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Immune Boost CBD Oil – 1000mg

based on 8 reviews
  • 1000mg total CBD per bottle
  • 70mg proprietary Immunity Terpene Rich Extract (ITRE) per serving
  • ITRE blend features echinacea, ginseng, orange, pine, lemon grass, lemon, and ginger
  • Sunflower seed oil carrier + Vitamin D
  • Citrus flavor w/ Vitamin-C rich natural oil extracts
1 oz (30mL)
33.33mg per 1mL serving
Made in the USA


Immunity Terpene Rich Extract (Echinacea, Ginseng, Orange, Pine, Lemongrass, Lemon and Ginger), Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavor, Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts Cannabidiol)

Suggested Use

Take one dropper per day, or as needed.

1000mg Immunity Boost CBD Tincture

The new 1000mg Immune Boost CBD Tincture from PureKana features precision-infused essential oils such as echinacea, ginseng, orange, pine, lemongrass, lemon, and ginger for advanced daily support. The Immunity Terpene Rich Extract (ITRE) blend also features a range of natural hemp phytocannabinoids to offer a complete and well-rounded CBD experience with Vitamin D and Vitamin C boosts. PureKana Immunity Boost CBD Oil is designed to use daily; using the integrated dropper cap, squeeze out one full dropper (1mL) of oil and apply orally under the tongue. Wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow. Waiting before you swallow will allow the most of CBD - and other beneficial hemp phytocompounds - to be utilized by the body. PureKana CBD oils are made from some of the USA's finest organic hemp plants. All of our plants are tested for quality, and undergo rigorous third-party checks for things like heavy metal content, pesticide and herbicide content, cannabinoid content, and more. When you buy Immune Boost CBD Oil from PureKana, you're investing in one of the industry's highest quality and most trusted products.

Buy Immune Boost 1000mg CBD Tincture From PureKana

Many customers use the 1000mg Immunity Boost CBD Tincture along with other PureKana products. For example, using in combination with one of our advanced CBD-infused topicals or roll-on gels will provide an enhanced CBD experience and boosted daily wellness support. Of course, the Immune Boost CBD Oil can offer ample benefits when used by itself. PureKana products are made right here in the USA, and sourced from the finest quality organic U.S. hemp. There's a reason so many thousands of customers trust our CBD oil extracts for daily wellness support, and that reason comes down to one word -- quality. Quality is our #1 priority above all else, and we will stop at nothing to ensure the PureKana product range is an ongoing leader in the CBD industry. Try 1000mg Immune Boost CBD Oil today, and experience the difference PureKana can make in your life.

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Customer Reviews
based on 8 reviews
Jerry Daniels
This could not have come at a better time

We all need an immune boost right now so it's really nice to see that they released a product like this. It tastes really good as well and it will last me quite a while to so I feel that it was worth the money.

· 23 Nov 2020 13:59 · Reply

arnold f
Immune booster

I am really excited about this product, I tried it out and it tasted really nice and I am happy that it has some immune boosting properties to it because we all need that right now.

· 15 Nov 2020 21:38 · Reply

Betty G.
couldnt have come at a better time

This is the perfect product right now especially when we need to keep our immune systems up. taste is great, quality superb. i am a happy customer for sure!

· 02 Nov 2020 19:44 · Reply

Tyler White
a lovely product

This is a great product and I am happy that I stumbled across it and decided to give it a try. It is an immune boosting CBD oil so it's even better than an original kind because it has the other botanicals in nutrients

· 26 Oct 2020 15:14 · Reply

James F.

Wow…. just wow. Can't recommend this oil enough. Been using it every day for almost three weeks now

· 18 Oct 2020 13:14 · Reply

Clint S.
Good product

Another good product from Purekana. Arrived a little later than I was expecting

· 14 Oct 2020 12:30 · Reply

Tamara R.
Loving the ingredients here

Loving the ingredients here. I like how they include lemongrass lemon and ginger…. Lemons have highest natural concentration of vitamin C

· 11 Oct 2020 21:57 · Reply

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