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  • CBD oil in Iowa has experienced somewhat of a rocky past
  • Products that come from hemp are available in the state
  • The format of CBD products can vary (including CBD oils, vapes, and topical products)
  • Iowa’s hemp regulations will potentially allow farmers to grow up to 40 acres
  • Regulatory approval will still be needed for all prospective commercial hemp farmers

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Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Iowa?

CBD products are available for sale in many parts of Iowa – as long as the products are made from hemp. Ever since CBD was introduced to the market, guidelines surrounding its use have been continuously changing. This has understandably caused confusion in recent years among IA residents.

Since hemp-based CBD products are limited in terms of their THC content, CBD products themselves do not produce a high. For this reason, many states across the U.S. are embracing the use and availability of hemp-based CBD extract. As for Iowa, CBD oils and other products are available, but it is crucial to know and understand the quality of what you’re purchasing. Some suggest buying online from a reputable, trusted brand.

The 2018 Farm Bill, signed by President Donald Trump, effectively removed hemp from the list of controlled substances. The Hemp Farming Act, part of this Bill, allows farmers to grow hemp within regulated programs throughout various states. Still, individual states who wish to ‘take part’ in the Hemp Farming Act must put together their own plans for a regulatory framework on hemp agriculture. These plans must then be sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for approval.

Today, we will break down what’s really going on regarding the status of industrial hemp and CBD in Iowa. If you’re a resident of the Hawkeye State, read on to find out more.

Confusion Has Led to Many Folks Wondering if There Are CBD Laws in Iowa

If you’re a resident of the state, you surely know by now that CBD oil in Iowa is available. In fact, it’s common to see CBD for sale in Iowa in local gas stations, convenience stores, and malls. There are even some dedicated CBD stores in Iowa in some of the state’s larger metropolitan areas.


However, it’s important for customers to understand that the quality of these products throughout the state can vary tremendously. Since many of the stores and retailers that sell CBD in Iowa are not directly involved with the brands themselves, they often don’t know what’s exactly in the products. This is why some recommend buying online from a trusted, reliable, customer-approved brand. Pure Kana products, for example, have been leading the industry in the USA for quite some time.


To learn more about the different types of CBD products that are out there, and what some of the uses for each one are, continue reading below.



CBD in Iowa: Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

If you are looking for a treat while consuming your CBD, consider edibles. One of the most popular options is CBD gummies. These have a taste akin to the ‘traditional’ fruity-flavored candy that we all know and love, but with an added infusion of hemp extract containing CBD. If you further want to indulge, you can try out other available products in Iowa. To get some ideas as to what your options area, you might want to check out our team-favorite line of CBD Beverage Enhancers here at Pure Kana.

If you prefer a CBD product that you don’t consume orally or sublingually, consider something like a CBD cream or another type of topical CBD product. These products are super simple to use; simply rub them into your skin, making sure to lightly massage the  desired area for about 30 seconds. As is the case with other types of CBD for sale in Iowa that you might see in stores, topicals are made from hemp extract that contains less than 0.3% THC content.

There are a growing number of people who want to try vaping, this much is true. However, an ongoing argument here in the USA has been regarding the overall quality of things like nicotine-containing vape products and e-cigarettes. These products – many of which claim to be made with CBD – are often sold in places like gas stations and convenience stores. This is an issue that must be solved. Here at Pure Kana, we ensure that only the highest-quality ingredients are used to make our CBD vape oils. Nicotine is never included in any of our products – only the rich hemp extract from our supply of USA-grown hemp plants. Check out some of our customer-favorite formulations and flavors, including Blue Raz and Watermelon Mint.

The most popular form of CBD consumption at present is oil. Many CBD oral drops are infused into a carrier oil, such as MCT oil from coconuts. Since CBD is fat-soluble, the idea is to use a natural oil extract as a carrier that has a high lipid content. This will help to ensure the most efficient absorption possible is taking place. To use CBD oil drops, hold the oil beneath your tongue for 60-90 seconds, and then swallow. Be sure to check out the award-winning range of USA-made Pure Kana CBD oils.

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Industrial Hemp in Iowa

A lot of confusion still exists in terms of understanding what the 2018 Farm Bill actually does and says. In a nutshell, the Bill simple removes hemp as a scheduled classified substance and opens the doors for farmers to cultivate it commercially. However, individual states that want to allow hemp cultivation must draft their own regulatory plans and submit them to the USDA for approval. Only then can farmers apply to grow hemp in the state that they live in.

Fortunately for residents of Iowa, the state has chosen to participate in the Hemp Farming Act. USDA-approval for the state-run program is expected to come later this year. The USDA regulations are typical of all state hemp programs, and require that all plants contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Once approved by the USDA, approved Iowa farmers will be allowed to grow up to 40 acres of hemp.

The Iowan hemp program is designed to be self-sustaining, and is estimated to cost just $300,000 in its first year. The cost of a license depends on how much hemp a farmer intends to grow. For example, the application fee for five acres will cost $525, and $2,000 for 40 acres. Farmers are also liable to pay for their own testing prior to harvest. This is to ensure that their crop contains no more than the requisite THC limit.

Also, state officials remind farmers that growing hemp in Iowa will still be a regulated process. Ultimately, the farming industry hopes it can sell hemp and hemp extract both statewide and nationwide. Hemp is a potentially lucrative cash crop, as is evident by recent data and statistics regarding USA hemp production.

People Are Asking: 'Can I Purchase CBD Online in Iowa?'


As you can already tell, CBD oil in Iowa is pretty easy to access. Despite ongoing confusing among state residents, there are plenty of CBD stores in Iowa that sell a variety of products. However, if you want to purchase CBD in Iowa, you need to do plenty of research to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable and trusted brand, with lab-tested products.


At Pure Kana, we make our CBD products right here in the USA from quality, regulated USA-grown hemp. In other words, we offer the market’s finest, highest-quality CBD products. Have a look through our online store today to get an idea of where to start if you’re thinking you want to buy CBD online in Iowa.


As we’ve mentioned a few times now, lab reports are an essential part of buying CBD online. Brands should always test their products, and publish the analyses. This process helps confirm that the product is both safe and that it contains the advertised amount of cannabidiol. It’s even better if they carry lab tests from a third-party.


Although CBD stores in Iowa do offer a variety of products, few of these stores offer lab reports that you can look at prior to purchase. For this reason, we always recommend buying online – after of course you do your own research and read plenty of customer reviews.


Here at PureKana, we produce CBD products right here in the USA, made from the finest quality hemp that’s also grown right here in the USA. We have a wealth of products available to suit all tastes, all of which contain less than 0.3% THC. What’s more, we have the lab reports ready to back up our products.


We invite you to go through our wide range of products, which now includes a complete range of flavored CBD oils, a new line of CBD vapes and topicals, and more. If you love cannabidiol but are a bit on the fence regarding the taste, our variety of options provides something for everyone.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Iowa

It’s true that CBD oil in Iowa has gone through its fair share of confusing moments. Now, however, along with the many states that have opted to follow Farm Bill guidelines, Iowa has made the decision to allow hemp cultivation in the state. Still, farmers will have to submit an application and get approved via the state’s agricultural program prior to planting their season’s first crops.

As far as CBD oil for sale in Iowa, please make sure that you’re doing plenty of research and settling on a trusted brand with lab-tested products before making an investment. When it comes to your well-being and happiness, don’t do yourself a disservice by purchasing poorly made, low-quality CBD products. Even though there are CBD stores in Iowa that sell all different kinds of products, not all of these are made with quality. Have a look at our online product range here at Pure Kana to see just what high-quality, USA-made CBD oil has to offer.

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