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What are CBD Lollipops?

What are CBD Lollipops?

Thought lollipops were only good for indulging your sweet tooth? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. With innovative CBD products seemingly popping up constantly, CBD lollipops are one of the latest creations to emerge from the CBD edibles craze.

Edible forms of CBD provide a tasty way to treat the body to all the goodness that cannabidiol has to offer. And guess what? CBD lollipops are exactly what they sound like – delicious, hard candy on a stick that’s infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Let’s check out these interesting creations a little closer.

CBD Lollipops & The Problem Of Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a fancy term used to describe how much of a substance is used by the body. After any substance is ingested, it has to be broken down by the body before it can be used. During this process, part of the substance is lost, rendering it useless.

The level of bioavailability varies depending on the delivery method used. Vaping CBD is considered to have the highest level of bioavailability, while tinctures and other sublingual forms of CBD have less. Typically, capsules and gummies have the worst bioavailability in terms of oral consumption methods. This is because the CBD is broken down in the digestive system – where a lot of the CBD is lost – before it reaches the bloodstream.

Sublingual oils are a better option because the CBD spends more time in the mouth, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream via capillaries in the mouth. And you might have guessed where this is going – lollipops spend a lot more time in the mouth, leading to increased bioavailability.

CBD Lollipops vs. Other Edibles

CBD lollipops have higher bioavailability than many other edibles, which means that more CBD is likely to be absorbed by the body. This is because other CBD edible products, like gummies, must be absorbed by the liver first, where most of the CBD is broken down by liver enzymes before it reaches the bloodstream. And a substantial amount of CBD is lost in the process.

CBD lollipops, on the other hand, work in a similar way to sublingual CBD products, like tinctures. The CBD is absorbed in mucus membranes under the tongue, bypassing the liver – which means that it has a higher absorption rate. Essentially, because the lollipop spends more time in your mouth, the CBD travels directly to the bloodstream before it gets the chance to enter the digestive system. Therefore, the bioavailability of CBD lollipops is closer to sublingual delivery methods than it is to other edibles.

Additionally, since lollipops are usually finished by taking a few bites, users also get the benefit of digesting some of the CBD, whereby the cannabinoid will have to be broken down in the same way as other edibles. So you’re basically getting the best of both worlds. Although most of the CBD will travel through your saliva directly to the bloodstream, the last few bites will be digested first, resulting in a higher amount of CBD being retained.

What are the Benefits of CBD Lollipops?

CBD lollipops aren’t only beneficial due to their level of bioavailability – which is better than that of other edibles. There are several other reasons people may decide to choose lollipops over other CBD consumption methods. These benefits include:


Since CBD lollipops are pre-dosed, you know precisely how much CBD you’re getting. For instance, while it’s difficult to calculate how many bites of a cookie or sips of a CBD-infused coffee are equal to, say, 25mg of CBD, lollipops contain a specified amount of cannabidiol. Moreover, many CBD lollipops are sold in low dosages, making them an excellent option for CBD newbies.


Seeing someone eat a lollipop is entirely normal, meaning no one will look at you funny or assume you’re enjoying anything other than a tasty treat. Although hemp-derived CBD is legal, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about the substance. Therefore, many people still aren’t comfortable using CBD in public.

Unlike tinctures or vaping, which can attract a lot of attention, CBD lollipops are very discrete. It’s one of the best ways to get your dose of CBD because nobody will even know the lollipop is CBD-infused.

Easy to take

While sublingual oils can take a bit of getting used to, CBD lollipops offer a very familiar way to get your dose of CBD. We’re pretty sure everybody has enjoyed a lollipop at some point in their life, and CBD lollipops are consumed in exactly the same manner. Also, they’re easy to carry around with you and ready to eat as and when needed.

Are there any downsides to CBD Lollipops?

Although lollipops are a delicious and convenient way to consume CBD, there are a few downsides, which we will take a look at below:

  • Pre-measured doses won’t be suitable for everybody because each person reacts differently to CBD. While edibles such as gummies and cookies can be broken in half to alter the dose, the same cannot be done with lollipops.
  • The sugar and artificial sweeteners used in many CBD lollipops are also cause for concern, especially if you’re very health conscious.
  • Lastly, although CBD lollipops have better bioavailability than other edibles, they’re still edibles. This means that the bioavailability isn’t as great as sublingual products or vaping.

Final Thoughts on CBD Lollipops

We’re sure most will agree that CBD lollipops are one of the most exciting ways to take CBD. They’re also easy to consume, offer a pre-measured dose of CBD, and are very discrete – making them a great option for public consumption.

However, these lollipops are often packed with sugar and artificial sweeteners, which means they’re not particularly healthy. Moreover, there are many other CBD ingestion options that are just as discrete and convenient but not as unhealthy as lollipops. If you’re looking for tasty CBD edibles, be sure to check out PureKana’s full range here.

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