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5000 mg CBD Oil: How is it Made?

Here at PureKana our (5000 mg) CBD oil is always made with our customers in mind, that’s why we ensure that every bottle’s journey begins with excellent quality hemp and ends with a satisfied customer. And as our strongest oil on the site we know that consistency and quality is what our customers have come to expect from our CBD oil (5000 mg), and that is exactly what we deliver. Not only are our oils sold in dropper bottle form, to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use, but we offer free shipping! Reliable, easy access to some of the USA's finest hemp extract products - including our 5000mg CBD oils - what is there not to love!?

CBD Oil (5000 mg): What Makes Our Tincture Different?

To us, quality means keeping the manufacturing process of our CBD oil (5000 mg) as natural as possible. This all begins with good quality hemp, which is why we have sourced our hemp from one of the best rural locations in the United States - Kentucky. It’s important for us to grow within the US, as we believe that industrial hemp growing standards are higher here than elsewhere in the world. And, we also make sure that our plants never contain more than 0.3% of THC - meaning you don’t have to worry about experiencing any psychoactive effects. We do all of this so you can enjoy our (5000mg) CBD oil without any worries or concerns.

5000 mg CBD Oil Effects: How Does it Work?

One thing that sets PureKana apart from the competition is our dedication to using the whole of the hemp plant. That’s why our CBD oil (5000 mg) is full-spectrum; not only are you consuming cannabidiol, but you're also consuming other natural hemp compounds as well, including things like terpenoids, phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and more. Research into the properties of hemp suggest that when working together, these cannabinoids may have a more positive effect on our endocannabinoid system than when working alone. Which is exactly why we have decided to keep our oil as full-spectrum. But what can you expect from the (5000 mg) CBD oil effects? Many people have commented on the benefits they have experienced through using full-spectrum oils, including things like helping to maintain nightly sleep patterns, helping manage work and life-related stresses, helping build a calm demeanor, and helping to stay focused through long, draining days. Of course, it’s important to note that everybody reacts to cannabinoids in a different way.

(5000 mg) CBD Tincture: What About Flavor Options?

Our tincture flavors are just another example of how we like to keep things high quality yet inherently simple here at PureKana. In our lower-milligram formulations, we use natural terpenes in the Mint flavor, and essential extract in our Vanilla flavored oil. Not only does this improve the quality of the taste, but these extracts may have additional wellness benefits as well. For example while it’s common knowledge that fresh mint may improve breathing and clogged sinuses, some also believe it can help to settle an upset stomach. The same can be said of other natural extracts as well, with potentially beneficial properties only adding to the raw goodness of the CBD itself. So whether you prefer the earthy taste of our Natural Oil (this is the only option available in the 5000mg amount), or the quality of flavors that our offered in our lower-strength varieties, you can no doubt find exactly what you're looking for in the newly updated PureKana online store.

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