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CBD Oil in Florida

Disclaimer: The following information is based entirely on our own independent research. While our team strives to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice.

A Roadmap to CBD in Florida

  • Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products are widely available in the Sunshine State
  • Most CBD products in the state come from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Customers have both online and in-store options
  • The quality of CBD for sale in Florida can be extremely hit or miss
  • Industrial hemp is taking off in FL, with commercial growers now able to apply for a hemp cultivation license
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Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

Historically, Florida has been strict on hemp and CBD. As we all know, however, times are changing — and they’re changing fast. For this reason, it is imperative that Florida residents interested in CBD oil (and other CBD-based products) stay up-to-date with various statewide rules and regulations.

But be careful – there is a lot of misinformation floating around online about cannabidiol in the Sunshine State. Rather than jumping around aimlessly from website to website, continue reading below for the most comprehensive guide to CBD oil in Florida.

Are There CBD Laws in Florida?


Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

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Industrial Hemp in Florida

Industrial Hemp in Florida

People Are Asking: 'Can I Buy CBD Online in Florida?'


Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Florida

When it comes to your health, don’t compromise on quality — trust us on that. While you may be able to purchase CBD online in Florida at super cheap prices, remember that many of the products out there for sale have undergone zero form of laboratory analysis. They not only may contain things like pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals, but it’s highly likely they won’t even contain the amount of CBD and other phytocannabinoids that are listed on the label.

Do your homework, do plenty of research, read a lot of customer reviews, and only settle for a brand that will offer you the absolute most for your money — like PureKana. We are committed to quality in a way that few other brands are, and we will stop at nothing to make sure we continue to deliver the market’s best and most reliable USA-made CBD products.

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