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600 MG CBD

Available as either a topical lotion or an oral (sublingual) tincture, the CBD 600mg range from PureKana is our intermediate offering in terms of milligram amount. Oral tinctures provide roughly 20 mg of hemp extract in a single serving. These are some of our best-selling oils, and are used by many of our repeat customers on a daily basis to help ease common stresses, improve nightly sleep patterns, and improve activity and workout-related recovery. And of course, overall body/mind wellness is a common goal of all our products here at PureKana.


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600 mg CBD Oil from PureKana

Our PureKana products are formulated not only for optimum flavor, but for overall premium quality. In fact, our CBD 600mg oils include beneficial phytocannabinoids that support a healthier lifestyle and may be suitable for the day-to-day maintenance of bodily systems. We provide a choice of flavors to suit even the most discriminating palates, including mint, vanilla, and our natural full-spectrum (flavorless) option. We strive to ensure our hemp-based products contain the highest level of hemp-extracted compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids that may encourage things like relaxation, calm, focus, and day-to-day stresses. Our vision is customer oriented, and our 600 mg CBD oils are easy to use and simple, with no complicated formulations or unwanted chemical solvents. Take control of your health and well-being by giving our products a try. We offer a wide variety of options and an array of choices to fit your unique needs.

600mg CBD: Understanding the PureKana Quality

We manufacture all of our products with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Each of our 600mg CBD tinctures contains ingredients taken from beautiful Kentucky hemp fields. We keep our standards high so that we deliver only the best. Our best includes beneficial cannabidiol components and low THC content (less than 0.3%) along with a great and delicious taste. From start to finish, the farmers we work with lead the way in harvesting top-notch hemp materials. Once gathered, the materials are sent to our labs where they undergo a closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction process. We use highly pressurized carbon dioxide--a gas that occurs naturally in the air around us—to help pull the most useful phytochemicals from the hemp materials. At Purekana, we utilize naturally occurring CO2 because it is the cleanest way to produce a straightforward result without heavy and toxic chemicals that would take hours to remove and purge. Instead, our process is efficient and targets key terpenes that yield optimal effects. This ensures that the final 600 mg CBD tincture is a product we can be proud of -- and is something that you can enjoy. Each affordable CBD (600mg) bottle contains up to 40 servings, and is totally enjoyable to use on a daily basis. In fact, our products can be purchased directly through our online store, and in most cases, qualify for free shipping. For us, it’s not just about being the best, it’s about helping people to live fuller, better lives. That's the ongoing PureKana mission.

600 mg CBD Effects and Benefits

It’s important to note how our range of 600mg CBD products may influence or affect the body. Cannabidiol is one of the main ingredients derived from the hemp plant, but unlike THC, it lacks psychoactive effects. In other words, it doesn't get you high. Rather, it works alongside the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is responsible for interacting with many of our body’s day-to-day systems, including things like temperature regulation, behavior, and cognition. The ECS has receptors in the nervous system that help deliver messages to the brain. Of course, the central nervous system acts as a central processing unit that helps interpret important information regarding how we feel and what we perceive. There is much still to learn about ECS receptors, and surely in the years and decades to come we will be learning more about the various functions that interact with cannabinoid receptors. CBD may be useful in supporting many of our body’s daily processes, including:

  • Helping to maintain relaxation for better sleeping habits
  • Promoting recovery from activity or exercise
  • Encouraging efficient focus and a sense of calm
When you buy any of our Purekana products, you’re taking an active role in cultivating a better and healthier you, and we sincerely hope that the 600 mg CBD effects you experience are positive and beneficial. We work hard at creating a brand that you love and trust, and at PureKana, we don’t just pay lip service to promoting wellness and health; we actually live it by delivering high-quality customer care. If you’ve been searching for a great CBD tincture, look no further. Find out why we’re one of America's leading CBD brands!

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