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purekana honey straw raspberry
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100 mg CBD Honey Sticks

based on 33 reviews
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  • A unique, versatile, effective way to consume CBD
  • Made from hemp grown and harvested in the USA
  • Three sensational flavor options to choose from
  • Easily add to tea, coffee, smoothies and more
  • Each CBD honey stick contains 10mg of pure cannabidiol
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0.14 oz (4 g)
10mg per stick
For edible consumption


Chocolate mint: Honey, CBD extract from hemp, Chocolate liquor, Oil of Peppermint Raspberry: Honey, CBD extract from hemp, Raspberry flavor Natural: Honey, CBD extract from hemp

Suggested Use

For edible consumption. 1-2 straws per day. May also be added to food or beverage.

10mg CBD Honey Sticks

It is time to prepare for an alternative method of using CBD. By now, most people know that you can extract cannabidiol from hemp. They are also aware that the cannabinoid boasts a variety of wellness uses. However, much of the public still seems to think that there are a limited number of products (i.e. oils, capsules, and topicals) to choose from. Certainly, few enthusiasts realize you can buy 10mg CBD honey sticks, and get the same wellness benefits as you would with other forms of CBD products.

Of course, tried-and-trusted products like oils, capsules, topicals, and edibles offer immense benefits to our daily health and well-being. However, we wanted to provide something new, and we believe that our 10mg CBD honey sticks fit the bill. If you’re looking for the world-class PureKana CBD formulation in a mouth-watering package, honey sticks are the product for you.

CBD Honey Sticks For Sale - Nothing But PureKana Quality

It's pretty obvious that these products aren't as popular on the market as other types of CBD products. At PureKana, we felt it was time for a change. When you buy 10mg CBD Honey Sticks online, you're getting the perfect combination of phytocannabinoid plant-based benefits; not only do you enjoy the wellness benefit of quality CBD extract, but you also receive the nutritional benefit (and delicious flavor) of real honey. For these reasons, many prefer to wrap up their post-lunch or post-dinner meal with a PureKana CBD Honey Stick. And of course, these honey and CBD-filled straws are absolutely wonderful when combined with your favorite cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Choose From Three CBD Flavored Honey Stick Options

Browse through some of our customer reviews, and you'll see that once you eat an original CBD infused honey stick, you’re likely compelled to try another - and another! We offer Chocolate CBD Honey Sticks and Raspberry flavored CBD Honey Sticks in addition to our natural (unflavored) formula, and we feel all three of these options offer a perfect experience for folks that are either using CBD for the first time, or folks that want to broaden their CBD horizon. And of course, you can still take your daily amount of PureKana CBD oil, and enjoy a CBD honey straw later in the day. There are ten straws in each packet, so take a pack with you and enjoy our refreshing and delicious flavor options.

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Customer Reviews
based on 33 reviews
cool item

This is a cool item, not sure I would ever consider adding CBD with honey unless I saw this first ha ha. Otherwise it's a cool idea and I like it, they did taste really good as well.

· 06 Aug 2022 · Reply

Maxwell Cunningham

OMG these honey sticks are my new favorite little treat. CBD is getting easier and easier to take.

· 05 Jul 2022 · Reply

oris h.
Honey sticks

I don't really necessarily eat honey but with these it's kind of fun. I like the taste of these and the honey is really good. theyre definitely a cool product that you should try id you love honey.

· 07 Jun 2022 · Reply

Samantha Fisher
Honey sticks - perfect idea

Every day it seems like they are coming out with new products that contain CBD and I finally stumbled across CBD honey. This is such a cool idea and definitely gives us a new spin on CBD. I bought these and really like eating them.

· 03 May 2022 · Reply

Garrett R.
So tasty

These are so tasty wow. I love the combination of CBD and honey, so sweet and golden. I will be using these a lot because they just taste so good.

· 07 Apr 2022 · Reply

Effortless way to take CBD

This is an effortless way to take CBD. They are also delicious and you don't even know that it's CBD. If you ever need a treat to help get you through the day, bring these with you to work like I do!!

· 08 Mar 2022 · Reply

Jorge F.
Nice amount for afternoons

These honey sticks have 10 mg each of CBD, so this makes it perfect for a pick me up in the afternoon or the like. I like to take these to work and have one after lunch. Really helps me to finish out the day in one piece.

· 19 Feb 2022 · Reply

D. Franklin
CBD in honey

Never really thought about CBD in honey but it's a good idea. I love honey and this honey is really delicious. These can be used as a nice way to sweeten your tea or coffee.

· 13 Jan 2022 · Reply

H. Jay
CBD honey sticks

These are the best, I usually just eat them plain straight from the stick, I love this idea it is so unique and different. It's nice to switch it up every now and then with fun products like this.

· 08 Dec 2021 · Reply

Tommie J. S.
So easy to get CBD through these

It is so easy to get CBD through these convenient little honey sticks. They have 10 mg of CBD in each stick so it's a nice small amount if you are looking for some thing on the lower end of CBD strengths.

· 25 Nov 2021 · Reply

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