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Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN

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Blueberry & Chicken Large Dog Hemp Treats

Ultra-high performance organic hemp extract formulated for active dogs. The PureKana hemp pet line was created with your furry friends in mind! Our proprietary treats are designed to enhance the powerful effects of hemp extract for your large dog. We use homemade recipes, baked fresh in our kitchen. Your pet will love the taste of our Blueberry & Chicken treats!

  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • All-Natural - 3.25oz
  • 20 Treats per Bag
Common uses for pet hemp treats include:
  • Separation anxiety
  • Anxiety from noises
  • Flights
  • Car rides
  • Mobility issues
  • Digestive system and nausea
  • Aging and wellness
  • Skin and coat renewal

* All of our hemp pet treats are formulated in the USA, free of artificial colors or preservatives, delicious tasting, non-toxic, zero THC, non-addictive, non-GMO, safe and effective, Gluten free, Soy free and Wheat free. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. This product is not approved or regulated by the FDA.

Understanding the Effects of CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

Some people might bat an eye when mentioning the use of CBD dog treats for anxiety, but did you know that dogs respond to things like fear, stress, and anxiety just like humans do? In fact, day-to-day stress and separation anxiety is known to promote poor behavior, and may even lead to significant, long-term ailments.

A few of the benefits of PureKana Hemp Dog Treats:

  • Therapeutic and nutritional alternative to conventional, unhealthy dog treats and biscuits
  • Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free
  • 100% natural homemade PureKana recipe

CBD Dog Treats: Do They Work?

Because they possess nearly an identical endocannabinoid system as human beings, dogs (and indeed all vertebrate animals) are able to respond to the physiological and medicinal benefits of active hemp compounds such as CBD. As such, hemp dog treats may be a wonderful, safe way to implement a daily health and nutrition routine into your pet's lifestyle.

Things like loud noises, long-distance traveling, plane rides, long car rides, kennel time, and separation anxiety are all potentially anxiety-inducing experiences for your pup that may be able to help be relieved with an active, hemp-based CBD treat.

Additionally, other conditions such as digestive problems, fur and skin ailments, nausea/appetite loss, arthritis, and decreased mobility due to old age all may be able to respond to the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol when you buy hemp dog treats.

And, it goes without saying that most any dog will savor the homemade PureKana BLUEBERRY AND CHICKEN flavor - which makes delivering your pup's daily CBD treatment a "walk in the park!"

Customer Reviews
Based on 10 reviews
Great product for anxiety
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
We got our dog from the shelter three years ago. He has separation anxiety which in his case means he pees on things while we are gone, mostly our sons things. Before using this product there would be 1-5 places he would pee inside during the day, but not anymore. We have been using this product for a week and he has not peed at all when we have left him.
Great relief for my dog
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
I have been using the dog treats for about 4 months. My dog had an issue grieving for his sister. The pet treats have calmed him and there is an added benefit of some pain relief for his hip dysplasia. It has been a great relief for him.
My vet recommended it
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
My Sadie suffers from anxiety. I didn't even know that a dog could suffer from anxiety until I went to my vet. Been using CBD and it helps her.
Prefer the large treats
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
I bought the small treats, but Luna simply loves them, so I switched to the big ones
Love love love them…
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
THANK YOU PureKana, legitimately one of the best and most professional CBD companies out there - and I say that from experience with at least half a dozen other brands
Only stated but seems to be good
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
Tank, my 7 year old English bulldog absolutely lovesssss these treats :) My groomer actually recommended CBD for her joint pain, and said she's heard several of her clients say good things about PureKana. Just started using them so difficult to gauge an immediate reaction but I can say that Tank wolfs them down like they were actual fried chicken :)
Will continue to use this
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
In case you've ever tried to get CBD oil from a veterinarian, it's pretty much impossible. And I can never seem to find the pet-specific stuff in stores other than the general "hemp treats," but I don't think those really do anything. PureKana is one of the most reputable CBD brands out there, good to know they are offering dog treats now will definitely be using these
Working well
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
Honestly, they seem to work really well and I wouldn't be getting on here to leave a comment if I didn't think they were effective. Have a 9 yr old boxer and have noticed more pep, energy, and vitality since I've started using these. Also have been adding some of the PureKana CBD oil to his food every other morning
My dog LOVES them
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
Second pack of these I've bought. My springer spaniel absolutely LOVES them. Interesting flavor combination with the blueberry but she certainly doesn't seem to mind :)
Hemp Dog Treats (Large Bag) – BLUEBERRY & CHICKEN
Have a 16 yr old lab with terrible arthritis. Still gets around but am hoping these will help her overall quality of life. Vet will not recommend CBD and only wants to push strong medications. Have a heard a lot of good things about Purekana so am hoping for the best