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300 mg CBD Immune Capsules

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  • Features 10mg CBD per capsule
  • Made in the USA
  • Made using  American hemp
  • Zinc + Vitamins C & D
  • Features BioPerine® for increased bioavailability
  • Designed for convenient daily use

  • Every 2 weeks
    Every 1 month
    Every 2 months
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Product Code: 3-IMM
Size / Volume

30 capsules

Total CBD


Amount of CBD


Product Facts

Herbal nutrition veggie capsules


10mg CBD Immune Capsules Featuring BioPerine®

CBD Immune Boost Capsules from PureKana feature BioPerine®, which may help to increase the bioavailability of cannabidiol in the body. This means more amounts of available active CBD, in the areas where it’s needed most.

When consuming cannabidiol orally – whether in the form of a capsule, edible, or oil – a varying percentage of the compound is lost due to normal metabolism and digestive processes. CBD Immune Boost Capsules with BioPerine® – which contains piperine from Black Pepper – increases the amount of CBD that is available for use by the body.

Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD sourced from non-GMO, USA hemp, as well as Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D levels that exceed normal recommended Percent Daily Values (%DV).

Like all PureKana products, we value and prioritize quality above all else. This means only the finest possible ingredients are used to make CBD Immune Boost Capsules. Try a bottle today, and experience the true difference that comes with each and every PureKana product.

Buy CBD Immune Capsules w/ 10mg CBD

CBD Immune Capsules contain a precise and pre-calibrated 10mg, USA-grown hemp extract. Feel free to browse our third-party lab analysis reports for complete transparency on what goes into every PureKana product.

One of the advantages of capsules is the ease-of-use that they offer. Simply pop one in your mouth, take a drink of water, and swallow – that’s it.

Capsules are recommended to be take once or twice daily. Many PureKana customers find optimal benefit when taken along with the PureKana topicals range, or along with a mid-range PureKana full-spectrum tincture.

Whatever your lifestyle demands, PureKana has a product for your. Feel free to learn more on our FAQ page, or as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about any product in the PureKana lineup. Always USA-made, always the highest in CBD quality.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D (as D3 Cholecalciferol), Zinc (as Zinc Citrate), Full-Spectrum Hemp (Cannabidiol), BioPerine® Nature's Thermonutrient® (Piper Nigrum) (Fruit), Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule), Rice Extract, Rice Concentrate.
Adults take one or two daily

CBD Immune Capsules (10mg / capsule) Batch#: 7222020

I love these!!

I love these capsules, they are so much easier to swallow than CBD oil (which I do not like the flavor of). These also have other nice and healthy ingredients in them as well which makes it even better.

21 Sep 2022 Reply
Life changer

These are working pretty nice for me so far. Definitely an improvement over the other CBD I was taking….. One capsule in the morning with my smoothie and coffee, then CBD oil throughout nthe day as needed. Life changer

07 Aug 2022 Reply
good product

this is a really good product. I'm glad that they have some other products besides just plain CBD capsules. These immune capsules have other healthy things in them besides just CBD so it makes them even better.

05 Jul 2022 Reply
Not a lot of CBD

These are a great idea and I wanted to try them at least once but there's not a lot of CBD in them. There's only 10 mg of CBD. Most CBD capsules have a lot more than this but they at least have other things in it like vitamins.

07 Jun 2022 Reply
Cool new product

Good product. I am happy to see this available. Really easy to use and super convenient as well. I can keep these in my backpack and don't have to worry about oil spills like from tinctures.

04 May 2022 Reply

I love CBD oil, but I just cannot stand the mess that it would leave because I would always drop some on the countertop. The CBD capsules are a lot more convenient and they also are healthy they have vitamins in them too.

07 Apr 2022 Reply
Great idea

These capsules are a great idea. Love all the ingredients in these and these make a perfect immune boosting supplement. I will take these during the months that are notorious immune suppressants and then switch back to my regular capsules later.

09 Mar 2022 Reply
Very thoughtfully formulated

The CBD immune capsules are really thoughtfully formulated- I am really glad that I came across these. They have zinc and other vitamins and stuff to help with immune system health which is nice. could use it now especially.

21 Feb 2022 Reply
Just ordered

Loving the innovation these guys are always coming through with. Just ordered a bottle of these and if they're like anything else Purekana makes, I know I'll be pleased

16 Dec 2021 Reply
Great idea to make these

Not a bad idea to make a capsule that not only has CBD but also some other vitamins that help support healthy immune function. I love how easy these are to take, you don't even have to chew them like you do with other vitamin supplements.

03 Nov 2021 Reply
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