As our intermediate, mid-range offering, this 600mg CBD oil formula has become our best seller by some distance. Thousands of loyal, repeat customers use it on a day-to-day basis for a variety of reasons, including things like stress management, healthy sleep patterns, and daily wellness. A single 1mL serving (20 drops) delivers approximately 20 mg of cannabidiol hemp extract.


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600mg CBD Oil | The One and Only PureKana Formula

When people are looking for a brand new 600mg CBD oil to try for the very first time, one of the most common types that they prefer is a flavored variety. However, just what kind of tincture should you actually get?
The reality is that there's no one set-in-stone answer for everyone. Here at PureKana, we understand that and that's why we've spent years formulating flavored varieties of 600 mg CBD oil, as well as our pure, unflavored options.
Really, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the quality of what's inside the bottle, and how it affects you -- not necessarily how it tastes. At PureKana, you know that you're getting the utmost in terms of purity, effectiveness, and sheer quality.

CBD Oil 600 mg | Why Should You Choose Us?

Our CBD oil 600 mg range here at PureKana might look like any other hemp-based tincture on the market (it comes in a simple dropper cap with some blue and black markings, with all the requisite ingredients and nutritional information), but what exactly sets us apart from other brands and products?
For starters, our range of CBD Oil 600mg products are organically produced and non-GMO. Furthermore, they also are entirely free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This is not only good for the planet, but also results in a superior product that is better tasting -- and better for you.
Alongside that, each and every PureKana product is tested in an independent, unaffiliated laboratory so as to not only ensure it has precisely the amount of cannabidiol content as listed on the label, but also that it always contains less than 0.3% THC, no matter what.
In other words, at PureKana we pride ourselves on completely trustworthy, high-quality products. But what about dosage and daily serving sizes? Is our CBD oil 600mg range the right option for you? Let's dig a little deeper.
Are You Getting Your Serving Size Right?
One of the most frequent questions for new users of PureKana products is whether or not they're using the right product, or the right potency product. Really, the main issue is one of dosage; is the tincture you're using really the one that will be most effective for your needs?
Beside the fact that we offer our products in a variety of different intensities, each formula has the benefit of existing somewhere along the spectrum of a low and high dose. This makes our range of tinctures perfect for those who aren’t quite sure of what they want to buy, or what issues they are hoping to help improve.
The key thing to note here is that the best serving size is different for everyone; not only is it dependent on what you are hoping to use the oil for, but it is also dependent on things like height, body weight, and genetics. This is one of the reasons why going for a "middle ground" option is so useful; it can quite clearly demonstrate to you whether or not you need to go stronger, or weaker in terms of the daily serving sizes you're consuming.
If you find that you're not getting many positive benefits from the strength of oil you're using, for instance, then you can easily go up one step further. Of course, this increased "dosage" mandates and increased need to listen to your body - after all, your body knows best, and being able to decipher what it's telling you can be the difference between the product working and not working.

600 mg CBD Oil Effects - What's Going To Happen?

As is usually the case when trying to determine the correct serving size to take, there is no real way to accurately determine the exact 600 mg CBD oil effects you'll be feeling -- trust us about this.
However, what might happen (regardless of things like body weight, sex, and height) is that, upon first introducing CBD into your system, it will interact with your Endocannabinoid system - potentially influencing a variety of effects throughout your body.
Some of the effects noticed within a few hours of ingesting our range of products include things like improved mood, increased relaxation and enhanced recovery after exercise-induced inflammation.
Although the effects can be different for everyone, you can expect to see improvements in wellness gradually -- but don't worry, your body produces endocannabinoids on its own, so when you consume things like CBD (which is a plant-based cannabinoid), the body simply treats it as an "extra" source of natural cannabinoids, thereby inducing a host of potentially beneficial effects.
These effects can of course vary wildly, but generally they include things like increased levels of focus, increased levels of calm, and an improved ability to help manage regular, everyday stress that you come across in life.
That said, despite how wonderful these effects may sound there is always going to be one final question on everyone’s lips when talking about consuming hemp products: how do they taste?

CBD Oil Flavors – Don't Forget About Taste!

The limited amount of flavors of our PureKana range of oils is surprisingly not what you might expect from such a reputable, well-established brand. We offer our oils in two different flavors, in addition to our natural (unflavored) option.
The first flavor is one of mint, which offers a freshness that you might expect from something that is an essential herbal extract (of course without any of the uncomfortable intensity that would come along with eating the actual herb, though).
In addition to this flavor, we also offer the majority of our oral range in vanilla. Some have compared the taste of these products to the gentle Madagascan variety that's found in things like high-quality ice cream. Again, we use an herbal extract from the actual plant -- not some fake, artificial flavoring that was formulated in some lab.
These two flavors combine to create a burst of sensations and tastes in your mouth that manage to linger long after they have passed. In other words, they actually taste good, and you can turn the "CBD experience" into an enjoyable one rather than one that you simply have to grin and bear.
All in all, these excellent flavors - coupled with the range of positive effects - give our entire product lineup the potential to galvanize a better lifestyle complete with lowered stress levels, increased focus, and more.

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