Vazquez has been known to flaunt his ripped physique on Instagram. He has also been showing off his favorite PureKana products from time to time.

Vazquez has posted that he uses our CBD drops for rest and recovery, which is essential for any athlete. It’s also a necessity for anyone who gets active, so take a leaf out of Michael’s book and try our drops today.

Colton Haaker (@coltonhaaker)

Followers: 207k

Hailing from California, Colton Haaker is an X-games competitor who lives life on the edge. He’s known for pulling off some mindblowing stunts on his bike. As a father, he also understands the importance of taking care of himself so that he’s there for his kids.

Haaker often gets injuries in his dangerous field. He has cited PureKana CBD oil as part of his rest and recovery regime, and is very vocal about how cannabidiol has helped him.

Dustin Poirier (@dustinpoirier)

Followers: 2.8 million

Louisiana native Dustin Poirier is yet another MMA fighter enjoying CBD. He often posts discount codes and giveaways for his favorite PureKana products, giving everyone a chance to try these products for themselves.

Dustin’s product of choice is the Vanilla CBD drops, which offer excellent flavor in an effective dropper.

Megan Heaton (@megan__heaton)

Followers: 91.6k

Megan Heaton is a fashion influencer and model based in LA. She regularly posts pictures of her stunning looks and amazing outfits, but her feed also makes it clear that she’s into health and wellness. In this way, she fits into the LA vibe.

She has been snapped on her Instagram feed using a PureKana vape pen, as well as our vanilla flavored CBD oil.

Austin Vanderford (@austinvanderford)

Followers: 156k

Austin Vanderford is sometimes called “The Gentleman” by his MMA fans. This might seem a tame nickname, but Vanderford is a powerhouse in the ring. His nickname probably comes from the love he has for his wife, who he brandishes across his Insta feed.

Austin also likes to show off his PureKana CBD oil. He once posted a snap posing with our Mint CBD Oil, stating that his health secrets include regular power naps and a few drops of CBD. Judging by the number of MMA fighters using CBD, this could be the secret to success.

Sarah Adams (@sarah.atoms)

Followers: 112k

Sarah Adams is an LA-based model who shows off snaps about travel, fashion, and food on her feed. She also posts about her favorite brands in the beauty and wellness industries.

Sarah shared a snapshot of the PureKana vegan gummies on her IG story with a fire emoji, proving that she thinks our products are pure flames.

Gabby Male (@gabbymale)

Followers: 192k

Gabby Male is an influencer who owns several businesses. She’s invested in the fitness niche, with one of her brands including a fitness platform. She’s also very interested in mental wellness and self-love.

Gabby loves our PureKana products, posting pictures and reels that feature our tinctures. We’re blessed to have this boss babe on our side, because she clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to health and wellness.

If Gabby loves our products, then you might, too!

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