Our highest-strength formula that still comes in flavored options, our 1000 mg CBD oil offers a potent dose of the iconic PureKana full-spectrum formula. Sourced from the USA's purest and organic hemp plants, these tinctures have been expertly crafted using state-of-the-art, solventless CO2 extraction equipment. Read on to find out more about this award-winning formula.


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1000 mg CBD Oil – What’s It All About?

These days, 1000 mg CBD Oil is becoming hugely common as a regular supplement to take. Although it used to have the reputation of being somehow dangerous and illicit (most likely because of its association with THC-rich marijuana), hemp tinctures are now becoming known as a useful tool to help improve yourself and make things just a bit more bearable.
However, if you do decide that you want to give one of our products a try, you are faced with a huge decision; what should you consider buying? Instead of there being just one regular product on offer, more often than not there is a myriad of different choices available, all varying in intensity. Naturally, this makes the act of choosing any single 1000 mg CBD tincture a massive decision.
One product that is frequently considered as a good option for first-time users, as well as those with more experience, is our PureKana CBD Oil (1000 mg potency). This tincture is one of the strongest types of you can buy anywhere, and it provides a massive serving that may be able to increase focus and aid you with the management of regular, day-to-day stress.
But what kind of things can you expect to feel? What effects and what flavors are there? And better yet, why would you choose this version over any other product that we offer here at PureKana?

CBD Oil 1000mg – Why Would You Choose This Potency?

Upon first being recommended 1000 mg CBD Oil, many people will likely be pretty confused as to why they should go for one of the strongest possible doses available. Well, the key benefit of this serving size is that, once you take it, it becomes quickly evident the effects are not the same as lower doses. As you increase your intake, the effects become more and more noticeable, which allows you to easily track your progress and see how the tincture is affecting you.
Of course, one of the biggest complaints for new users is that they fear the 1000 mg CBD Oil concentrate isn’t having any kind of effect on them whatsoever; maybe they are somehow immune to the effects of cannabidiol extract? Is their endocannabinoid system "broken?"
By taking one of the strongest varieties of our product range, it becomes easy to know straight away whether or not the oil has an effect on you, or if it will help you out with whatever issues you are dealing with. Although there is still always going to be an inherent delay for in terms of the effects that you feel, by taking a larger dose than most people regularly take you will be "fast tracking" your body's ECS to the influence of the active compounds.
With regard to why people specifically choose CBD Oil in a 1000 mg potency (rather than any other strength), it is true that many people do so because they want to feel the benefits as quickly and strongly as possible. Indeed, oral CBD tincture is easily one of the most efficient and easy methods of cannabidiol consumption, which is why it is so popular over other options.
But what about the actual effects of our range of hemp extract? What are the actual things you can expect to feel after you have taken such a hefty serving size of our premier oils?

1000 mg CBD Oil Effects – What Can You Expect?

The first thing to consider when wondering about our 1000 mg CBD Oil effects is that there usually is not an instantly noticeable difference; with most supplements, you might reasonably expect it to take effect in 15 or 20 minutes or so.
However, CBD is rather different as its effects are much more subtle and not immediately noticeable. It works its way into the body slowly, and begins changing things over time. In fact, it will usually take a few days before you really start to appreciate the effects it has on your body.
This is also dependent on the serving size you consume, as well as how frequently you take it. For best results, we recommend our sublingual tinctures be taken consistently, rather than "as needed." This will help the body's ECS become accustomed to the influx of cannabinoids.
In terms of actual effects, you may notice an increased sense of general calm, focus, and relaxation. For many users, this may be able to help them look at life and any problems they might be facing in an entirely new light. This effect is difficult to quantify, as it certainly isn't some cure-all to all your problems.
Because of the fact that our supplements may help support a sense of calm and focus, they can be used for a variety of different reasons. After a few days, for instance, it is possible that you may begin to notice things like improved sleep patterns, less stress, and an increased sense of calm and well-being. Just remember, CBD is definitely no cure and is not designed to treat and conditions.
This means that our tinctures will NOT be a "cure all" product. In fact, PureKana products are NOT in any way meant to treat or cure and condition. Our products are not evaluated by the FDA, and should not be confused as such.
Finally, you might expect to just generally feel more lively and energetic, as well as overall happier about your environment. In fact, this "mood elevation" is one of the main reasons why people enjoy our range of supplements so much - to simply help improve the way they look at the world around them.
Understanding these potential effects is one thing, but what about the actual flavor of our product range? What can you expect in terms of taste when you consume a PureKana tincture for the first time?

1000 mg CBD Tincture – What Is The Flavor Like?

Most aficionados will tell you straight away that the taste of hemp oil, especially high strength ones like ours, is going to be off-putting and/or overpowering.
This is because of the fact that most of the time, manufacturers don't really put any kind of flavorings in their products but rather leave only the natural flavors of the plant extract to mingle with the slight, almost unnoticeable flavor of the inert carrier oil (MCT in the case of PureKana products) they have chosen to use.
Well, we have spent years striving to change this by offering the majority of our tinctures in two different flavors.
The first thing you will notice when you consume hemp oil is the flavor; once it hits your tongue, there is an unmistakable tinge of hemp. Instead of the instant burst of intensity that usually accompanies raw cannabinoids, however, our range has more of an earthy taste (which comes from the fact that we choose almost flavorless MCT oil as the carrier for the active phytocannabinoids).
This flavor develops as you hold the oil under your tongue, eventually taking on notes of the extract infused into our two flavored options. However, these flavors certainly don't overpower your palate -- nor do they taste like they were placed there artificially.
Instead, these flavors work alongside the CBD content, creating an experience that is quite unlike anything else you've tried before. Instead of the artificial notes of most mint flavored products, for example, we here at PureKana make sure that everything comes from the real thing; and the same goes with our vanilla formula. No artificial chemicals - just pure earthy goodness.
All this means that, regardless of whether you are looking for an entirely new flavor experience, or if you are just looking to try one of the most potent varieties of hemp oil on offer, PureKana's range of tinctures is the one to try -- whether you are an experienced user or just a beginner.

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