One of our newest product releases and an undisputed favorite here at Team PureKana, our line of CBD Picks comes in ten mind-bogglingly delicious flavors. And at a hearty 25mg of CBD apiece, you are sacrificing little in terms mind/body effectiveness. Suck or chew on each end for up to an hour's worth of activated cannabidiol release.


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Why Choose Our CBD Picks for Sale

CBD Picks is a new trend that is dominating the CBD World. Packed with the same ingredients as you get in our popular CBD oils, the PureKana CBD picks are a fast and discreet way to ingest your CBD. Thanks to our sophisticated product line and constant goal to be classed as one of the best CBD brands on the market, we've designed a product that delivers high-quality CBD every time. PureKana offers an assortment of Picks CBD - check out the variety of flavors above. If you are into citrusy flavors, be sure to try our Orange or Lemon Lime CBD Picks. Looking for something to jazz up your day, go for our new additions; Blue Raspberry or Cinnamint. Our CBD Pure Picks will give you the total full spectrum experience, thanks to our proprietary design. Need more information about our CBD picks? Feel free to reach out - we are always happy to help.

How to Use CBD Picks

Similar to our other CBD products, the PureKana Pure picks offer a convenient way to benefit from the whole hemp plant. Our PCR crystal isolates have been specifically developed for this unique line of products. This means that you are receiving a close to 99% pure product, with zero solvents. Using the CBD Picks is super easy and due to their sleek design, you can use them at home, at the office or even on the go. Simply suck on each end of the stick for 5 minutes to receive a full spectrum effect of up to 45 minutes. Once the pick has moistened, chew slightly to imprint your teeth on the pick, this should release the remaining flavor and ingredients. When you buy CBD picks online with PureKana, you can rest assured that you are getting a state-of-the-art product that has been seen and recommended by top industry websites. A product that is sleek, discreet, disposable, but most of all, allows you to control your CBD intake while still providing maximum effects. When you buy CBD picks your body will feel the effects almost instantly. Our CBD formula is designed to provide a rapid and smooth experience without exposing your lungs to heat, smoke, tar, or other harmful effects.

How to Order CBD Picks

Creating a high-quality product is essential, but providing our customers with a smooth shopping process is equally important. At PureKana, we invest a serious amount of resources on our website, to give you the best shopping experience possible. The process is simple. Check out our wide product range and select the product you wish to order. Add it to your cart and go to checkout. At PureKana we accept a wide range of payment methods and are extremely flexible. We put your health first and understand your need for our alternative solutions, therefore if you need any assistance along the way, don't hesitate to contact us. One last thing, similar to all our CBD products, it is important to keep CBD picks out of reach of children and pets. Furthermore, similar to any product, it is always best to consult with a physician prior to using CBD. Stay healthy.

CBD Pure Picks FAQ

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CBD Picks and CBD Oil have two things in common: They both contain CBD, and you place both in your mouth. However, while CBD oil is usually taken once or twice a day, you can use several PureKana Pure Picks each day. They are designed for convenience. Carry a pack with you and enjoy up to 45 minutes of activated cannabidiol release.
Using a CBD Pure Pick couldn’t be easier! Suck or chew on the end of a pick to get the effects of full-spectrum CBD for up to 45 minutes. After you have moistened the pick, chew to release the rest of the flavor and ingredients. Each pick contains Spilanthes extract, which is an herb that helps increase the production of saliva (a feature designed to increase the rate of CBD absorption). You can actually suck on both ends of the pick for 25 minutes apiece if you wish.
As always, the CBD contained in our Pure Picks is extracted from hemp plants via CO2 extraction. This method is widely praised as the gold standard in the industry. The picks contain Phytocannabinoid Rich Oil (PCR) crystal isolates, which have been tested at 99% purity in a third-party lab setting.
Go to the official PureKana website and click on our Pure Pick range. Click on one of the flavors, and add it to your shopping cart. We have designed the purchasing process to be as simple as possible. Within a few clicks, you can buy real PureKana Pure Picks, and we’ll deliver them right to your door.
Our CBD Pure Pick range comes in ten flavors, including Tropical Mint, Pink Lemonade, Orange Buzz, and Lemon Lime. Each pack contains 10 Pure Picks, which have 25mg of CBD apiece. Users often experience a tingling or numbing sensation in their mouth as the Spilanthes extract, CBD, and other naturally-occurring hemp compounds begin to take effect. Whether you want to use Pure Picks at home or in your office, you can get your daily CBD with complete discretion.

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