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PureKana Vanilla CBD Oil

PureKana Vanilla CBD Oil is a natural dietary supplement for increased health and vitality. Our delicious oil has a subtle vanilla flavor that is never plain or boring. Made from vanilla beans, you will enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of this nutritional CBD oil.
  • Vanilla flavored
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
PureKana is your best source for organically-grown, high-concentrate CBD oil in natural flavor. It’s safe, affordable, legal and easy to use. Choosing the Potency When choosing potency (300 mg/600 mg/1000 mg), it’s best to start low and gradually increase dosage until you get the desired result. When you want quality CBD-rich hemp oil, buy from PureKana, a brand you can trust. *Not designed for vaping *Oil color may vary Ingredients: Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Natural Flavors

Customer Reviews

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I suffer with chronic pain from fibromyalgia and RA, and I’m also diagnosed with depression, PTSD, and general & social anxiety. I bought the 1,000mg bottle, I found that 12 drops (instead of 15) works perfect for me which stretches my bottle to 50 servings (instead of only 40)!! The flavored option is nice (so far I like the vanilla but I may try the mint next) since I had previously used other brands that tastes horrible. So happy to have found quality CBD that tastes good and is effective at minimizing my pain as well as my general and social anxiety. Definitely recommend Pure Kana!!


I get ovarian cysts about once a month that cause debilitating pain for anywhere from minutes to days. Doctors I’ve seen about it have told me to take a lot of ibuprofen for it, which does almost nothing. I researched and got this and OMG. It is amazing! I can still feel pressure where it’s happening but the pain is almost entirely gone within minutes of taking the oil and I can function like a normal human being again. I also found it works better for my menstrual cramps than ibuprofen and noticed it works amazingly well for my anxiety and PTSD symptoms. I’ve been able to get off of my prescription drugs. I have been using this product for the better part of a year and am completely in love.


I haven’t gotten the product yet.
They say that they ship within 3 to 5 days. I have received an email saying it’s shipped yet. I will review the product once I receive it. Looking forward to getting a reply on the shipment.
Praying I can give it a great review.


I have depression, PTSD, and anxiety until I started using CBD I couldn’t even leave my house without having a breakdown. This company is very professional and knowledgeable they understand the medicinal use and really are a great company to order through! Never disappointed with pure Kana!


Every individual and the desired results are different. I take it every 3 to 4 hours. I tend to use more in the first part of the day and less as the day progresses.


Purekana, have you ever thought of offering a vanilla mint? After reading the reviews, I’m guessing this would resolve some of the taste issues. I have only had my drops long enough for the first dose, but I have already felt my legs relax. I have read every label and all the directions that I can see…I found the directions for each single dose, but I haven’t found how often it should be repeated…I want to make sure I do everything right….I have fibro & low back pain associated with a compression fracture approx. 9 years ago. I’m really looking forward to some relief after the years of pain meds.


First off vanilla is by far the best taste. I thank purekana for taking care of my shipping problems so promptly.


I’ve been suffering from pretty sever generalized anxiety for about 4 years now. I’m often easily triggered and rarely have opportunity to think through a seemingly stressful or dangerous or upsetting situation prior to my body &mind taking action or my mouth flying off the handle. I’m very emotionally intelligent and can understand/ recognize when I overreact usually about an hour after I have a meltdown. One thing I’ve noticed that the 1000 mg oil does for me is provide me just enough time to think through a situation before emoting / reacting. So, overall, I’m less edgy and more easy going, which I severely needed. I’ve noticed when I wake at night (rather, when my puppy in training wakes me at night) now, I am tired and easily fall back asleep after taking her out vs. waking in the middle of the night and feeling wide awake/ unable to go back to sleep. Overall, I’m in a better mood, seem to have less generalized inflammation/ pain in my joints, and SUPRISE am more regular now that I take 1000 mg/ twice per day. (previously had issues with constipation- not any more!). I just re-upped x2 because I never want to run out of this stuff. I’ve also recently been inspired by this product to take better overall care of myself. I think that if you have major anxiety or minor depression, this product, as a regular supplement, CAN help. Don’t expect a Valium effect. It’s subtle enough to make me feel like a normal human being and nothing more. : ) Thanks PURKANA!


The vanilla flavor tastes great and the shipping was very quick.
This stuff has beyond exceeded my expectations. I’ve dealt with mild depression, anxiety, and insomnia for years now. All 3 have left me feeling defeated, insecure and afraid to try new things. It makes “adulting” a huge struggle for me because simple tasks seem terrifying. In just 2 weeks I’ve seen myself turn into a completely proactive person who proceeds despite the fear. Although CBD has not eliminated my anxiety it has made life feel more manageable on a day to day basis. After using it I feel more confident and capable, less stressed, more social, and less distracted by my fears and “what-if” thoughts. I feel like I can sink into myself and focus and chill. I am also so tired at the end of the day now that I sleep like a ROCK. I wish I would have tried CBD years ago.


I had very bad insomnia after going off Ambien, which I had been on for 15 years. After 3 months of almost no sleep my son told me about CBD oils. I first tried the 300, but have had the most success taking 600 before bed. The change is unbelievable – the best part is that when I wake up my mind is no longer racing and I can go back to sleep! It has been a miracle for me.


First, let me say that they shipped this 300mg product to me without any issues very quickly. This is my very first purchase of CBD and I am hopeful it is going to improve how I deal with some chronic back and neck pain (bulging discs from an active life). Most importantly, I am hopeful that it will alleviate some significant anxiety that I’ve developed at age 62. Okay, so after 4 nights and 5 days of use I have to admit that my anxiety is improved, although it is still there. I feel better overall about reducing my anxiety, but it’s not the “awesome” feeling I hoped to obtain. Certainly, I understand that it takes time for CBD to take hold in my system. The 4 stars is because the progress I’ve made seems to be because I ramped up my dosage to 3 times a day at a moderate (not beginners) dosage. FYI, their recommended beginners dose did little or nothing for me (5’10” 170 lbs). I’m going through the bottle quicker than I imagined.. I expect that I’ll be reordering the 1000mg bottle and take less of this stuff per dose. I love the taste of the vanilla flavor but am thinking the natural flavor would be healthier. This could actually turn into a 5 star rating if the higher dose does what I’m hoping it’ll do. Nice start…


I ordered late on a tue and its here first thing on monday morning all the way to scotland uk, I am amazed,as we do i took a dose on arrival and a short while later i noticed my mood has lifted,my stress and anxiety gone and my arthritis shoulder pain has nearly gone also and that’s just with one dose…ill be back thank you so very much..


I love this stuff! The flavor is delicious, much better than any other I’ve tried. I received my cbd just 4 days after I ordered it and the shipping was free! I have trouble sleeping, and anxiety, and this stuff relaxes me and my body very well. I would recommend this product 100% Well some Pure Kana!


I am a chronic pain sufferer of muscular dystrophy cmt 1 and have depression and anxiety. I have tried multiple drops and these are by far the most effective and best quality with the most AMAZING customer service!! I recieved my order in 3 days all the way to NC. I am able to relax and fuction more effectively on a daily basis. The taste is great which makes it much easier to tolerate compared to others ive tried. For customers looking for a cbd product more for pain management/anxiety this is the one for you ! Its easy to measure out so you know exactly what your getting. Highly recommend this !!!!!


I’m a mom of two, had problems during pregnancy and now have be adjusted 2-3 times a week due to hip pain. I messed my back up as a kid and Im Bi polar with manic episodes that are getting harder to deal with, tried this today and the flavor isn’t candy sweet but it’s not bad at all. I’m feeling calmer but not sure if that’s my kids listening or it’s work, but 5 staring this for the hope it works.


I am Cancer patient and just finished 6 months of Chemo for non’Hodgkins Lymphoma. The chemo really messed up my legs, iand induced a nasty bout of neuropathy in my right leg. I tried all the OTC pain relievers as well as Rx drugs. NOTHING worked and I was up all night for weeks dealing with the pain. I tried this CBD oil and the pain was gone in a matter of days !!
Try it…you’ll LOVE it !!


I’m 55, in the health care field so I’m on my feet all day. I wanted something that wouldn’t damage my liver or kidneys so I decided to try this. I got very good results. I highly recommend it!


We purchased 2 kinds of oil, 1000 mg vanilla CBD oil drops and 300 mg mint CBD oil drops, both kinds are great products and do what they say they will do, i got them for stress relief and just to overall change my attitude, does it change your outlook on life no, but what it did do is change how snappy i was, i work in an industry that can be hi stress and also we work alot of hours, i was always on edge it seemed (being noticed by myself and my wife) after taking the 1000 MG drops just once i noticed a pretty significant change in attitude with a more of a go with the flow of things and take a more methodical l approach to solving problems. As far as joint relief goes i can say that it has helped my knee on a daily basis and also helped the inflamation in my lower back, i still wake up with stiffness in my joints but it goes away faster (10 minutes verses 30) when i get out of bed,

Here is a little background on me, Im 35, Male, 6’4″ 190 lbs, work 10-12 hour days, construction job industry, I take no medications, prescribed or over the counter unless needed in extreme cases, i have diagnosed knee issues and diagnosed spinal issues in my lower back.

I highly recommend these products to anyone that is looking for a stress relive or a change in the way you operate through the day, and also a minor joint relief alternative.


I’m extremely thrilled that my vanilla cbd oil is managing my anxiety & pain. It taste great and I’ve never had such a greats night sleep in years!


I may be having to up grade my dose cuz I don’t see a change!!


Angie, if you scroll through the pictures it has dosage and instructions on the bottle. 300mg bottle contains 7.5mg/15 drops (1/2 dropper)
600mg bottle contains 15mg/15 drops (1/2 dropper)
1200mg bottle contains 30mg/15 drops (1/2 dropper)
Be informed before writing negative review on any site.


Can someone tell us how the dosage is written? How long does a bottle last? Flavor and 40 servings doesn’t answer a whole lot. There is so much information not found here that a person needs to know in order to choose what they need.


I wanted to edit & add to my earlier review but their system doesn’t give an edit option. I wanted to add that they ship EXTREMELY FAST. Orders always arrive within a couple days! Also look for savings coupons because they always have at least a 5% off coupon (5OFFCBD1) & sometimes they run a 20% off one (20OFFCBD1) mostly around holidays like now! ?


I read all the reviews before I ordered my first bottle & everyone seemed to like the mint flavor best. I thought it was awful though! I couldn’t stand the taste & everytime I took it I had to hurry up & eat a breath mint to get rid of the after taste. That’s how bad it was to me. When it was time to reorder I decided to give the Vanilla a try & it’s pretty good! It’s not exactly a Vanilla, it’s not a bad taste at all & is very smooth & tastes pretty good going down


Ordered my CBD oil on December 13 & received it on the 16th. Very fast service. This was one of my main concerns as I read of other reviews complaining about their delivery experience. Just administered the drops. Will give another review on the effectiveness of this product. Didn’t really taste like vanilla, tasted like marijuana. Overall good taste


I’ve have my fair share of cbd oils, but I’ve never had a cbd oil taste soo good! I normally only smoke thc infused vape pens to relieve my stress and anxiety. However, after giving PureKana a try, I was surprised at how calm and serene I felt after taking it! Definitely worth trying out for yourself to see and to feel how much of a difference it makes on stress and anxiety. The taste and flavor of the oils are definitely an added bonus! Thank you PureKana!


This flavor has a very subtle vanilla taste. It’s great! Can’t believe how fast it worked. My anxiety was gone the same day. Very happy I found this brand.


I’m just getting started with CBD oil and want to get the most out of it. I understand the “drops under the tongue” and not swallowing for 60-90 seconds, but my question is whether it is important to brush your teeth BEFORE or AFTER dosing. It looks like if you brush AFTER, you would be washing away any oil that remained in your mouth. Would it be a good idea to drink water AFTER to flush into your system any oil that remained. Thanks for your advice.


I really like the flavor and will order it again


Not a sweet vanilla flavor but still good. A high quality product for anxiety relief.


If you like the taste of cannabis , then this is for you! I prefer the mint flavor better! This does not taste in anyway like vanilla !!
That was the only disappointment it just didn’t taste like vanilla what so ever! You still get the same affects but it just didn’t taste good!