CBD Oil in South Carolina

Disclaimer: The following information is based entirely on our own independent research. While our team strives to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice.


  • CBD products are available in the state of South Carolina
  • Products are derived from hemp, and contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Approved growers are allowed to cultivate industrial hemp in South Carolina
  • It’s possible that in the future, CBD products may be sourced from SC-grown hemp
  • Residents are encouraged to do plenty of research before buying from a CBD store in South Carolina

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Folks Are Asking: Is CBD Oil Legal in South Carolina?

If you perform an internet search for ‘CBD oil South Carolina,’ you will find hundreds of results. Many online retailers claim to ship to the state with no issues, and in some SC regions (mostly in the bigger cities), you can even find physical CBD stores.

Of course, everything is more complicated than it may seem at first. Even though you can find plenty of ways to buy CBD oil in South Carolina, not all products are made the same. And they’re certainly not all made to the same top quality standards.

The availability of CBD in South Carolina is largely due to a piece of federal legislation known as the Farm Bill, or more specifically, the Hemp Farming Act. The Hemp Farming Act essentially permits hemp cultivation throughout the United States, provided individual states submit regulatory framework to the USDA for approval.

South Carolina has had such framework approved already, and hemp is being cultivated in the state.  Surprisingly, however, this hasn’t had much impact on the quality of CBD products that SC residents have available to them. Consumers have many options to buy CBD in places like gas stations, supermarkets, and so on, but the biggest question facing many individuals is how to find CBD products that meet a high standard.

Many companies make what they deem are CBD-based products. However, there are several things that consumers should be wary of. First, some of these products may not contain CBD at all. They also may have misleading labeling regarding how much CBD is in each serving. Also, some companies may even misrepresent where their hemp comes from. 

In short, the current CBD market in South Carolina is rife with cheaply-imported hemp products that have little to no CBD. In contrast, our products here at PureKana are accurately documented via third-party lab reports to verify CBD content. We utilize cutting-edge extraction technologies on all of our products, and from seed to selection we provide some of the highest quality and most trusted CBD products in the USA.


Are There CBD Laws in South Carolina?

CBD Oil in South Carolina

South Carolina has offered few rules that explicitly mention the availability of CBD since the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill. Many consumers assume that they are allowed to buy hemp-derived products anywhere in the state, but again, the quality of the products out there in South Carolina CBD stores is very hit-or-miss.


This makes for a confusing situation, which is why we believe the best solution is to get products from a reputable, reliable, USA-based company – like us here at PureKana.


At PureKana, we make sure that our products meet the 0.3% THC content level. We also have a diverse selection that allows our customers to make CBD decisions that best fit their needs and lifestyles. 


CBD in South Carolina: Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

If you need a quick, easy and a tasty way to have your CBD, you may enjoy our CBD gummies. We pack 25 mg of premium-quality CBD into every gummy, and you get 20 in each pack. Our gummies are also vegan-friendly with a fruity flavor. If you want to get your hands on these delicious treats, you can order them online and have them delivered to your home in 3-9 working days. Our lab testing makes sure that there is always less than 0.3% THC in every batch, so you can rest assured that we are compliant with federal hemp guidelines.

We also sell a range of CBD topicals, including ointment, transdermal patches, and a convenient muscle menthol roll-on. We infuse these creams with premium-grade hemp and add beneficial ingredients such as raw honey and aloe vera. The easiest way to use a CBD cream is to rub it directly to a specific area. Our CBD cream is excellent for addressing post-exercise recovery, though we advise you to apply it liberally and rub it in as thoroughly as possible. Many of our customers say they use it on the knees, wrists, and other areas to great effect. Also, our hydrating CBD topical formulations will help keep your skin soft, smooth, supple, and feeling great.

We have heard reports out there about people who have experienced problems after buying CBD vape products in South Carolina from unreliable sources. Many of the items you find for sale in places like convenience stores are of poor quality, and some of these items may even contain potentially harmful ingredients — ingredients that you will never find in the products that we sell here at PureKana. In fact, our range of disposable vape pens includes 200mg of CBD, and we outline the full list of ingredients in every lab report. We also have designed our vape pens with discretion in mind, meaning you can vape on-the-go without attracting undue attention. If you’re considering vaping CBD, be sure to check out our full selection here at PureKana.

If you want top-notch CBD oil, you have come to the right place. One thing we have noticed is that some South Carolina CBD stores only supply products up to 1,000 mg. While this is enough for some users, it isn’t always sufficient for individuals that use CBD for specific reasons. As a result, we have upgraded our range to include both 2,500mg and 5,000mg options. Both offer unbeatable value on CBD in terms of a milligram-per-dollar basis.

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Industrial Hemp in South Carolina

Industrial hemp is permissible to grow in South Carolina, as long as you have a license. The 2018 Farm Bill establishes guidelines for states to grow hemp, but growers must be registered with their relevant state agricultural programs. In this case, that’s the South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA). The changes brought about by the 2018 Farm Bill increased awareness of the hemp CBD industry, and highlighted the many options available to SC residents.

Many stores, shopping centers, and health food locales now stock CBD products, but again, not all boast the same level of quality. Consumers are still unwittingly purchasing products with little idea of how much CBD is actually contained, or where the hemp originated from. At PureKana, we are committed to using only the highest grade of American-grown hemp. We also clearly label the amount of CBD in each product, and have third-party lab tests to back up our labels. 

We also ensure that each product meets stringent quality standards; our processes and techniques involve no noxious or toxic chemicals, and we rely on natural-occurring ingredients to give our customers hands-down the best CBD experience on the market.




Searching for CBD oil in South Carolina will provide you with several retail locations that stock CBD nearby. The number of physical stores selling CBD is increasing with the compound’s popularity, which owes in part to the Farm Bill. However, we suggest that the best option is finding a trusted online seller. A reputable seller will ensure that your CBD purchase is a no-hassle experience, and with PureKana, you don’t have to worry about whether our USA-made products are legitimate. We receive our hemp only from skilled American farmers, and our system of operations are both unparalleled and time-tested. Buying from a less reputable seller may mean that you’re sacrificing time, money, and of course, quality.


Ensuring that you have found a trustworthy brand is pretty straightforward. First of all, at PureKana, we feature genuine and honest reviews from customers. Still, it’s best to check out a third-party review site like Trustpilot. It’s also crucial to look for lab reports, as this type of analysis will confirm that the cannabinoid content is correct with each product. Lab reports also verify that the THC content is below 0.3%. We consistently provide lab reports for our customers, which are conveniently viewable on our site. If a brand doesn’t have lab reports, it’s best to stay away – simple as that.


Another advantage of the official PureKana online store is that we offer plenty of different types of CBD products. Also, all our products are in line with the Farm Bill, and are made from hemp grown right here in America. Our third-party lab reports clearly illustrate the full CBD and THC content of every product, and we pride ourselves on ensuring there are no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or toxins in any of our products. We also employ a knowledgeable team of customer service experts that can address any lingering concerns, questions, or feedback that you may have. 

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in South Carolina

CBD rules in South Carolina aren’t that complicated when you really stop consider everything. Hemp-derived cannabidiol products are easily found throughout the state, so long as they are made from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. Residents can also purchase CBD online in South Carolina, but you must take the time to find a reputable, high-quality brand. It probably seems like a daunting prospect, since you have to go through dozens – if not hundreds – of companies. Fortunately, you can shop with us here at PureKana.

If you’re wondering why you should shop with us, there are several great reasons. First, unlike other brands, we offer third-party lab reports with every product we sell. Next, forget about any companies that don’t specifically outline where their hemp comes from (some don’t even prove that they get their CBD from hemp!). When you deal with PureKana, you know that you get CBD taken from hemp grown right here in the USA.

Lastly, we try our utmost to ensure our products are priced competitively, and that our customers have a wide range of choice. If you don’t fancy CBD oil, you can instead buy our CBD gummies or other edible CBD products. If you’re looking for another option, you can try our CBD cream or other cannabidiol products – you can even join in on the vaporization revolution with our range of flavorful CBD vape pens!

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