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5 Things to Know When Shopping for CBD

May 15, 2019 59 Comments

5 Things to Know When Shopping for CBD

Perhaps you are new to CBD and are wondering where to shop. Searching online will bring up a wealth of results, with most manufacturers selling their CBD products online. As CBD is theoretically legal in all 50 states, producers are able to easily sell online and ship across state lines. It is this that has made the CBD industry so accessible and perhaps so popular.

But did you know that the CBD industry is not regulated? There is no governing body keeping an eye on CBD products, and so manufacturers could sell scam products or even sell ones containing harmful chemicals. Sadly, this means that the consumer needs to be aware of certain things when shopping for CBD.

It is good to know that plenty of transparent, honest manufacturers out there are pioneering for a better future in CBD. Many, like us, have blogs on their site to educate the public about CBD and all it has to offer. These informative articles are key to making sure consumers stay safe and aware.

In this guide, we will be telling you the top 5 things you need to know before making your first CBD purchase. Read on to find out more…

1. CBD Is Considered Safe and Non-Intoxicating

If you weren’t already convinced about CBD already, that’s what this section is for. Cannabidiol, more often called CBD, is a compound that comes from the Cannabis sativa L plant. It is so popular nowadays because a lot of people feel it helps with balance.

We all have something called an endocannabinoid system, which works to maintain homeostasis and keep our bodies regulated. It’s important to keep the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in check because it regulates a whole manner of important functions that we need for survival.

When the endocannabinoid system isn’t working, we can actually encourage it by introducing external cannabinoids found in plants. CBD, for example, can influence us to produce more endocannabinoids – compounds that keep the ECS working. As a result, CBD can help us to regulate certain functions in the body.

Research into CBD and its abilities is ongoing, but it is thought to be a potential option for building a stronger you. It can build a stronger foundation for staying on top of things.

While this might all seem a bit impossible, it’s really worth giving CBD a shot if you’re tired of traditional options. According to a report from the World Health Organisation, CBD is non-toxic, non-addictive, and generally well tolerated in humans. There are very few side effects to CBD, so if you are taking a CBD product that makes you feel unwell, it’s probably tainted and you should avoid it immediately.

Since CBD is safe and has the potential to give us a boost, there’s really no reason not to try it!

2. All CBD Products Work Differently

When shopping around for CBD, you might notice that there are tons of different products. While all of them will give you a serving of CBD in some way or another, each product has its advantages and drawbacks.

The OG in CBD oil consumption is CBD oils and tinctures. These are pretty much the same thing, and companies will use these terms interchangeably. With a CBD oil, all you need to do is place a few drops of oil under your tongue and hold it there for up to 90 seconds before swallowing. The CBD and other cannabinoids are absorbed into your bloodstream via the capillaries in your mouth, allowing them to act quickly on the ECS. CBD oils are ideal for something fast.

CBD capsules are also a popular option. Since a lot of people don’t enjoy CBD oils and their raw, earthy taste, capsules provide a way around this. You take them just like you would any normal pill, swallowing one with a glass of water. Capsules are quick, easy, convenient and discrete, and they even give you a pre-measured serving of CBD.

Edibles are quite similar to capsules in that they are broken down in the same way. Through the digestive system, CBD takes longer to kick in. However, since the CBD is released more slowly, it does mean that you may be able to keep symptoms at bay for longer. Edibles like gummies are a delicious way to get your CBD.

Nowadays, vaping CBD is an extremely popular option. Various flavors of vape cartridges are available that contain CBD, providing yet again a delicious way to consume CBD. If you already vape, it is also quick and easy for you to slot into your routine. Furthermore, this method offers a high rate of bioavailability in which your body can make use of the CBD quickly. However, you should be aware that vaping may not be the best option for you in the long-term.

There are also CBD topicals that you can buy, including moisturizers, creams, and balms. These are infused with cannabidiol and can be directly applied to the affected area for a more content you.

3. CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil are Different Things

Another thing to note about CBD products is that you might become easily fooled by hemp seed oil. Unless you are buying cannabis THC oil, which may be psychoactive, CBD oil is made from hemp. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant which contains very low levels of the psychoactive THC compound, meaning that manufacturers can be confident their product will be legal in all 50 states.

However, the hemp plant has uses other than cannabinoids. While CBD and other cannabinoids can be found in the leaves and flowers, the stalks can be used for textiles and the seeds are used for nutrition.

Hemp seeds are a superfood, containing plenty of nutrients and proteins that make an extremely healthy addition to any diet. As a result, nutrition companies sell hemp seed oil as a cooking oil and as a food supplement that people can eat. This contains very little, if any, CBD, though.

When buying CBD oil, make sure that the label explicitly states the CBD content. It can get confusing because the CBD may be suspended in a hemp seed oil, but as long as it says ‘CBD’ on the label then you should be on the right track.

4. You Should Only Buy from Companies with Third Party Lab Reports

With the CBD industry being unregulated, it is important to know that you are buying from a reputable source. It can seem hard to tell which companies are trustworthy, other than looking at how professional their website is and searching for honest reviews.

The best, most reliable way to check a company’s reliability is by looking for third-party lab reports. Reputable CBD manufacturers will have their product batches tested to prove that they are what they say they are. A third-party lab is used to ensure that there is no bias.

Usually, lab reports will detail what cannabinoids are in the final product, as well as in what amounts. They will also tell you whether any chemicals such as those from fertilizers can be found in the product. By checking for lab reports, you know that you are buying from a reputable company.

Some companies post their lab reports directly onto their site, but some request that you e-mail the company to ask for them.

5. CO2 Extraction Is the Safest Extraction Method

Another detail to look out for is how the CBD was extracted from the hemp plant. There are many ways to draw cannabinoids out of hemp, including using olive oil! However, this creates extremely low yields and isn’t profitable for the company.

As a result, most companies use other techniques such as dry ice or solvents. When solvents are used, it calls the safety of the product into question. While most companies who use solvent extraction will take measures to remove as much of the harmful product as possible, it is not the safest extraction method around.

Instead, opt for a company that uses CO2 extraction. This method involves using carbon dioxide at a certain temperature and pressure so that it acts as a non-toxic solvent. It is a very efficient method, but it also ensures that the final product will be 100% safe.

Final Thoughts on CBD Shopping

If you are planning on buying CBD in the near future, it is a good idea to keep all of these five tips in mind. Ensure that you are buying the right product for you, and ensure that you are obtaining it from a reputable, trustworthy company. You can check for this by looking at the manufacturer’s extraction methods and whether they provide third-party lab reports.

A final note is that, if you are taking CBD for the first time, make sure you start at the lowest serving possible. Work your way up until you find the minimum effective serving size, and adjust from there. As long as you are aware of the nature of the CBD industry, you are on the right track!

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59 responses

    I am so glad I read this article all the through. This was extremely helpful. I am still not sure what to order. I have severe back pain and something called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. RSD , CBD oil from Scranton,Pa and I go to I allowed to have it in my possession?

  2. Dosage information

    My problem is my back, knees static nerve issues, neck issues and joint inflammation . I purchased a high quality Tumeric /black pepper and honey product called Colorado hemp honey and a topical rollin..Im not getting the results I think I could get from a sublingual oil. Can you speak to any of this and tell me about dosage.. I guess you might call what I have cronic pain..Im always in pain ..but have avoided taking pain meds..I just take it easy but life is pretty hard to take when you can pretty much do nothing. I need help with dosage ..

  3. Help Me Please!

    I suffer from horrible migraines and sezuries and want to get the best cbd oil for them. I’ve been looking for a “real” cbd oil for this and not the one’s you find in head shop’s. It make me feel like it’s all fake. I want to make sure I’m getting the real thing and know that I can get the help I so badly need. All these pills I’ve taken just screwed up my stomach and now suffer from intestial issues as well. So if i can get some good honest feed back and help! God bless and thanks in advance yall!👐😃

  4. CBD Oil or Capsules?

    The CBD Oil (1000mg) is an excellent product. I take a full dropper 30 minutes before bedtime, sublingually 4-5 minutes rather than 60-90 seconds. I will try the capsules just to see what the difference will be (sublingual or through the gut). Given how I take the CBD oil, how many CBD capsules (25mg) per dose will be effective? THANKS

  5. Could I get a price list of some of the products you have for use if you have a medical card. Thank You

    1. Hello,

      You can shop on our website, you do not need a medical card to purchase our products! 🙂

  6. I ordered but but I thought I was getting gel cap as before they worked great. But this time got send capusules in power form inside I’ve been taken them and I haven’t felt any change So gel capsules are way better. Fast results. So when you’ll have them let me know mean while I will be looking to find them. Thank you.

  7. i need cbd oil for arthrits i need to know if u ship on albania or kosovo and wich cbd oil you recommand me for arthrits.

  8. Didn’t work

    I have taken the CBD gummies from a different manufacturer before. The effect was much more noticeable. The ones from Purekana seemed not to effect me at all. I cannot find how to return the unused product for a refund. Please advise.

    1. Hello,

      I am very sorry to hear this. Our products metabolize differently in each individual. Please email us!

  9. Need advice about how much to take for anxiety, sleeplessness, depression each day and how much that would cost me monthly

    I need to budget my money each month. I am on Disability and thus, do not receive much money. I cannot smoke or inhale anything because I am extremely susceptible to pneumonia (having had it 5x already), so I would have to eat edibles or drink something (oils?). Back to subject of budgeting, I know what it costs me out-of-pocket in prescription drugs each month. What I now need to know is roughly how much a monthly supply of CBD edibles or oils I would need and thus, how much it would cost me. I am completely unable to work, so the little bit of money I receive each month is literally ALL I have to work with. Can you give me some ballpark figures that I can see if I can budget monthly? With all of my monthly drug costs right now, I spend roughly $50 a month. How would this compare with edibles or oils? I weigh 127 pounds.

  10. Help

    Hi, I have fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety , Abs, by polar ,
    I’m scared to get addicted , I would like to try it topically but id like more info on side effects please

  11. Hello,

    Looking for relief from long time anxiety,that relaxes my body and stress looking for capsules. One that works!
    Thanks. Shirley

  12. Help choosing mesthod.

    I take narcotics for severe pain as needed and a daily SSRI (Ptsd) which method is the best oil or pills. And IDC about taste. I simply want it to work.

  13. Which is the best to buy for chronic pain, presently use opioids and would very much like to get off the pills and take something natural. So would 1000mg oil or gummies be better? Not sure how many gummies would need to be taken to be equivalent and as effective as 1000mg oil.
    Thanks kindly for your reply and look fwd to your advice.

  14. searching

    I am considering this for my husband. He has severe back pain and is going to a surgeon tomorrow. I am interested in the 1000 mg and topical cream.

  15. Please explain the contents and expressions of potency

    Can you explain clearly why the label says 300mg CBD Oil or higher on the front of the bottle but in the fine print it’s 25mg or 15mg? I find this to be the case with most manufacturers. Then I see recommendations for 1000mg but what’s the actual mg of real cbd oil?

  16. Looking for something to relieve chronic back pain, stenosis/sciatica, currently on opoid, what do you suggest as best option?

  17. Hello , I was using Charlotte’s web max strength but I can’t source it anymore in Ireland I wanted to get Pure kana, can you tell me which of your products would be similar in strength, and also do you ship to Ireland,thanks,Bridget

  18. I havechronic back pain I have taken methadone five mg for eleven years.I want to stop methadone.what do u recommend as I live in Texas.

  19. Hello, what would be good for mild to moderate anxiety? Sometimes I need it at night, and sometimes it’s worse in the morning right when I get up. Do the oils make you tired? Is it something that can be taken during the day too? Thanks

  20. Does this have anything in it that would create a problem with drug screening ? And for anxiety what would a good mg and disagree amount be for a female 5’6″ and 125 lbs. ?

  21. Hello. You say your product has virtually no thc. How safe am I taking pure kana oil in case of a random drug test? Do you have isolated or is all of your products virtually no thc. Please let me know. I am new to the cbd world and son far I really like this stuff. Give me some feedback, please?

    1. Hello,

      Our full spectrum products contain .02% THC. We can not guarantee you will or will not pass a drug test as every drug screen is different. Our purepicks, vapes and gummies are THC free.

  22. I was given a 500 CBD oil from a different company, but I’ve read terrible things about them. I have situational panic attacks (enclosed spaces) and have dealt with lifelong anxiety. I have been using the other company’s 500 CBD oil, 5 drops in the morning and 5 at night (I literally just started taking it three days ago). I have read wonderful reviews about your product, but I’m wondering if I should change the dose to 1000.
    What do you suggest? If I take the 1000 twice a day and my body has not acclimated to that amount, what are some of the effects I might feel that will let me know it’s too much? And since your product is of better quality, could 500 be enough?

    Thanks for any help!

    1. Hello,

      Our full spectrum products contain .02% THC. Due to the minimal amount of THC we can not guarantee you will or will not pass a drug test as every drug screen is different. Our vapes, gummies, and purepicks are THC free.

  23. I’m a little confused . Is it best to find a CBD oil that contains a very low percentage of THC? .3 percent ? I have heard that it is more effective than those without it . I am searching (desperately ) for a CBD oil. Help please

    1. Hello,

      We have a couple different manufacturers. You can email us at and request the lab results, please specify which lab results you would like in the email.

    1. Hello,

      Our oils are not designed to vape and we do not recommend it, however, we have had customers use our oils to vape and have no issues. Vaping is the best way for some people.

  24. My 17 year old son is experiencing more anxiety since driving and beginning his first job. What product and dose would you recommended? He is almost 6’ but only weighs 128 lbs.

  25. I have CBD oil and want to mix it myself. What’s the best product to mix it with for topical application.

    1. Hello,

      You can apply the oils topically! If you are wanting to make your own topical I recommend researching it. We do have topical ointment as well which contains menthol while the CBD absorbs into the skin.

  26. So your saying one gummy is equivalent to 1000mg and that’s 1/2 a dropper? My son is 8 almost 9. I’m looking for a good honest CBD oil companies that sells gummies for him.

  27. Hello,

    Thank you for all the valuble information provided on your website and in this blog. From what I’m reading it looks the typical shelf life, if stored in a cool dark place, is about a year. Does the oil/tincture have an associated bottling date or some indication of when it was bottled? My concern is the amount of time the product is stored in the warehouse. Also, what are the environmental conditions of warehouse storage? New Jersey summers get awefully hoy and humid. Thank you for any pertinent information you can provide.

    1. Hello,

      Our products do not sit long in our warehouse before they are shipped to a customer, we go through inventory pretty quickly. Our ware house does have A/C and does not affect our products at all during the hot months.

  28. Hi I heard a lot about cbd oil .and I have a lot of health issue sciatica, carpal tunnel, IBS, Arthritis, so tired of being in pain and nothing seems to work.I am tired of being prescribe medication after medication . God it has to be a better way.

  29. +Thank you for educating me about CBD and methods, and properties. Very informative. Thanks again.

  30. I have bone on bone arthritis of the hip…what should I take? Gummies, oil, capsules ?What dosage?

    1. Hello,

      We are based out of Arizona and our customer service and warehouse are located in New Jersey.

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