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CBD Oil in Florida [All
You need to Know]

CBD Oil in Florida [All You need to Know]

There are a lot of complicated laws surrounding CBD and cannabis in general. This can make it confusing for consumers who are wanting to buy CBD, as they may feel as though it is inaccessible for them. Some brands don’t ship their CBD to all 50 states, blaming legal gray areas for this. It is things like this which makes would-be CBD users nervous to try it out.

Really, there is no need to worry. As long as CBD comes from hemp and contains minimal, it is readily available throughout the country. That being said, it may give you peace of mind to research the particular laws in your state, just to feel safe.

If you live in Florida and want to know about the laws around CBD, then this post is for you. We have all you need to know about CBD in Florida in this post, so read on for more information...

General Cannabis Laws in Florida

Medical marijuana has been allowed in Florida since 2016, when residents voted to pass Amendment 2. This means that Floridian citizens are able to apply for a medical marijuana card if they have one of several qualifying conditions. The card can be prescribed by a licensed ‘marijuana doctor.’

Once you have the card, you can attend one of nearly 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to purchase legal cannabis.

Florida is still pretty far from legalizing recreational marijuana, though, which is where some people’s fear comes in. You cannot purchase cannabis unless you have a medical marijuana card, so does this mean you need an MMJ card for CBD oil in Florida?

Is Hemp Legal in Florida?

One very important distinction that must be made is that between CBD oil and cannabis oil. You could purchase cannabis oil at a marijuana dispensary with your MMJ card, but otherwise it would be illegal. This is because cannabis oil is derived from marijuana, and it contains the psychoactive compound THC.

CBD oil, meanwhile, is derived from hemp, a relative of marijuana that contains smaller amounts of THC.

Recently, it became legal to grow industrial hemp throughout the United States, albeit with the proper licensure. This is thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which will likely change things for the CBD industry. Even prior to the 2018 Bill, the Sunshine State had legislation allowing the growth of hemp in pilot research programs, and so the hemp industry in Florida is fairly advanced already in comparison with other states.

While Florida hemp is not as famous as that of states like Colorado, it is still a fine choice for those looking into buying hemp products. What does this mean for the Florida CBD industry?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

The 2018 Farm Bill actually makes it legal to grow hemp in a commercial manner, although proper licensure is needed. Of course, this does include Florida, which is fantastic news for state residents looking to get their hands on quality CBD oil.

There are several "rules" the CBD oil must adhere to, though. First of all, it must be derived from hemp plants, which contain less than 0.3% THC. Secondly, the CBD oil itself must contain this same amount or below. In other words, THC is illegal in Florida unless you possess an MMJ card.

This is great news, and CBD oil is a wonderful food supplement that can provide benefits for many people. If you are looking to improve your lifestyle using a natural, organic supplement, then CBD oil may be the way to go.

Of course, there are also those looking to use medical cannabis products. If this is the case, you may want to go the route of obtaining a medical marijuana card. This gives you access to cannabis oils in a dispensary, which don’t have to adhere to food supplement regulations; they can contain other compounds like THC.

Basically, CBD oil from hemp is available to everyone in the state of Florida, while cannabis oil is legal only for a subsection of the population who have been approved for medical marijuana.

How to Get CBD Oil in Florida

There are basically two ways to go about buying CBD oil in Florida. One involves obtaining a medical marijuana card, for which you must have one of the state's qualifying conditions.

For everyone else, you will have to resort to buying hemp-derived CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. This can be done both online and in some stores – but remember, if you don’t have an MMJ card, you can’t buy from a dispensary.

It is actually much easier to buy CBD online than it is to hunt for it in stores. You can order from the comfort of your own home, and online shopping also gives you the opportunity to research the brand and check out third-party lab reports and reviews.

Here at PureKana, our products are shipped to all 50 states -- and yes indeed we do sell CBD oil to Florida residents!

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Florida

If you were worried about getting your hands on CBD oil in Florida, then there is no need to panic. CBD oil derived from hemp is widely available in the state, and can be purchased by anyone. Just make sure you are buying from a reputable brand and not a scammer.

Since Florida has medical marijuana laws in place, those suffering from a qualifying condition can also buy their CBD or cannabis oil from a licensed dispensary. This gives some residents more options when it comes to their CBD products.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp and CBD industry is expected to grow throughout the States. Florida can count itself lucky that it already had hemp pilot programs and an MMJ program in place – this makes it one of the more progressive states in terms of cannabis! While there may still be a long way to go, Florida residents can be thankful that they have simple, easy access to CBD oil for sale.

Lisa sirois
Cbd and Dot tesdting

Be aware that if you have a cell licence and use cbd oil you will fail your drug test even if you tell them ahead of time you use it. DOT has zero tolerance for hemp oil, they consider it the same as pot.

12 Sep 2019 11:42 · Reply

Jim Lowrie
Florida is cool

Very good information thank you

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