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CBD Transdermal Patches (60mg CBD) | 3-Pack

based on 48 reviews
  • Made in USA
  • Waterproof peel-and-stick application
  • 60mg full-spectrum CBD per patch (THC-free)
  • Transdermal CBD delivery
  • Hypoallergenic w/ aloe vera and moisturizing essential oils
  • Single patch lasts up to 4 days 
Garanted30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
1.5 g
150 mg
50 mg


Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Apricot Kernel Oil, Red Palm Oil, Shea Olein, Safflower Oil, Organic Sage Essential Oil Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children. You may want to consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, or if you have or suspect a medical condition or are on medication.

Suggested Use

Clean the surface with the alcohol pad (included), and let dry. Place the patch on or near the desired area after removing the liner. These work best one a flat, soft tissue area. Remove by peeling off. Discard responsibly.

PureKana 60mg CBD Patch

CBD patches from PureKana offer an extraordinarily convenient way to monitor your daily CBD intake. Using a highly adhesive, waterproof, non-irritating peel-and-stick application, simply apply the CBD patch directly to a desired area and experience up to four days (96 hours) of constant full-spectrum CBD activity. In addition of course to sheer convenience, one of the major advantages of our CBD patches for sale is how discreet and non-noticeable they are. Whether you're at work, at the gym, or relaxing at home, the transdermal CBD patch will actively release full spectrum hemp extract for up to 96 hours.

Where to Place Your CBD Patch

If you're wondering where to place your CBD patch, it could not be easier. Simply place it at or near the site of discomfort, or wherever you would like the effects to be most pronounced. Due to the transdermal delivery, however, you'll want to opt for a flat, dry, 'soft skin' area (if possible) as opposed to a bony or muscular region. The soft belly region of the abdomen is a common placement, as is the lower back region and inside of the arm (soft skin areas have less muscle tissue between the skin layer and blood vessels. This may allow the body to more easily uptake the CBD. Of course, you can place the patch wherever you feel will be most beneficial. Wherever you decide to place your transdermal CBD patch, you can rest assured that our waterproof, high-strength, non-irritating adhesive backing will stand up to the rigors of perspiration, working out, showering, etc. Just place it on the skin and enjoy the consistent benefit of full-spectrum hemp extract for up to 96 hours.

What is a CBD Transdermal Patch?

A CBD transdermal patch is exactly what it sounds like it is! Rather than consuming orally or via inhalation, a quality CBD patch delivers active hemp extract through the skin layers and directly to the areas of the body that need it. This has two major advantages. One, the CBD is not exposed to digestive processes in the stomach, which means more of the compound may be able to reach the bloodstream - and eventually make it to various parts of your body. Secondly, a CBD transdermal patch offers an immensely more convenient and long-lasting experience than other forms of CBD application. Rather than having to consume daily (or even multiple times a day), PureKana CBD patches consistently release cannabinoids and other phytochemicals for up to four days.

Where can you buy CBD patches?

The best CBD patches currently available on the market can be found right here in the official PureKana online store. As with all of our products, quality ingredients and sourcing is of the utmost priority.


Our CBD patches are made right here in California, USA, and are made using some of the finest quality Kentucky hemp. When you buy CBD patch online from PureKana, you’re investing in one of nature’s most incredible phytochemical resources.


In addition to the cannabinoid component, a PureKana CBD patch for sale contains moisturizing essential oils, oleic acid, and organic aloe vera. And of course, as is the case with our complete product range free U.S. shipping is available on all products.

Lab Report

Customer Reviews
based on 48 reviews
Camila S
So cool!!

These CBD patches are so cool I cannot believe I didn't know about these until just recently. Whenever I travel I like to make sure I'm sticking to my CBD regimen but I'm always afraid to bring my bottles because of TSA and also legal requirements so now I can just bring these and it's a lot easier and I'm less stressed worrying about them confiscating my oils.

· 26 Sep 2020 15:21 · Reply

Richie Ginnever
So cool

These patches are so cool and I like using them when I am traveling. They are just as pictured and they are really easy to use.

· 19 Sep 2020 20:35 · Reply

Andre R.
Nice idea

These are a nice idea, having the ability to bring CBD with you practically anywhere. Great for travel.

· 13 Sep 2020 22:54 · Reply

Carolina H.
They make it easy

They make it much more easy to travel with CBD. I recommend these to people who do not enjoy bringing bottles of CBD along with them on their journeys.

· 07 Sep 2020 17:22 · Reply

Franklin Douglas
Good for travel I must say

These are great for traveling, because they are so convenient and easy to use. Some people do not like to bring their oils with them while traveling because they are afraid they might spill them or they could get damaged and I completely understand that, with these you don't have to worry about that and that's why I like them.

· 31 Aug 2020 22:10 · Reply

Tyrone B.
Great for traveling

Ordered some so I have some CBD that I can take with me while traveling on the plane. So far so good and have had no problems with TSA.

· 20 Aug 2020 20:56 · Reply


This is a fun little switch up you can use in your CBD routine. They are fun to use and you just stick them on your skin and they absorb into you.

· 14 Aug 2020 13:02 · Reply

Joshua P.

The transdermal CBD patches I must say are very convenient. I take them with me on the plane and there's no problem carrying them. If you don't want to worry about your liquid limits on the plane, take these instead.

· 07 Aug 2020 10:33 · Reply

Bryan Diller
Thank you

Easy to use and really convenient. Got them within about five days after placing my order, so I was happy to see that my order was shipped so quick.

· 02 Aug 2020 11:53 · Reply

megan patrick
Transdermal patches review

The transdermal patches are an easy way to get CBD if you are on the go or just simply want to skip out on taking your oils for a few days. I personally only use these when I'm traveling. But they work nicely.

· 29 Jul 2020 10:05 · Reply

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