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Although the idea of CBD oil toothpicks may initially seem strange, this is actually a great way to consume cannabidiol. It's a hot trend right now to use toothpicks, but it looks like a product set to stay, thanks to its many benefits. PureKana is a leading brand in the CBD toothpick market. Learn everything you need to know about this innovative and exciting product below.


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What Are the PureKana CBD Pure Picks?

Pure Picks are PureKana's take on CBD toothpicks. They're similar to other toothpicks, albeit infused with 25mg of CBD each. The toothpick with CBD trend is taking off, but PureKana's Pure Picks go above and beyond to provide superior flavor and long-lasting CBD. Each Pure Pick contains non-GMO hemp farmed in the USA, with all products quality tested for assurance. Alongside a full-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, our Pure Picks contain xylitol and spilanthes extract. Spilanthes is known to benefit oral health, as well as providing a few other advantages. Each Pure Pick is deliciously flavored, with ten mouthwatering tastes to choose from. While you suck, the toothpicks release sweet flavor, while the spilanthes create a cool, tingly mouthfeel. If you're eager to know anything else about our Pure Picks, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

The Benefits of CBD-Infused Toothpicks

There are a variety of reasons to opt for a CBD toothpick over other products. For one, they provide a pleasant taste that differs from the bitterness of natural CBD tinctures. Despite tasting much better than oils, CBD toothpicks provide the same benefit of entering the body through the mouth as you suck. It allows you to still reap the benefits of oral use, including rapid effects. The Pure Picks last for about 50 minutes, releasing CBD slowly over this time. You can thus benefit from slow-release CBD, too. The final benefit of toothpicks is that you can enjoy the activity of chewing. For those who often find themselves restless and in need of something to chew, CBD toothpicks are ideal. Simply nibble on the end of the toothpick and enjoy the taste, keeping your mind occupied and away from anxious thoughts.

How to Order PureKana CBD Pure Picks

Ordering our CBD toothpicks couldn't be easier. Here at PureKana, we are committed to ensuring that all our customers have a great experience. With shipping to all fifty states and regular coupon codes, the entire process is quick, straightforward, and exciting. We invest a lot of resources into our website, filling the product descriptions with all the information you need about Pure Picks to make an informed purchase. Once you have chosen your favorite PureKana Pure Pick flavor, add it to your cart and head to the checkout. PureKana accepts a wide range of payment methods, but if you have any trouble during the checkout process, don't hesitate to contact us.

CBD Pure Picks FAQ

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It's really easy to use the PureKana CBD toothpicks. Simply take one pick out of the packet and start to chew one end. As you chew, the active ingredients are slowly released into your mouth. Each pick lasts for about 25minutes on each end, so once half an hour is up, simply turn the toothpick around and chew the other side.
Pure Picks are a kind of CBD toothpick. They come in a range of flavors, each one containing CBD and spilanthes extract. As you chew on the toothpick, it releases cannabidiol into your mouth, along with a tasty flavor. They're perfect for using while on the go or during work hours when you need a quick boost.
CBD toothpicks are not widely available. When looking to buy them online, it's essential to do your research and find a reputable brand. Not all CBD toothpicks are made equal, but those from PureKana come with a satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. That's how you know they actually work.
You can order CBD toothpicks right here from the official PureKana website. If you see a flavor you like, simply add it to your cart; the entire checkout process is smooth and straightforward. While you may find a few other products online, PureKana offers a unique full-spectrum blend along with spilanthes extract.

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