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CBD Facts vs. Myths: Breaking it All Down!

CBD Facts vs. Myths: Breaking it All Down!

Cannabidiol is a much-misunderstood compound. It was once under prohibition on account of its association with marijuana, even though it is non-intoxicating. Now, the general public is coming around to CBD with the realization that it has a lot of potential wellness properties.

Still, there are numerous common myths surrounding CBD and what it does – and doesn’t – do. Today, we plan to bust five of the most common misconceptions about cannabidiol, helping you to change the minds of those stubborn acquaintances who are unaware of what this compound has to offer.

CBD Facts vs. Myths – CBD Is Addictive

A pervasive myth about CBD is that it is addictive. This is likely due to the ongoing stigma associated with marijuana. Some people may be reluctant to try CBD as a result, thinking that it can cause addiction and dependency or even act as a ‘gateway drug’. In reality, this could not be farther from the truth.


Putting CBD aside for a moment, the gateway drug theory itself has been somewhat disproven. According to the website for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the majority of cannabis users do not go onto use ‘harder’ substances. Furthermore, alcohol and tobacco use are similarly linked to using other, more potent drugs. As a result, it’s likely that marijuana itself is not a gateway drug, but that specific individuals are more likely to use mind-altering substances in general.

Of course, this information is relevant to marijuana, which typically invokes intoxication. CBD itself does not cause a high. In the World Health Organization’s (WHO) review on CBD, it was found that 600mg of CBD did not differ from a placebo on the Addiction Research Center Inventory scale. In other words, this study showed CBD to have an extremely low risk of addiction.

In short, CBD is not addictive.

CBD Facts vs. Myths – CBD Can Get You High

Again, this myth likely stems from CBD’s association with marijuana, which does of course produce an intoxicating ‘high.’ CBD, however, has no such mind-altering effects.


The same report from the WHO stated that CBD did not have psychoactive effects, with ‘psychoactive’ referring to intoxication. Some studies have suggested that CBD could impact the brain in some way, which would mean that CBD could be psychoactive in another sense. Nevertheless, it is not an intoxicating substance, and it cannot get you high.

Instead of producing mind-altering effects, high quality CBD oils will help you feel on top of your wellness, feel more energized, and perhaps even feel more focused.

CBD Facts vs. Myths – CBD Comes from Marijuana

Marijuana is one form of the cannabis plant, and indeed some strains of marijuana do contain reasonable amounts of CBD. However, the CBD that our products are made of come from hemp – a plant that is legal in the USA under the Farm Bill. So, while marijuana does produce quantities of cannabidiol in some strains, there is a misconception that all CBD products are made using marijuana. This is not true.


As we mention above, most CBD brands extract cannabidiol from hemp (specifically industrial hemp), which is a type of cannabis that is very different from marijuana. Industrial hemp is high in cannabidiol, and contains less than 0.3% THC. With recent updates to the U.S. Farm Bill, hemp is permitted on a federal level throughout in the United States (though some states do still have their own specific laws).

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CBD Facts vs. Myths – CBD is “Newly” Discovered

CBD seems to have emerged on the scene from nowhere. Almost overnight, it seemed to become extremely popular, with brands and products springing up everywhere you look. For this reason, many assume that CBD was a newly discovered compound – but this is also not true.


Humans have used hemp (and thus CBD) for centuries. While ancient civilizations might not have been knowledgeable on the exact science of cannabinoids, they certainly knew that it was capable of something. In fact, the first documented therapeutic use of hemp may be 2737 BC, when Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung noted use of a cannabis-infused tea. In terms of modern science, CBD was isolated and identified in the 1940s – and there have been a growing number of studies on it ever since.

CBD Facts vs. Myths – CBD Is Still Illegal

It’s easy to get confused about the legal status of CBD. Things are always changing, and there are seemingly new guidelines introduced every week. In 2018, the US government published an updated version of the Farm Bill, part of which includes the Hemp Farming Act. This Act allows cultivators to legally grow hemp for the first time on American soil – with the proper licenses of course. The Act also removed both hemp and its non-intoxicating cannabinoids, such as CBD, from the Controlled Substances Act.


The U.S. Farm Bill – and specifically the Hemp farming Act – was a massive step for CBD, and allows for the sale and use of hemp-derived CBD products across the USA. For the highest quality CBD products on the market – all of which are available with free shipping – be sure to browse our official online store right here at PureKana.

Final Thoughts on CBD Facts & Myths

Cannabidiol is an intriguing compound that has captured the attention of millions worldwide. With the sudden explosion of the compound’s popularity, a lot of misinformation has spread in recent years. Luckily, there are plenty of sources to help consumers learn the correct information about hemp and CBD – busting all sorts of myths and supporting the actual facts that are out there.

Hopefully, this guide has covered some of the most common CBD myths and facts, that will help you understand the truth about cannabidiol and its wonderful range of uses and applications.

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