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How Does CBD Work for Dogs?

September 4, 2018 26 Comments

CBD for Dogs… How Does it Work?

Given what you’ve already heard about the effects of CBD oil and its therapeutic properties for humans, it might seem a little strange to go off and buy CBD for dogs, or to think about giving CBD to your pets.

However, what few people realize is that active cannabidiol (CBD) works by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors that exist in nearly all life forms on earth – including dogs. What this means is that, from a physiological standpoint at least, hemp CBD for dogs functions in much the same way that it does in humans.

Most pet owners use pure CBD for dogs to try and treat either pain or anxiety/stress that stems from the dog being separated from their owner. Treatable pain can of course exist in a variety of forms, including aching joints from arthritis, acute injury, infection, or simply from the inevitable onset of old age.

We’ve received loads of feedback from satisfied customers that a simple morning dose (or perhaps a morning and evening dose) of CBD treats has worked wonders in improving their dog’s mobility, and/or simply giving them a better quality of life.

Additionally, many owners have chosen to use our PureKana hemp CBD for pets for younger dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. This of course includes separation for days at a time when you might have to board your dog at a kennel, but it could also include day-to-day separation while you’re at work, school, etc.

Stress can be incredibly difficult for dogs of all ages, and many people don’t realize that it can lead to adverse health conditions over the long term. In many cases, CBD hemp treats in the morning can provide a safe and incredibly effective form of stress relief that allows your dog to relax in a much healthier state while you’re away.

CBD for Pets… How do you Know How Much to Give Them?

When you buy CBD for pets, it can be really tough knowing exactly how much to give them, or if the amount you do give them is even working at all. That’s why we’ve spent over a year trying to perfect our PureKana formula, which we believe by now is one of the best in the industry.

We’ve created two different varieties of CBD treats based on your dog’s size – one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

However, the range is far more inclusive than this might seem, as the small dog treats tend to scale on the more “minimal” side, while the large dog treats scale on the “maximum” side. In other words, you can use quarter, half, or three-quarter sized treats in order to try and perfect the “dose” that your pet is getting.

We typically recommend a single CBD small dog treat for dogs 10 lbs and under. Above this size, you may want to start adding approximately half of a treat for every 10 lbs of weight; in other words, a 20 lb dog would get 1 ½ treats, a 30 lb dog would get 2 treats, and so on. For reference, our small dog hemp for pets treats come with 25 treats per bag, each of which contains 1 mg of hemp extract.

In contrast, the larger treats come in bags of 20 with 50 mg extract per bag, meaning 2.5 mg per individual treat. We recommend the large dog treats for dogs 40 lbs and up, but of course this is only a rough estimation.

Be Advised… Not All Hemp Treats for Dogs Are Made the Same!

One thing you really need to be aware of when buying CBD for pets is to realize that there is a huge discrepancy between manufacturers in terms of the quality of products that are out there on the market. Given that CBD is not yet an approved medicine (for either dogs or humans), many companies out there are taking advantage of the loose regulations surrounding the nature of the industry.

In other words, they are effectively marketing “hemp treats” or “CBD for dogs” that contains virtually no active cannabidiol whatsoever (cannabidiol is the scientific name for CBD).

They are getting away with this by using hemp seed extract or hemp powders, rather than actual CBD extract that is taken from the leaves and flowers of industrial hemp plants. While hemp seeds contain beneficial plant protein and are highly nutritious in their own right, they don’t actually contain any of the therapeutic CBD compound that is believed to help with things like stress, pain, anxiety, inflammation, etc.

Quality CBD for pets will have been made using the same raw plant material and the same extraction equipment as “regular” CBD oils for humans. And indeed, here at PureKana this is exactly what we do.

The extract that we use in our CBD for dogs treats is the very same extract that we use for our industry-leading CBD oils, CBD capsules, and other CBD-infused products. All of our products are sourced from organic hemp plant material off of licensed Pilot Research Farms in Kentucky, thus we ensure that you’re getting nothing but the highest quality, most CBD-rich strains grown on American soil.

And in order to prove it, we have our CBD dog treats lab tested and verified for content and purity just like all of our other products. Like you, we are of the firm belief that our “furry friends” are just as much a part of the family as anyone else, and this is why we put nothing but our best resources into extracting and producing every batch of PureKana hemp dog treats.

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26 responses
  1. My husband and I have a dog with anxiety, and we’re thinking of getting her CBD for dogs to help her with this. Your article had some great information about dog CBD, and I liked how you said our dog should be able to have half a CBD treat for every ten pounds they have. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when considering CBD for our anxious dog.

  2. canine cancer

    Our dog has a fast growing oral tumor and the vet believes we should use cbd oil. He does not chew his food anymore (soft or pureed). Have heard the oil can reduce the size of tumors . Looking for any kind of relief for him. Your regular oils /and or treats crushed and stirred into his regular food. He is 75lbs.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Dandl,

      Thanks for reaching out! We would suggest using our 300mg or 600mg bottle of oil and starting with 3-4 drops of the oil as well as gradually increasing the dosage as needed! If you have any other questions for us please reach out to and we will be more than happy to help 🙂

  3. alternative medicine

    I used CBD Oil for my dogs when we go to our Vet. They are so excited when we go outside. I gave them CBD Oil 15 to 30 minutes prior. CBD oil for our pets can treat health issues such as digestive or upset tummy, inflammation, joint pain or even allergies. I tried this in my dog, I gave it when I know he faced a stressful situation. And as I done researching, I came across to this article about Cannabis and Mj

  4. What’s up, how’s it going? I just now shared this page with a coworker, there was a good snicker.

  5. What is the maximum amount of 300mg potency that I can give my 20 pound dog in one dose? I’ve tried 3 drops and 5 drops and it doesn’t seem to be helping her anxiety in the car.

    1. Hello,

      The dog treats may be more beneficial. I would do no more than 10 drops, it may need to build in her system a bit as well.

  6. My 13 year old labradoodle was diagnosed last November at UF Gainsville with a cancerous tumor in his nose. At that time they gave him a 4 month life expectancy. After doing some research, I decided to give him CBD oil in lieu of radiation, hoping for the best. A year later he is still with me and his appetite has increased. Needless to say, I credit your CBD oil with his extended time and good quality of life! Thank You💖

  7. My french bulldog has anxiety when riding in the car. I’ve looked at you 1000mg oil. How many drops should she get and how often?

    1. Hello,

      For your dog the 300mg potency would be best. Start out with 3-5 drops and if she doesn’t get the desired relief within a couple days you can slowly increase the dose. We do have dog treats as well! 🙂

  8. Can I give it to my cat? He is around 10lbs.he is 14 and is having seizures about every two weeks. The veterinarian doesn’t like using phenobarbital with cats,as it makes them nonfunctional, ( my cat would t take a pill every day anyway)We can’t seem to find a reason.the first one was when a storm was coming so we thought maybe that was it. The second one wa during a hot windy day. I hope that if I get him on CBD he may stop or at least not have as many. ///I also have a rescue dog (Boston/Rat) that had mysterious fluid around her brain and saw specialists.They think it could be an old brain injury.the swelling went down after medication for fluids.She. Ow has a tremor in her back legs about once a week that keeps her awake.i think CBD may help her.She is on Rymidal and the vet doesn’t like her on it full time. I’ve read SO MANY sites on CBD oil and debated on getting human CBD because I’m afraid of pet stuff not being as good a quality. I know this is a lot of questions. Thank you so much for listening. I think I trust your company the most so far. 🙂

    1. Hello,

      Our oils are animal friendly! I would do the 300mg oil and start out with just a few drops 1-2 times a day. If they do not get the desired relief within a few days you can slowly increase the dose. We do have dog treats as well! 🙂

  9. What about cats? My cat has terrible anxiety the vet gives him pills for it – he doesn’t like it when I leave on trips or for visits to family

    1. Our oils are animal friendly! The 300mg potency would be best and just starting out with a couple drops 1-2 times a day.

  10. much 30ml.1000mg purkanna oil for my 8 yr.old, 65lb,Springer with hip dysplasia and fall allergies thankyou

  11. Hi there! One of my cats is always anxious and stressed, and I’m interested in trying CBD oil on him since nothing else has worked. Do you have any recommendations for dosage for cats?

    1. Hello,

      Our oils are animal friendly. The 300mg would be best starting with just a couple drops 1-2 times a day.

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