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How to Take CBD [General Dosage Guide]

December 25, 2018 72 Comments

How to take CBD

There are multiple reasons you might have clicked on this article. One is that you’re completely new to CBD and have no idea how much you should be taking at all. The second possibility is that you have tried CBD – perhaps you have been taking it for a while – and you haven’t yet noticed any positive effects.

It seems that CBD works for other people, going so far as to treat the symptoms of their various ailments. So why is it not working for you? This could actually be down to just a simple error in dosage, which is why it’s important to figure out precisely how much CBD you need to be taking.

In this helpful guide, we will be telling you how you can figure out how much CBD you need per day. If you have been struggling with CBD dosage, then read on to find out more.

What is CBD Dosage Based On?

The amount of CBD you will be taking each day depends on a number of different factors. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to CBD oil, and you’ll find that what works for someone else might not work for you at all.

The factors that come into play include things like genetics, general health, what conditions you suffer from, and your tolerance to CBD. Unfortunately, there is no real way to tell how all of this will impact you until you just… give CBD a shot.

It’s recommended that you start out with a very low dose of CBD oil and use that for a while. Say you use it for two weeks. Then, if you have noticed no effects, up the dosage and take that dose for another two weeks. Do this repeatedly until you finally notice positive changes to your health – this point is called the minimum effective dose.

Of course, this is time consuming and can leave you spending a lot of money before you actually notice any differences, but by following average guidelines you can reach the minimum effective dose a lot quicker.

Below, we will outline some dosage guidelines that you can use as an estimate for your ideal CBD dose.

How to Calculate Your Perfect CBD Dosage

There are generalized guidelines you can follow when it comes to taking a CBD dose each day. But please remember that these are in no way a recommendation.

  • General health: 2.5 – 15 mg CBD per day
  • Chronic discomfort: 2.5 – 20 mg CBD per day
  • Sleep issues: 40 – 160 mg CBD per day

You can also dose based on your bodyweight, as this has an impact on how you will react to the CBD. A good rule of thumb is to use 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Make sure to keep a CBD journal recording what dosage of CBD you took, when you took it, when you started to feel the effects, and what these effects were. Keeping a record will help you to easier determine which dose worked best for you.

Keep in mind that when you take your CBD will differ depending on what you are using it for. For example, you may need to take your CBD dosage about an hour before bedtime. Alternatively, you may need to split your dosage – taking a bit of CBD morning, noon and night, especially if you are looking to combat ongoing discomfort.

Now that you know how much CBD you should be taking per day, there is the small matter of figuring out how much CBD is in each drop of your bottle. Some companies tell you this on the label, but it’s handy to know how to calculate this for yourself.

A normal CBD dropper holds 1ml of liquid. You can take either 1ml or 0.5 ml to be a serving, but we will be using 1ml for this article. The formula for figuring out how much CBD is in a drop is:

[Total CBD in bottle] ÷ [Number of millileters in the bottle] = number of mg of CBD per drop

Of course, if you need more than what is one drop, you can use as many drops as you need to meet the required dose.

Is There an Easier Way to Dose CBD?

If reading all this has made your head spin and you just don’t want to spend your time calculating how many drops you need to put in your mouth every time you need to take CBD, there are other options.

You can take CBD gummies or CBD capsules instead of oils. Capsules are tasteless, which some people prefer to the raw taste of CBD oil; gummies, on the other hand, are tasty and sweet. Both of them have a pre-dosed amount of CBD, removing the hassle of having to calculate your own dosage.

Note, however, that these take longer to take effect than CBD oils, and therefore they might not be the best option for you.

Final Thoughts on CBD Dosage

When it comes to dosing CBD, there is no one solution. It’s unlikely that you and your friend will be able to use the exact same dose, which can be stressful for a lot of people. However, it’s not as daunting as it first seems.

Instead of taking a complete gamble, you can take a look at dosing guidelines online to find a rough estimate of what potency people are using for your condition. By taking into account your body weight as well, it’s easy to find a CBD dosage that will work for you. If the first strength you try isn’t working out, don’t feel disheartened; simply adapt and try again.

CBD isn’t for everyone, but it is worth giving it a try as a potential natural remedy for a number of symptoms. Whether you decide to go for CBD oil, capsules, or even gummies, you’ll find that dosing CBD actually isn’t as hard as you think.


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72 responses
  1. Time of dosage

    Do you recommend dosage to be in morning or in the evening?

  2. first time user

    I am starting on the CBD journey and I need help in know how much to take. I have a 3,000 MG 60 ml ( 2 fl oz) 50 mg cbd/ml bottle. I am mainly taking CBD for my anxiety. How much is recommended to take in dropper measured in ML?
    I weigh about 135 pounds.

    Thank you for the help.

  3. Possible typo in the CBD concentration formula

    Hi. I’m trying to figure out the correct dosage for me. In the article you say that one dropper contains approximately 1ml. You also said that the formula to determine the cbd concentration is [Total CBD in bottle] ÷ [Number of millileters in the bottle] = number of mg of CBD per drop. Shouldnt it give you the number of CBD per DROPPER instead of per DROP, since the formula will give you CBD/ml ? Thanks

  4. Suffering from migraines

    I suffer from migraines and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what kind of CBD and what dosage to take at the onset of a migraine. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

  5. I suffer from bad anxiety when traveling distances, doesnt matter if I am driving or passenger, its called hodophobia. I need something that will work on the spot when needed. Or something I can use daily to ward it off. Please give me the name of the product and dosage.

  6. Sleep disorders

    I have a hard time staying asleep. I tried another CBD oil before bed. I was taking 2 ml (2 droppers) This oil was 23mg/serving. I just purchased your 600mg oil. How does that correspond to the 23mg/serving that I was taking before? How much should I take of your oil before bed?

  7. Depression and anxiety

    What dosage would you recommend for depression and anxiety? Does this help with mood swings? Also, I am on 20mg citalopram, is this safe to take along with that?

  8. What is best for peripheral neuropathy in feet dosage and style gummies, capsules oil first time user exploring none medical options thanks for advise

  9. I bought a 30 ml/300mg bottle and took the 1/2 dropful and it did not help. I have fibro and 3 bulging discs and 1 herniated one. Any suggestions?


  10. My husband died and I was in deep distress. I was taking a small amount of anxiety pill, and began CBD pure oil. one night I had 2 drinks of alcohol and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later and sleepwalking/hallucinating I took the screen off the window and jumped out to land 20’ below. I have spent 4 months recovering from broken bones and back. Do you have any advice? i would like to take it again but am afraid. i would appreciate your comments. Thanks. Jen

  11. Based on the formula for dosage guide Total Mg in bottle divided by Total ml in bottle = Mg per dropper/ml. My bottle is 1000mg. On package it states serving is 1/2 of dropper or 0.05ml is 25mg. According to dosage formula guide my bottle should have 33.3mg/ml or 16.65mg/0.05ml. I’m confused. Which is correct.

    1. Hello,

      The markings on the bottle are not the correct dosage, this is from our manufacturer, all bottles do not have markings. In the 1000mg potency, 1/2 the dropper contains 25mg CBD.

  12. I’m a 63 y/o vet. suffering with severe arthritis, sleep a new, lower back pain severe hip pain due to four operations on my right hip. And starting to feel pain in my right hip. I also suffer from severe carpal tunnel in my left hand. How do I apply for a medical marijuana card? And what dosage do I weigh is 284 lbs.

  13. I am considering using CBD on very bad psoriasis on my legs.
    what dosage is recommended for use in this condition and how is it used? i.e topical or ingested.
    Many thanks in anticipation.


  15. Please clarify strength (300,600,1000 pills) as it pertains to a dropper requirement. A response said a 1000mg pill can be obtained by 1/2 dropper =25mg per serving. Therefore I full dropper is I need to take 20 full droppers to equal 1000mg?

    1. Thank you for reaching out. The recommended dose, per each 40 serving bottle, of oil is 1/2 the dropper (15 drops) 1-2 times a day. This means that there are 7.5mg CBD/serving in the 300mg bottle, 15mg CBD/serving in the 600mg bottle and 25mg CBD/serving in the 1000mg bottle. Our products metabolize differently in every individual so the mg amount per person may vary.

  16. Is it better to take (2) 600mg pillto get around 1200mg or 1(1000). Is one pill (1000 mg) As effective as multiples which add up to 1000+/- . 1000mg (strength) p?there is 25mg per serving in 1/2 dropper=50mg per full dropper? Then using a 1000mg do I take is 1/2 dropper for “25mg” as your response was, Please clarify strength (300,600,1000) as it relates to dropper amount

    1. Hello,

      The capsules are equivalent to our 1000mg potency. The 300mg contains 7.5mg per serving, 1/2 the dropper, the 600mg contains 15mg per serving and the 1000mg contains 25mg per serving.

  17. I have not visited the web site for a while. The Q&A section is
    EXCELLENT. The up to date questions and answers set you apart.i especially value the dosage guidance

  18. Why is your CBD oil clear in color, while others are brown, or even dark brown? The taste can vary a lot too, even in the natural flavor.

    1. Hello,

      Last year we released our upgraded formula we have been working on. The hemp extract is much more potent and it requires less to give the same potency. This is the reason for the much lighter oil. The products is actually of a higher quality now than ever before. We are considering having a little hemp oil added to give it a yellowish tint again. We have had many people inquiring about the clear liquid with concern to the potency.

  19. I haven’t tried this yet however does this produce that HIGH like feeling or zombie like feeling? I tend to have panic attacks when this happens! TIA

  20. Started PURE KANA 600mg topical three weeks ago. Unbelievable, the first application took 90 seconds to have an effect last six hrs. Know I apply once in morning and once before bed. it’s the best releaf. Thank you

  21. Total mg / number ml = mg/ml (dropperful), not mg/drop. A drop is about 0.05 ml, or same as 20 drops per ml.

  22. i was wondering if anyone has had withdrawal issues. I forgot to take my dose one night. Redosed that night and didnt sleep as well.

    1. Hello,

      We hope you recover quickly! We can not guarantee it will help but we really hope that it does help you! Please make sure to speak with a physician before ingesting with any medication.

  23. HBP Down!

    I have had success using Purekana but still trying to figure out how much/how often to keep it level throughout the day. I am just using this I’m so excited it works for me.

  24. I bought your 300 ml and tried half the dropper before bed but it did nothing. I also bought the 1000 ml bottle but I am not sure of dosage can you please advise.

    1. Hello,

      The recommended dose is 1/2 the dropper 1-2 times a day. If you do not get the desired relief within a couple days you can slowly increase the dose as that is not harmful and essentially adds to the potency being absorbed. Our products metabolize differently in each individual; we do have customers whom take it in the morning, afternoon, and evening as they find that is what works best for them.

  25. During the holidays I also noted that you offer coupon codes, the best I have seen and had the savings was 30% off I believe around Thanksgiving 2018, do you offer the best promo code for savings always on Thanksgiving, and what is the shelf life of the cbd oil?

  26. Does the CBD oil work better with a warm solution vs cold or tap h20? Also if I am using 1000mg potency and use 1/2 of the dropper bid am I taking approx 25mg per dose?

  27. This summary was so helpful! I had many questions answered. The 1,000mg is working along with the CBD CREAM. Thank you.

  28. Hello, I did try using the 300mg dosage (1/2 a dropper, 2 times, daily) while I have noticed a slight difference, to the better, I still have at least 2-3 episodes a day. Is there a recommended mg dosage for these types of situations? Would the edible items be a better alternative to the oils? Just a bit confused about the dosage of the oils that may help a bit better as I’m almost out of the 300mg bottle and was considering going to a higher dose, just not sure which path to take.

  29. I take oils since it is faster acting. I like gummies got daily use. Don’t care for vaping it don’t like the taste. Gummies and mint oil are my favorites

  30. is there any difference in how CBC gets your system from a benefits perspective. For example, if I rub a CBC ointment on my lower back will the CBC reduce better than intake by mouth?

    1. Hello Tom,

      Topical oinments can be used by applying directly to the desired area. Hope this helps!

    1. Hello,

      We recommend speaking with a physician before ingesting our products with medication.

  31. My head is spinning trying to understand the doseage. I have chronic pinched nerve pain and weigh 160 pounds. If I use oils how many 1ml droppers full should I take?

  32. I have sleep apnea and have trouble sleeping. What would be the recommended dosage for me ? I’m around 225 LBS

  33. Does cbd help at all with sleep apnea? I have been using it for several months and there has been some nights I am ok and others I am not. I take a half dropper.

  34. I ordered the 300mg liquid. I’m still confused by potency. What is the strength of 1ml, an eye dropper, how many mg of CBD?

  35. I am still confused, and the confusion comes from the difference between mg and ml per bottle. My bottle says it contains 500 mg. How many ml. or doses is that?

  36. how often do you take it? Once a day or several times a day? And is one dropper full one dose? Like, with the 1,000 dosage, is one dropper 1,000, and do you take that once a day?

  37. My daughter is on an anti-depressant her Psychiatrist is weening her off of. She also has social anxiety and would like to try a natural product to help her. I don’t even know where to start. Should she start with gummies? Take them everyday? What dosage?

    And for me. I have chronic pain from taking The anti-biotic Cipro. It’s not bad enough that I need to take pain killers, I’m just always sore in my joints. I’m thinking of taking the CBD oil. Again, I don’t know where to start regarding dosage.

  38. There are multiple reasons you might have clicked on this article. One is that you’re completely new to CBD and have no idea how much you should be taking at all.
    And now I am even more confused. The answers are too evasive and vague. If I were a scientist and or mathematician it would be ok.

  39. My son is 14 years old, 200lbs and has ASD. I have the 300mg bottle of mint oil, what dosage would you recommend? Also could he use the gummies along with the oil or would that be too much?

  40. What is the best CBD for anxiety disorder? I tried other CBD oil brand capsules, What is the difference with this CBD?

  41. I have tried water soluble CBD oil and the regular oil drops under my tongue. The water soluble is mixed with water and you drink it. I have only found one company that sells water soluble. I am wondering which is better?

    1. Hello,

      Each person is different. We do not have water soluble CBD. We do have customers that add their oil to their coffee though. Sublingual drops metabolize through the bloodstream.

  42. I cannot swallow and have to take everything thru a feeding tube or seringe. The oil I have tried does not mix well with the water for the serenge. Are there any other ways to take it. The serenge gets sticky with the oil when I use. I plan on trying purekana as soon as I receive it.

    1. Hello Joel,

      We do have customers that add the oil to their coffee or tea. You can also add it to applesauce. I am very sorry to hear this, I hope that you get better.

  43. I super from nerve pain in my feet and leg and poor circulation and cold feet I don’t know what mgs and size bottle I need and do you sell indica and Sativa and hybrids in CBD oils

  44. I supper from nerve pain from diabetes I don’t know how many mg to order can someone help me with this

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