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CBD Oral Spray Peppermint – 180mg CBD


  • Concentrated oral spray for direct, fast-acting effects
  • Premium quality, crafted in the USA
  • 180mg total CBD content
  • Liposomal Vitamin D complex for enhanced wellness
  • Refreshing, infused Peppermint flavor
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A quality CBD spray is typically not as popular as 'standard' sublingual CBD tinctures, but that certainly doesn't mean they're any less effective. In fact, the concentrated cannabidiol content in oral sprays is believed to offer faster-acting, more direct effects than their oral tincture counterparts.

Why? Well, for one thing, a CBD spray limits the amount of excess phytocannabinoid extract that is lost through bioavailability and metabolic waste. Furthermore, the liposomal Vitamin D complex offers enhanced wellness benefits that, in addition to supplementing the experience of the extract itself, may help to maintain and regulate a variety of internal balancing factors that lead to overall body/mind wellness:

  • May help to manage routine, day-to-day stressors
  • May help promote the development of natural, healthy sleep cycles
  • Infused liposomal Vitamin D complex for enhanced wellness benefits

If you've never experienced the benefits of an oral product like this (or the obvious flavor benefit of a Peppermint CBD spray), then we reckon you're simply missing out. Each and every PureKana product is sourced right here in the USA from pure, organic, Kentucky-grown hemp, and we have zero doubts that our products are the finest and highest quality on the market -- period.

CBD Oral Spray

One of the most common questions we get in regard to our line of CBD oral spray is, 'what's the advantage over a standard oil tincture?' Well, if you've ever tried to accurately dose a sublingual tincture down to the exact milligram, you'll know it can be a little tedious.

With a pre-calibrated spray, you know how much cannabidiol extract you're getting in each individual "shot." Furthermore, the concentrated liposomal extract may offer faster-acting effects than some tinctures, due to their ability to readily absorb into the bloodstream -- and ultimately, into your body's cells.

  • Each 13.5mL spray bottle contains a potent 180mg CBD content
  • Accurate, pre-calibrated doses with each spray
  • Fast-acting, easy to use

This translates into a variety of potential wellness benefits that, in addition to promoting feelings of general calm and relaxation, may help to manage everyday stresses, and may help to develop a healthier, more natural nightly sleep pattern.

CBD Spray For Sale

Even in today's wildly saturated market, CBD spray for sale is not quite as easy to find as other phytocannabinoid-infused products like oil tinctures, edibles, gummies, creams, and so on. As America's leading CBD resource, however, we here at PureKana feel obliged to deliver the finest, highest quality products on the market.

This is exactly why we've spent the better part of two years developing the finest CBD spray the industry has to offer. If you've tried other products and have been left less-than-satisfied with the results, come and experience the difference in quality that we here at PureKana offer. While our prices may be a little higher than some of the competition, there's no limit to the value of your overall health and well-being - and that's something everyone can agree on.

Customer Reviews
Based on 3 reviews
July 10, 2019
Loving this stuff so far. I've been a huge fan of the purekana 600mg tincture, been using it for years and actually got a promotion of this with one of my orders when they first introduced it. This is now the third bottle I've ordered and it's been working fantastic. I actually use it along with my daily CBD kind of in between doses and it is INCREDIBLE at maintaining the cbd in my body prior to my evening dose
July 03, 2019
I guess flavor isn't really the most important thing, I was expecting maybe a little more impressive taste, it taste good but the most important thing is that it does seem to calm me down. I've heard good things about this brand from friends but this was the first order I've actually made. The oils were just too expensive. Now that I've tried this though and know it works I might buy the more potent oil to take daily
June 25, 2019
All in all I would recommend for something like if you're just trying to get through a hectic day at work without losing your mind. It's not as potent or immediately noticeable as some of the gummies or stronger CBD oils, but it did give me a nice calming effect. Would recommend, even given the high price