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600 mg CBD Cream + CBG Pain Relief Ointment

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  • Improved formula for powerful pain-relief (600mg CBD + 120mg CBG)
  • Works on sore muscles and painful, aching joints
  • New advanced formula contains topical analgesics menthol and capsaicin for enhanced relief
  • Convenient, easy-to-use application
  • Made in the USA

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PureKana Pain Relief Topical Ointment features 600mg of CBD in combination with 120mg CBG plus menthol and capsaicin for powerful relief on sore, aching muscles and painful joints. Our advanced topical formula provides relief for athletes after the toughest training sessions, and/or for individuals dealing with everyday muscle and joint pain.

Quality Moisturization and Fortifying Effects!

Topicals are applied directly to the desired area so that the CBD can work directly where it’s needed most. Ingesting CBD products orally causes CBD and other compounds to enter into the digestive system, because the body has to process these types of products, it may take awhile before effects are experienced. With CBD topicals, the compound (and other hemp-derived phytochemicals) are applied directly the skin, allowing them to target specific areas and provide the effects you’re looking for.

* Less than 0.3% THC


As active topical analgesic compounds, menthol and capsaicin may provide effective supplementary relief when used in combination with CBD and CBG. A quality CBD topical cream provides the advantage of being able to apply the active hemp extract directly to the site that you need it. This is particularly useful for application to common areas of discomfort, as the advanced formula compound will spread out evenly over the entire site of application.


Before you decide to buy topical CBD oil, it’s important to understand the difference between the various products that we sell here at PureKana, as each individual product has been designed with specific uses in mind.

The topical ointment is one of our most common products for direct application. Feel free to use the product topically as you choose, applying as much or as little as necessary. Standard CBD oil drops can take quite some time to reach desired areas (since they have to enter into the digestive system), but with topical creams, you’re applying the hemp extract and accompanying phytochemicals directly, letting the active cannabidiol diffuse across the dermal layers and to the site where you need it most.

Also, we’ve made sure to use moisturizing ingredients in order to replenish and beautify the skin, all while providing the body with the amazing effects of hemp extract.

Water, organic coconut oil, stearic acid, shea butter, emulsifying wax (cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), 4% menthol (topical analgesic), 0.025% capsaicin (topical analgesic) broad spectrum hemp extract (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDV) (aerial parts), phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate
Apply a small amount of pain relief cream over the desired area. Massage thoroughly and repeat as needed.

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: L0622-02

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: L0322-01

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: L1221-02

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: L0821-05

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: L0621-05

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: L0121-06

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD) Batch#: 200422600RG

magical mixture

I saw the ingredients and it was the main factor of the entire purchase. Shea butter, CBD, and menthol. It`s a magical mixture.

28 Nov 2022 Reply
That's exciting!

Yippie! Capsaicin with menthol and CBD. I definitely need to buy it. That's exciting!

17 Nov 2022 Reply
Pain relieve

My neck pain was killing me. It started from the neck going to the right hand and then I understood that it was going to my head. I remembered I've bought this ointment for my lower back some time ago. As it worked with my lower back I decided to implement it on my neck, shoulder, and arm. I was saved. Now I'm buying the next container

08 Nov 2022 Reply
My number one so far

This stuff works well, provides genuine pain relief, and smells great. Beneficial before or after activity. The customer service was also excellent.

30 Oct 2022 Reply
CBD cream

I really love using the CBD cream on sore spots. It's so Effortless to use and even has the added benefit of moisturizing skin so it acts as a two in one. I love the texture and smell of it as well and use it almost nightly.

15 Oct 2022 Reply
Makes a big difference

I'm so glad I`ve got this cream! I've been dealing with chronic lower back pain for years, and nothing has ever really helped. A little goes a long way, and it really does help to relieve my pain. I don't have to take painkillers as often.

05 Oct 2022 Reply
Good one

I'm a fan but I've never been compelled to leave a comment.

26 Sep 2022 Reply

This CBD topical is great. It absorbs quickly and it smells good too. I use it almost every night on some of my sore spots. It works well and I really am glad I bought it.

13 Sep 2022 Reply
Really nice

Love this stuff, from the topical itself to the dispenser that it comes in. It's really easy to use this when you have a dispensing top that gives you the same amount every time. I really like this.

23 Aug 2022 Reply
Seemed really convenient

It seems a lot more convenient to have some sort of topical with a pump cap because it would be easier to get some out rather than scooping it out with your fingers like some of the products I've seen on the market. I like the stuff a lot and it's really hepful.

10 Aug 2022 Reply
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3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD)
600 mg CBD Cream + CBG Pain Relief Ointment Menthol $80.00
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