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CBD Oil in Texas

Disclaimer: The following information is based entirely on our own independent research. While our team strives to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice.


  • CBD products are widely available throughout Texas
  • Hemp CBD products in Texas contain less than 0.3% THC
  • The USDA has approved a TX plan for hemp cultivation
  • Hemp is still a regulated crop in the state of Texas
  • A variety of CBD products (oral drops, topicals, etc) are available in the Lone Star State
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Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in Texas?

Believe it or not, when it comes to CBD oil Texas residents do have options. In fact, if you’re a resident of the Lone Star state you’ve probably seen various products for sale in places like health food stores, gas stations, and so on. Even your local mall might have a CBD kiosk set up!

Like many states in the U.S. however, the quality of these products that you can find out there in stores will vary dramatically. Often times consumers really don’t know what exactly they’re getting. For this reason, some prefer to shop online as it can be easier to view and download things like verified lab reports. Lab reports help people know and understand the specific ingredients and phyto-compound profile of a particular CBD product before buying.

Of course, most of the products out there that you’ll see for sale in TX are made from hemp – or at least they should be. Much confusion still exists around the present state of hemp in the USA. Back in 2018, President Trump signed and passed an updated version of the U.S. Farm Bill, which allowed hemp as a regulated crop in the U.S. Still, individual states must submit a detailed plan to the USDA if they want to allow for the commercial cultivation of industrial hemp.

Texas has “opted-in” to the Farm Bill so to speak, and in fact, their hemp cultivation plan was approved by the USDA in January 2020. For many TX residents, this is indeed fantastic and exciting news.


Are There CBD Laws in Texas?


Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

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Industrial Hemp in Texas





Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Texas

Given Texas’ rather strict historical stance on the topic, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the state finally begin to embrace the sweeping range of benefits that the hemp plant can provide. With the USDA’s approval of the TX hemp cultivation plan, we expect the Lone Star state to start producing some of the country’s finest, most premium crops. Quality farming and agriculture has been a staple of TX pride since 1845, and we’ve no doubts that Texas hemp will be some of the best on the planet.

As for the many individuals who want to purchase CBD online in Texas, be sure to do plenty of research in order to find the best products out there. Hemp CBD products can provide extraordinary wellness benefits that have the potential to change your life, but only if they’re of the best quality.

If you’ve made your way to us here at PureKana, you’re already well on your way to finding some of the best CBD products the USA has to offer. Be sure to browse through our site, as we offer an abundance of information on all types of CBD. Everyone is unique, and our diverse  range of product options are designed to fit the varying needs of different lifestyles.


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