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25mg CBD Sleep Patch 3ct

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  • Made in the USA
  • 25mg and 8mg melatonin in each patch
  • Contains magnesium, chamomile, and lavender
  • Transdermal application with speedy effects
  • 3 patches per pouch
Garanted30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
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3 patches


Broad-spectrum cannabidiol, methacrylic acid, ethylhexylacrylate, bentonite, sodium stearate, melatonin, chamomile, magnesium, lavender extract

Suggested Use

Clean the area of skin where you are applying the patch, and ensure it is completely dry. Open the pouch seal, remove the clear line, then firmly press the patch onto clean, dry skin. Use before going to bed.

What Is a CBD Sleep Patch?

Transdermal CBD patches have become all the rage. They offer an incredibly convenient way to take CBD throughout the day; simply apply the patch and continue with your day while the patch gets to work. This sleep-aid patch goes above and beyond, delivering more than just CBD. We have also added melatonin, lavender extract, and magnesium, three compounds that promote sleepiness. Through the use of natural ingredients, these patches will help you drift off to sleep quickly and regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

How to Use the CBD Sleep-Aid Patch

For best results, you should apply the patch to an area of “soft skin”, which means an area with less muscle tissue blocking the blood vessels. The abdomen and inner arm are preferential areas. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the area, removing any hair, and drying the skin. Remove the sleep aid patch from the sealed pouch, then take off the clear lining. Firmly press the CBD patch onto your chosen area of skin, focusing on all four corners. Then you can lie back, relax, and let sleep take hold. Use the patch about half an hour before going to bed to get the results you desire.

Why Buy CBD Sleep Patches from PureKana?

PureKana strives to be a consistent innovator in the CBD industry. Our products come from the highest-quality hemp grown in Colorado and Kentucky, lovingly cultivated and dried before manufacturing takes place in our state-of-the-art facilities. With non-GMO crops, rigorous sourcing of other ingredients, and lab tests to verify product quality, our customers know they’re getting the very best. Try the CBD sleep-aid patches today to find out what the hype is all about; customers in the USA even benefit from free shipping on every order.

Lab Report

Customer Reviews
based on 3 reviews
Brianna S.
Helped me a lot

I have a really stressful work life, so getting good sleep is important to me but not always easy. These sleep patches have actually helped me a lot. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I’m glad I gave them a go.

· 29 Jun 2022 · Reply

Renee J.
Works well

I have a really hard time swallowing tablets, so because of this most sleep aid options don’t work for me. You can imagine how thrilled I was to learn about these patches.

· 16 May 2022 · Reply

C. P.
Work for me

These patches really did work for me, my own wish is that there were large bulk packs sold of more than just 3 patches. I don’t mind buying the 3 packs though as they actually help my sleep.

· 14 May 2022 · Reply

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